Free Weekly Horoscope February 4 – 10 2013

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Free Weekly Horoscope February 4 – 10 2013



Now that a total of three planets are traversing your solar twelfth House, you’re in the mood to tie up a lot of loose ends.

You’ll be in this mode for the next month or so, which suggests there’s a lot to wrap up in preparation for a whole new series of projects that start to burst forth come March and April. So use the energies accordingly.

Take note of those inner voices that are filling you with ideas and inspiration. And keep close tabs on your social life. You’re in high demand. Monday and Tuesday keep you focused on your marketing savvy.

As Mercury makes his way into Pisces on Tuesday, you’ll be amazed at how easy it is to calm your mind and let your psychic visions take over. Your ambitious nature will be in full throttle mode Wednesday and Thursday as the moon makes its way into your solar tenth House.

Carve out more time for close friends Friday and Saturday and then crawl into your shell on Sunday, even if it is a new moon.


In order for you to feel that you’re fulfilling your destiny, it’s important to direct your attention outward. Your friends and colleagues need your support, not just emotionally but also intellectually.

Your community in general craves your attention. So if you’re involved with large groups of people, that is were you need to focus. Be aware that others see you as sturdy and therefore capable of handling virtually anything.

To them, you are the rock of Gibraltar. Others can easily pull on this strength in the weeks ahead, so you must be prepared to let them know when you’re feeling the need to protect yourself and hold some of that strength for yourself.

Draw on your subconscious mind at the beginning of the week and listen to those subtle clues. Reach out farther from a geographical standpoint Wednesday and Thursday.
Maintain a strong professional focus both Friday and Saturday. Sunday’s new moon allows social relationships to really take hold.


If there’s one thing you’re certainly known for, it’s your ability to be the consummate juggler. You’re actually much more productive when you have several things going at one time. Anything less and you get bored and loose all focus and concentration.

Therefore, the next few weeks will put your reputation to a test. The trick is, you won’t be able to think your way through the situations that you encounter. You’ll be better off, in fact, if you tell your logical mind to take a break and allow your emotions to factor into the events as they unfold.

Go more by the seat of your pants, with the understanding that your psychic nature will be much more accurate, especially when it comes to reading those in positions of influence over you.

Let those nuances speak loudly and allow them to influence the way you respond to those around you. Seek input Monday and Tuesday, and allow it to sink in Wednesday and Thursday. Give in to restlessness Friday and Saturday. Sunday’s new moon invites you to declare your authority.


You’re on a very strong learning curve these days. This doesn’t mean you need to literally go back to school, but nevertheless, you will feel as though you’re getting an excellent education.

And no sooner do you learn something, it’s important that you impart this knowledge to those in your midst. Right now the best way for you to learn is through osmosis, which is certainly much easier than sitting down and cracking open a book.

This process is effortless in comparison. So be receptive and allow your beliefs to enter into your decision making process, even though they may trump logic. And know that those who love you, find it easy to relate to you on an intuitive level, so they’ll be guiding you without their even realizing that’s what they are doing.

Take pleasure in following your routines early in the week. Experts happily provide guidance Wednesday and Thursday. Give in to your passions Friday and Saturday and opt for an adventurous new moon Sunday.


Folks born under your sign have a reputation for wearing their heart on their shirtsleeve. You tend to leave little doubt about where your true feelings lie, and those you know are very confident as to where they stand with you.

These days, however, you’re operating under slightly different rules. It’s almost as though you’ve decided to mix things up a bit and challenge others to participate in a bit of a guessing game.

You’re more comfortable keeping things under wraps right now, which is just fine. This in no way dilutes the intensity of your feelings, it just requires others to read between the lines. You’re still very much in the attracting mode, so those you need are readily available to you.

And agreements are there for the asking. Reach for adventure Monday and Tuesday. Focus on productive matters Wednesday and Thursday. Relationships take on more focus Friday through Sunday’s new moon.


You have the ability to be extremely self-sufficient. It’s easy to handle things on your own because you know exactly just the order that rings your bell. So it’s a bit unusual to feel as though you need a second opinion, since you’re pretty efficient at covering all the bases yourself.

But there are times when you need to let the experts have their say and this happens to be one of those times. This is a perfect time to reach out and allow others into your fold. Make a point of bending when asked to do so, because right now it’s more important to put relationships first.

Address any underlying currents before they have an opportunity to fester. Make this your work, since your actual work will easily take care of itself. Suspend your analytical ways Monday and Tuesday, but let them back in Wednesday and Thursday.

Expect to cross a lot off your list both Friday and Saturday. Sunday’s new moon encourages sharing.


Sometimes one has to go to extremes in order to find the perfect balance. Nowadays, with an assortment of planets moving through the sign of Pisces, you may feel as though you’re being sucked into your work with both feet.

You’re so absorbed in the projects staring you in the face that it almost seems unfathomable to release yourself from them. So it might take an extra ounce of effort to pull yourself away from the things that seem almost mesmerizing.

Luckily, you’re in the process of creating what you love, so the days ahead don’t exactly feel like work. How fortunate! And how easy it is to share this passions with those closest to you.

You’ll be all about self expression at the start of the week. Opt for lower visibility both Wednesday and Thursday. Get your romantic groove on Friday and Saturday. Work on routines Sunday.


As resourceful as you are known to be, it’s not at all a stretch to muster up your own brand of creativity. This urge will remain quite strong in the weeks to come, so have at it. Your imagination is in high gear.

All this occurs as a result of a few bodies traversing your solar fifth House, especially Mars and Mercury. And this very energy can easily ignite romantic passions as well! Don’t be shy about dropping subtle hints, perhaps in a poetic nature.

If the spirit moves you, direct your creative passions toward the home environment. It’s fertile ground for experimentation. You might want to eyeball your bank account as the week opens since you’re in the mood for a splurge both Monday and Tuesday.

Spread your wings and let your neighborhood know you’re still very much a part of it all both Wednesday and Thursday. Friday and Saturday may keep you closer to home. Sunday’s new moon reignites those romantic leanings.


Contrary to popular belief, you don’t necessarily have to travel far and wide just to experience a sense of adventure. Sometimes the most exciting and fulfilling times can actually be experienced right in your own backyard.

And now that Mercury and Mars are joining forces with slow moving Neptune in the sign of Pisces, it’s your home turf that assures the greatest source of entertainment. It’s time to sprinkle a soft touch around your home and highlight the emotions that you want to evoke.

Add pieces that allow the imagination free reign, if only for a temporary change of pace. You’ll undoubtedly feel that you’re on top of your game as the week opens, compliments of the moon moving into your sign on Monday and remaining there the following day.

By Wednesday and Thursday, you’ll be in the mood to assess that which is valuable to you. Explore your local terrain Friday and Saturday, and by Sunday’s new moon you’ll be ready to open up new doors of self-expression.


Despite your amazing ability to keep your feet planted squarely on the ground, there are times when it helps to complement the practical with a touch of the invisible. And such is the mood these days with a few planets swimming through your almost neighboring sign of the fishes.

You know full well that below that business-like exterior, lies a true softy at heart. It’s just that you don’t always advertise that part of your persona to the rest of the world. But to those who know you well, they’ll freely admit to having gotten more than a glimpse of that other side.

There couldn’t be a better time to allow that side as much expression as possible, so whether you put it into words or implement it through your ideas, it’s bound to find a home in the weeks ahead.

Keep a lower profile the first days of the week. You need to gear up for the moon’s saunter through your sign both Wednesday and Thursday, at which point you’ll be calling the shots to your heart’s content. Focus on finances Friday and Saturday, and lay the groundwork for rediscovering various regions in the coming days.


It’s time to play “pretend.” Imagine you had all the money you could ever need. Think about what you would do with it and how differently you’d live your life.

Once you’re finished with that fantasy trip, bring it down to earth and experiment with ideas as to how you can make your more practical dreams a reality.

You may realize that some of your real life dreams aren’t as far fetched as you imagine. Use the weeks ahead to create a new vision for yourself and work toward making those visions materialize.

Venus in your sign assures that you’re well positioned to attract the right people and circumstances into your life to make things more comfortable. Run ideas past friends and colleagues throughout Monday and Tuesday.

Then step back Wednesday and Thursday and allow time for everything to sink in. Pick up the ball and run with it Friday and Saturday, and then use Sunday for sketching out your visions for the coming four weeks’ influence under the new moon in your sign.


With Mars firmly ensconced in your sign for the next several weeks, you feel as though you’ve got the world by the tail and you know just exactly what to do with it.

You can easily prove to the outside world that the fantasy world in which you’ve been accused of living is actually one which others would love to participate. So go ahead and invite them to contribute, but just don’t expect them to keep up with your own pace.

You’re in way too competitive a mood to allow anyone the opportunity to outrun you. Besides that, you have a lot of protection working in your favor these days, thanks to Venus easing her way through your solar twelfth House.

Just guard against spreading yourself a bit too thin in the first days of the week. Friends have your back Wednesday and Thursday, so feel free to lean on them if need be.
Sit tight Friday and Saturday and then let loose on the world again by the latter part of the day on Sunday as the moon enters your sign shortly after the new Moon.


Free Weekly Horoscope February 4 – 10 2013


Kathryn Silverton, Astrologer By: Kathryn Silverton, Astrologer

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