All About Pisces Zodiac Sign: Understanding a Pisces

All About Pisces Zodiac Sign: Understanding a Pisces

On the 19th of this month the sun enters Pisces, the last sign of the zodiac. In astrological parlance, there are some who refer to this sign as the dust bowl of the zodiac.

Perhaps this is not the kindest of descriptions for this sign, but in some ways it truly is accurate. Being the last of all the signs, this one has the unique quality of feeling as though they have endured all life experiences.

Although this may not technically be the case, Pisces is most adept at acting as a mirror to others, hence their psychic, musical or artistic leanings, reflecting human experience in their work.

Isabel Hickey describes this as the sign that says “I seek myself and I do not seek myself.” The finding of oneself is achieved by various processes of reflection and absorption. Through the sacrifices, suffering or imprisonment they experience and endure, they become who they are.

Some natives of this sign may find difficulty finding direction. They are like the proverbial leaf blowing in the wind. Being mutable water, it is a most malleable sign. It can be artistic, musical, highly sensitive, and often times a dreamer.

They live in the world of the imagination, the nebulous and the intangible. Actors do well with this sign because of its naturally reflective quality. It tends to relate to things which have no definitive form, such as gases or clouds.

Natives of this sign can have strong spiritual leanings as they are easily absorbed. This sense of absorption can also result in a proneness to addictions of any sort, be it to a lifestyle, like drowning in your work or an addiction to a substance.

Being a water sign, they may appreciate being surrounded by or involved in this element.

Pisces is often considered one of if not the weakest signs of the zodiac. It is important for them to beef up their systems to overcome the potential for ill health. Being the last sign of the zodiac, it rules the feet.

Neptune, the planet of inspiration and dissolution, rules Pisces

Venus, the planet of love and affection, is exalted in Pisces, and makes for a willingness to sacrifice for love.

Mercury, the planet of rational thinking, has its detriment in Pisces, because communication, Mercury’s job, tends to get muddled in this creative, yet nebulous sign..

All About Pisces Zodiac Sign: Understanding a Pisces

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Kathryn Silverton, Astrologer By: Kathryn Silverton, Astrologer

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