Free Weekly Horoscope August 26 – September 1 2013

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Free Weekly Horoscope August 26 – September 1 2013



Now that you’ve settled things on the home front, it’s time for you to put yourself out on stage. Your ruler, Mars, makes his way into Leo on Tuesday, giving you cosmic permission to be creative and demonstrative. Pour your energy into your heartfelt passions. The colorful and dramatic are your friends, so be as expressive as you’d like. Keep your mind on the most practical means of accomplishing your goal, so no short cuts there. The spotlight is yours through the weekend.


Your focus is about to make a shift toward the domestic arena this week as Mars starts his occupation of your solar fourth House. There are several ways in which you can put this energy to work. First, it’s a great time to make your home more expressive. Add a splash of color or find ways to let your true nature come to life. You might also feel like it’s more of a time of nesting rather than getting out and about. Late night energy is yours for the taking and you’ll be amazed at how energizing these hours can be. Give alternatives a chance, especially early in the week.


If there’s one thing you enjoy, it’s expressing yourself. And express you will over the next several weeks now that Mars is making his way in and through your solar third House. Put those thoughts in writing. Get out there and make as colorful a statement as you can as you promote your ideas and goods. As luck would have it, you’re blessed with a captive audience and they respond well to a good show. So pull out your best gimmicks. They’re sure to make a splash, especially Wednesday and Thursday.


It’s time to take a good look at your financial picture. The universe might just be convinced that it’s time to release some of those assets you’ve been hoarding. If there’s something you stumble upon that seems to have your name on it, or helps you stand out professionally speaking, this is the time to invest and make a statement. There is some wisdom in the saying that “You’ve got to spend money to make money.” So get ready to spread a little of that wealth around. You’ll be in rare form Friday and Saturday as the moon occupies your sign, so let your colors shine.


Somewhere in the recesses of your vast supply of costumes, you might just have something that clearly states “Look out, world. I”m loaded for bear!” It’s time to pull out those garbs and flaunt them as you go about your business. It’s only fair warning to the outside world. Keep these duds handy over the next several weeks, as Mars makes his way through your sign. You might want to take a little time off Friday and Saturday in preparation for the moon’s entrance into your sign on Sunday, at which time you’ll be back in rare form.


With Mars moving into your solar twelfth House on Tuesday, you’re in a prime position to sport a lower profile. This is a fine time to turn within and do some soul searching in the privacy of your own being. You need not let others know the processes through which you’re currently going. You can also use this time to wrap up loose ends, in preparation for Mars’ entrance into your sign in several weeks. Take time out from the hustle and bustle and give yourself time to regroup.


You may be feeling a bit rebellious as the week opens, what with you ruler, Venus, opposing Uranus. Your charm can be used in ways you hadn’t dreamed possible in times past. Watch for excesses in all things on Tuesday. Friends may start lighting fires under you, perhaps eager for your participation. It’s more than time to show your social side, now that Mars is occupying your solar eleventh House of colleagues. If you’ve got a cause that seems to strike your fancy, give it your full support.


There are times when the universe has a way of putting you in the limelight for all to see, and this is one of those times. Your planetary co-ruler, Mars, is making his way into your career House on Tuesday, and therefore puts you in a great position to enhance your professional visibility. You’ll have little difficulty standing up to those in positions of influence, although they may be a bit more colorful than the norm. Take a hint when they make their points with a dramatic flair and be sure to give credit where credit is due.


Anyone who knows you will testify to your wanderlust ways. If there’s a road that leads out of town, it’s only a matter of time before you venture down it. It’s just the nature of your sign, ruled, in part by the centaur. So you have plenty of cosmic defense for either planning or participating in your next journey. Mars in your solar ninth House sees to this plan the next several weeks. Use this week to reach out to counterparts and partners. They totally understand who you are and what you need.


You have many tools at your disposal these days. Mercury sextiles your ruler, Saturn, on Tuesday, giving you added mental discipline, and then the sun creates the same aspect on Friday, giving you the will to enforce needed structures. In addition, your inner hunches are getting a boost from Mars in your solar eighth House. Just because you can’t put your finger on a concrete reason to take action, doesn’t mean it isn’t a valid one. Give that hidden side plenty of leeway the next several weeks. It will help you get to the root of the matter.


You’re moving into a cycle in which shared experiences are becoming increasingly more important. Accomplishing your own personal goals may come at the expense of others if you don’t factor them into the equation first. So get plenty of input and feedback before venturing forth. Allow yourself time to digest inspirational ideas offered up by others. This is also a great time to make contracts happen. So take full advantage of mutual need and benefit. Look for a whole new touch to emerge early in the week.


Your mind had been leading you down some pretty creative paths in times past and some of these ideas may have been inspired by those in your inner circle. Now that the mental juices are now in sync, it’s now time for the physical skills to take over and turn ideas into reality. Luckily, the energy you need to accomplish all these dramatic projects is well within reach and then some. In fact, you could very well be creating additional work for yourself, simply because the passion is there to make it happen. Enjoy this bust of energy!


Free Weekly Horoscope August 26 – September 1 2013


Kathryn Silverton, Astrologer By: Kathryn Silverton, Astrologer

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