Free Weekly Horoscope December 3 – 9 | 2012

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Free Weekly Horoscope December 3 – 9 | 2012



As the Sun makes its way through your fellow fire sign of Sagittarius, you’re feeling cosmic permission to spread your wings and explore. Foreign countries as well as people at a distance will provide a sense of intrigue, not only this week but most likely over the course of the coming weeks as well. At the same time, you’re also feeling a great deal of intensity.

Passions continue to run exceptionally strong and deep. You may feel as though you’re living in other peoples’ closets, because you seem to have a sense of what is going on with them when they are behind closed doors. So use that insight for mutual benefit and realize that you’re being given these insights for good reason.

With your ruling planet, Mars, still marching through your solar 10th House, professional ambitions remain strong and you’re being given ample responsibility. Even if it isn’t being given to you, you are more than willing to take it on yourself. This strong sense of goal orientation will carry through a good bit of this month.

Get your creative groove on early in the week. Wednesday and Thursday will find you feeling like Santa Claus, making your list and checking it twice. Make room for compromise Friday and Saturday, if you expect to make any progress at all. Peer into your subconscious on Sunday.


You’re in a strong position to negotiate. It looks like the people in your midst are slowly but surely showing their hand. They’ve come to realize that in order for them to make progress, they’re going to have to come clean to some extent. They’re gradually allowing you to see what tricks they have up their sleeves.

There’s a good chance that whatever they have going on below the surface is more grandiose than what they might be letting on. So, if someone is playing hardball, know that they have been well blessed. This is also a time for you to look deeply into the subconscious hints that have been floating around lately.

If you combine your hunches with a sense of humor and also optimism, you’ll realize that you have a lot to work with. The universe is being very generous in filling you with insights, either through your inner voices or possibly through the people in your immediate environment who are astute enough to sense exactly what you need to hear for the moment. So take good note. This is also a grand time for pursuing lofty goals such as broadening your educational base.

Be aware of the fact that people are going to standing their ground Monday and Tuesday, so expect to confront those equally as determined as yourself. Wednesday and Thursday will allow for some excellent finishing touches on creative ventures.

Friday and Saturday find you juggling with more on your agenda than you may have bargained for, but you know how to keep things in balance and still get the job done. Carve out time for interpersonal relationships on Sunday. The people around you are eager to hear what you have to say.


With the Sun in your opposing sign, you’re seeing people ready, willing and almost able to come to the negotiating table. You are definitely in the attracting mode and those around you can sense that. So they are in the process of figuring out how a merger can be of mutual benefit.

In the meantime, you have a lot on your plate. You’ve been in the process of researching lately and now have answers to questions that you had been posing. Consequently, you’re in a better position to make use of the information recently unearthed. You’re highly motivated to get things done and there is nothing that will stand in the way of you and your bottom line.

Be aware that you are equally as busy in your sleeping state right now as you are in your waking state when you have all those cylinders firing. So make good use of the pokes and prods that you’re picking up with your gut hunches because they are there to make you even more productive when you’re going about your daily routine.

Be sure to put your thoughts on paper and make your ideas known, as soon as the week begins. Wednesday and Thursday you may feel like you’re more productive in the late evening hours. If you see little finishing touches that are required on small projects, they will capture your attention and won’t let you loose until they’ve been wrapped up in a neat little package.

Friday and Saturday allow for quite a creative streak to emerge. It’s also a good time to put on that party hat and celebrate all that life has to offer. Tend to your health on Sunday.


With the Sun moving through your solar sixth House right now, you’re very motivated to make things happen. You may have over-scheduled yourself a bit, thinking that you could handle pretty much anything that is being thrown at you, but as the days progress you realize you may have to reevaluate your game plan and make things more realistic.
There’s no harm in that. This will just enable you to apply more gusto to that which stays on the agenda. You’ll be tackling your projects with an improved outlook and probably a good sense of humor to boot. Meanwhile, those in your personal life can’t help but show just exactly how fond of you they really are.

They are pulling out all the stops and you can take heart in their true feelings based on their actions, Know that they don’t verbalize everything that is near and dear to their hearts. Read between the lines and you’ll see very clearly how deep their feelings are rooted. On the negotiating front, be as hard nosed as you need to be.
There is a worthy opponent on the other side of the table. So, if you’re dealing with a counterpart or a potential contractual partner, keep your eyes peeled on the long term goals and you’ll both come out smelling like a rose.

Make economic issues your target of focus as the week opens. Wednesday and Thursday are ideal for fine tuning your ideas. Go over detailed information with a fine tooth comb. Settle back home into your domestic routine Friday and Saturday, and reserve Sunday for celebration.


The universe has granted you cosmic permission to do what you do best, which is celebrate life. The Sun is traversing your solar fifth House of creative and dramatic endeavors, so it’s time to take the stage should the spirit move you.

Show off your finest talents and if you feel like going a little overboard, that too is just fine. After all, we’re under the influence of a Sagittarian Sun, so going a little over the top is most fitting for the season. If you’re in love, it’s time to shout if from the rooftops, be it in love with a person or family member, or in love with a hobby that envelops you. Not only is the mood playful, it’s also mixed with a good dose of humor, which should come easily to you.

With a few planets still in Scorpio and therefore your solar fourth House, part of your focus remains on the domestic arena. With Mercury now direct, you can rest assured that glitches have been seen to, their causes discovered and kinks worked out. You’re feeling more comfortable and at peace, and feel that you can bring closure to emotional issues.

Co-workers are eager to put in the extra hours and go the extra distance to assure that goals are accomplished in a timely manor. So even if you hadn’t caught the workaholic fever on your own, you were bound to be infected one way or the other. The sense of accomplishment speaks for itself.

The spotlight becomes you early in the week as the Moon graces your sign Monday and Tuesday. Focus on economic details Wednesday and Thursday. Share your best ideas Friday and Saturday, be they verbal or written. Settle back home on Sunday.


You’re having to adjust your focus for the time being so get ready for a different way of looking at the world. It is your style to focus on the nitty-gritty details, as those are your areas of expertise. However, with Sagittarius being in charge of the playing field for now, you’ll find it useful to pull back and look at the bigger picture.

You’ll still be able to focus on all the puzzle pieces that merge together to create this grandiose masterpiece, and that’s all well and good. But the point is to allow yourself to appreciate the bounty, and the manners in which you’ve contributed to this creation.

You’re eager to open up your home to the outside world. There’s no telling who might step inside, and that’s part of the fun of it all. As you mingle and get to know everyone, you’ll realize what a perfect blend of humanity has graced your abode. Part of the fun is probing the various mindsets, to see just what everyone is up to.

Be prepared for some deep and profound conversations, as well as some uncanny answers to questions that have been plaguing you as of late. Lo and behold, the most fitting minds sense your curiosity and are eager to engage it. Expect mysteries to be solved by the time you’ve picked these sources of genius.

One of the rewards available to you is that of romance. Whether you realize it or not, you’re putting out some rather magnetic vibes these days and those with wisdom and experience in these matters can’t help but pick up on your signals. You might think you’re appearing guarded, but those in the know, know better.

Monday and Tuesday are best suited for a low profile. Let your spirit guides do the talking. They’re preparing you for Wednesday and Thursday, when the moon graces your sign and therefore puts you in charge. Tend to the financial balancing act Friday and Saturday, leaving Sunday open for making the rounds within your local stomping grounds.


Despite being the social creature that you are, the reality right now is that you don’t need to be all that visible in order to find total fulfillment. The inner planets are currently hanging out below the horizon on your solar chart, thereby providing you ample contentment simply by sticking closer to home.

You can still be reaching out to those at a distance without any difficulty, but for the most part you’re happy assessing your economic world and figuring out ways of making yourself more valuable. Let that be your goal for the time being. The deeper you dig, the more resources you’ll realize you can offer off in the very near future.

Give your conscious mind a wide berth, even though your physical body is perfectly content maintaining low visibility. Late evening hours are surprisingly productive, so let that inner night owl have as much elbow room as possible. You have at least a second wind to work with, if not a third.

Friends will be reaching out to you early in the week. But no sooner have you devoted your time and emotions to them, you realize that your own needs take priority and you crawl into your own little shell Wednesday and Thursday.

That pendulum shifts radically Friday and Saturday as the moon greets your sign and gives you all kinds of options from which to choose. Sunday allows for a little splurging, even though you may keep your finds private.


Although you may not realize it, you are putting off some rather intriguing vibrations these days. It’s almost as if you’re challenging others to figure out what is behind door number one, and you happen to be that door.

It’s as if you’re sporting that “come hither” look and folks just can’t seem to resist the idea of finding out what you’ve planned, as they come within a closer proximity to your doorstep. And in keeping with your mysterious nature, you insist upon playing your hand strategically, so not all get to find out your deepest darkest secrets. At least not now. But it’s just a matter of time and you’re probably well aware of that fact, which is why you’re using the current timing to your advantage.

This is a great time to market your talents. Much can be revealed right now, and you could even get away with some shameless self-promotion coupled with a mix of exaggeration, if only to prove a point.

You need not travel far these days to accomplish your agenda. There are so many folks within earshot who can assist you in conquering much of your “to-do” list, Just apply a little prior planning and wise use of time.

Deal with business matters as soon as the week begins. Let your social needs give way Wednesday and Thursday. By Friday and Saturday your subconscious mind will be ready to digest the events of the week, so allow for quiet time. Sunday you’ll be back on the ball as the Moon moves into your sign. Look out world!


Now that the Sun is moving through your sign, you’re naturally feeling your oats and loving every minute of it. You’re totally convinced that life is to be lived with nothing stopping you, and the field couldn’t be any wider. Spread your wings and make the most of the opportunities afforded you.

Travel could be on your schedule at any given moment, and appears to be looming even more prominently in the weeks to come. So now that Mercury is no longer retrograde, it becomes even easier to put those plans in motion and embark on your favorite past time, which is heading to parts unknown or at the very least anywhere but home.

Your inner voices have been awfully vocal lately, so you’ve probably had little choice but to acknowledge their existence. They still have some juicy tidbits to impart, so stay alert and take notes.

It won’t be long before you’ll find plenty of ways of implementing the ideas they’ve been conjuring. Timing is important and you’ll know instinctively when to stand at the starting gate.

Be shrewd in dealing with the economic picture. With just a little bit of focus, you’ll see a few short-cuts that will allow you to stretch your dollar even farther.

Long distance issues demand your focus Monday and Tuesday. Climb the corporate ladder Wednesday and Thursday. Friday and Saturday bring your social life into play. Take a breather on Sunday and get away from the madding crowd.


Since the Sun is now in the portion of the zodiac which precedes your sign, it’s a fine time to wrap up any and all loose ends. Whatever finishing touches are required before you can put things to rest, should now be applied.

Should you have any doubts about how to fill in certain gaps, you’ll find the answers by simply indulging is quiet and alone time. Within no time at all, you’ll find the answers, however it is best not to consciously seek them out. Go about your regular routine and allow yourself to get lost in the process. In so doing, the final answers will readily be revealed.

What doesn’t come to you through this particular process, will be compensated for by the time spent with close personal friends and colleagues. A minimal show of your hand is all that is needed for them to intuitively catch your drift. They are excellent at reading between the lines and will amaze you with their uncanny ability to hit the proverbial nail on the head.

The pace you’re keeping right now might exhaust the average person, so remember to have patience with those around you. There’s no need to slow down, and even if you wanted to, you probably wouldn’t be able to apply the breaks. You’re on too much of a roll right now.

Let your hunches allow you to lead the way at the open of the week. Then shift your attention to your knowledge base Wednesday and Thursday. Hobnob with the powers that be Friday and Saturday, paving the way for time with friends during the day on Sunday.


You’ll have little difficulty warming to the feel of the current cosmic influences, due to the interesting variety of people you’re encountering these days. The gatherings that beckon, couldn’t consist of a more diverse crowd, much to your pleasure.

For you, the broader the scope of humanity you get to know, the richer you feel. So now is the time to cash in. And to add to the delight, you’re learning more from these folks than you had bargained for. Get used to this texture, because there’s a bit more of this type of spice in your life as the month progresses.

Be prepared for a differing of opinions when it comes to dealing with decision makers. A little deliberate bending is in order from your perspective, so find a way to sniff out an opening and take it, if only for future bargaining strategy down the road. And keep in mind that you’re not seeing the entire picture. Some secrets have yet to be revealed.

Remember to pace yourself physically for now or else face the consequences of burning the candle at both ends. It is more pragmatic to store up a reserve of energy for the time being.

Maintain a negotiating posture as the week begins. Sniff out some potential bargaining chips that are unwittingly being displayed over the course of Wednesday and Thursday. An easier meeting of the minds materializes Friday and Saturday. Focus on professional goals on Sunday.


Casting as wide a net as is feasible is your best bet these days. Even if you feel a little overwhelmed or even slightly naïve, you’re still on the right track. The realization that you have some gaps to cover is a healthy one. And as you tackle the plethora of items on your plate, you’ll figure out which ones have the greatest potential and which are just a pipe dream. Let your intuition guide you during this process.

You’re benefiting from picking the brains of others these days, especially if their cultural backgrounds differ radically from your own. Don’t be surprised if you feel like you’re back in school, digging deeper into a subject whose surface you had only just scratched. This renewed curiosity is preparation for a broader level of understanding that will unfold in the weeks ahead.

The weeks starts off busier than you might have anticipated. Seek out practical voices of reason Wednesday and Thursday. Pay close attention to your dreams and other hunches Friday and Saturday and reserve Sunday for expanding your knowledge base.



Kathryn Silverton, Astrologer By: Kathryn Silverton, Astrologer

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