Free Weekly Horoscope November 12 – 18 | 2012

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Free Weekly Horoscope November 12 – 18 | 2012



The Solar Eclipse on Tuesday directs your attention to how you merge your talents and resources with those of others.

The question to ask is, “How can we mutually benefit one another?” What talents and resources do I have that another party can use to get their stuff accomplished and how can their help me as well?

Identify those places of mutual need and hone in on this until you’ve exhausted all possibilities. Within this concept, do your best not to get caught up in control issues or power struggles.

The idea is not for one to own or control the other, but rather to work together.

Since this eclipse takes place in your solar eighth House, you may feel a lot more passionate and sexual than the norm.

And, you may also notice your ability to read others is shockingly right on. If such is the case, make a point of sharing those insights with those around you. Just couch it in such a way that your insights are given as a suggestion rather than marching orders.
You’re getting that information so that it can be used by those around you. What they do with it is up to them.

On Wednesday, Mercury departs Sagittarius and enters Scorpio, so expect thoughts to feel more intense. Don’t be surprised if you can’t seem to get certain thoughts out of your mind, just like that nagging meloldy that just won’t go away.

Saturday Mars enters Capricorn and hence your solar tenth House, making you even more ambitious. You’re ready to compete on the professional stage so those in your midst had better clear a path for you.

Sunday will be happily friendly, as the moon graces Aquarius..


This week’s eclipse graces your solar seventh House of interpersonal interaction. You may therefore be looking at potential partnerships or contracts. Since Mercury is retrograde right now, your best bet is probably to take a good look at what these potential relationships have to offer you.

Do you fully understand what is involved? Are you willing to take the steps necessary to participate? Are you clear as to how these relationships will be mutually beneficial? Another way this can manifest is in the realm of those in whom you place your trust and faith.

The seventh House is also associated with those you consult, those in whom you place your confidence. These are people such as your attorney, your psychiatrist, personal counselors, astrologers, anyone who you look to for guidance.

So, you could very well be stumbling upon people who seem to fit the right mold for you. Use this time to investigate said individuals. Are they a good fit? Do they have the background you’re looking for?

Ask for references and ask pertinent questions so you know what to expect when you agree to this impending relationship. If someone approaches you in hopes of a relationship, again, it is in your interest to ask questions. What are their intentions? What do they hope to accomplish?

As Mercury enters Scorpio on Wednesday, you’ll probably feel more comfortable asking these questions. Your inner sleuth comes to the surface and you feel confident in your ability to get to the bottom of issues.

Mars moves into your solar ninth House on Saurday, accentuating your desire to branch out. Activities associated with other states or even countries now become more prominent.

So look at where you can exert your motivation and energy outside familiar stomping grounds. You might also feel the urge to take a quick course in something practical, something that can serve you long term, perhaps on a professional basis. You could also be feeling restless.

The old “grass is always greener on the other side” syndrome may very well start haunting you. With Mercury retrograde it might not be the best time to undergo major trips without doing a lot of prior planning.

But if you play your cards right, there just might be some wisdom to traveling, especially if you’re returning to a place that is already familiar. We can’t put our entire lives on hold just because Mercury is retrograde. We just need to be smart in how we work with it.


This solar eclipse may be a bit challenging for you folks and here’s why. Scorpio is about that which is is hidden and private. It revels in the undercurrent and loves a good mystery. You folks, on the other hand, tend to opt for that which is obvious, like scientific facts.

You tend to opt for freely flowing information that is easily accessible. It is not your first instinct to have to dig for data or information. You prefer ideas that are readily accessible and those that don’t stir emotions.

After all, the facts are just the facts and by nature are indisputable. Scorpio deals with deep seated emotions. Like a game of strip tease, Scorpio prefers to reveal information when it is strategically beneficial and not a minute sooner. Otherwise, it spoils the suspense. So, you folks will have to make some adjustments in order to effectively deal with this lunar cycle.

Since this new moon falls in your solar sixth House, you’ll be asked to explore such things as your daily routine. Perhaps some adjustments need to be made there, adjustments that make a more strategic use of your time. Or, you could be looking at medical issues.

But it’s not like the answers you’re seeking will be right at your fingertips. Instead, you’ll be challenged to do some good old fashioned research. You’ll need to do some honest to goodness digging. Your determination will be challenged. And let’s face it. You folks bore pretty easily.

If you don’t have an answer in rather quick order, you’re apt to move on to the next project. Your co-workers may also challenge you. They may not be as forthcoming as you would like.

They’re not very likely to share their deepest and darkest secrets, especially if they suspect that those secrets have a good chance of landing on the front page of the paper in bold letters.

To top if off, Mars enters the natural House of Scorpio in your solar chart. So, you’ll find another challenge facing you starting Saturday as the warrior planet occupies Capricorn and therefore asks you to work hard to uncover the mysteries of life.

Set goals for yourself. Listen to your gut instincts, your inner voices, and write down your dreams. Trust these sources of information and look at them as providing outlets for your to get more things accomplished.

Venture out to parts unknown on Sunday. The moon in the fellow air sign of Aquarius assures friendly skies for travel.


This Solar eclipse highlights your ability to take hold of the reigns of your life and decide the direction in which you care to steer it.

Yes, the solar fifth in which this eclipse occurs for you, is considered the house of romance and creativity, so there’s no question that those areas of your life could be triggered. If that’s the case, expect deep and intense relationships to surface.

But getting back to the steering part, this is also the House of creativity and the natural House of Leo, ruled by the Sun. And the Sun represents our spirit. So look deep within and ask yourself where your spirit wants to go.

The answer will come from your gut, since you’re a water sign and your sign rules the stomach. Water signs decide things based on their emotions, their instincts and in your case, being ruled by the Moon, your mood.

We’re talking about the prevailing winds that have been circling for some time, not the mood of the day of the eclipse. If you feel the need to dig further and can’t seem to do it by yourself, then do some probing and soul searching with those you love, such as your sweetheart, your kids or even kids who happen to be surrounding you. Sometimes those pearls of wisdom that drop out of the mouths of babes are precisely what we need to hear. So take note.

On Saturday, Mars wanders into your opposing sign of the Mountain Goat. Expect to feel challenged by others. You might feel as though you’re at war or at the very least vying for something.

The chances are it’s probably those around you who are feeling the need to challenge you and compete for some spot in your life. If you’re in a relationship, things could become a bit volatile.

The other person could be showing a bit of an angry streak and might be egging you on. Rather than play their game, you might want to step back and argue the merits of their need for battle.

Engage them philosophically and see if you can find some sort of meeting of the minds. This can also be a positive influence. Partnerships may prove productive.

Look at this as the old “two heads are better than one” scenario. You might be pleasantly surprised by how motivated you both become when you find a mutual goal.


Okay Lions, you’ve got your work cut out for you during the course of this Solar Eclipse. What you’re facing is the battle between a sign that likes to keep things under wraps, and you, who by your very presence, attracts attention and prefers to speak straight from the heart.

There will be a lot of undercurrent in the air and you may want to confront it head on, but those around you would just as soon pretend those intense moments don’t exist. So if they don’t want to talk about it, just go about your merry way in the most pleasant and heartfelt manner as possible.

Don’t push the other side and expect them to budge. By virtue of the fact that you would both like to stick to your guns, neither is ready to budge. Someone will blink eventually, and it may not happen at least until the full moon which is two weeks from the new moon.

On a practical note, this is a great time to sort through accumulated stuff at home. This will require some digging and possibly something akin to unearthing.

If there is something that has been stagnant for quite some time, it warrants your attention. You could be looking at things like plumbing or objects underground or in the basement.

Just be prepared to deal with items that are very well rooted and resistant to change, so just like people, you’ll need to be patient and persistent.

Another chapter unfolds on Saturday as Mars enters your solar sixth House. You can expect to feel highly ambitious and ready to accomplish everything on your “to-do” list plus other things that hadn’t even been etched on it.

You’re more than ready to be busy, so those around you had best either follow suit or get out of the way. The odds are that they will feel challenged by your workaholic nature and will be eager to join in on the action, not to be undone.

So, the bottom line suggests that this energetic streak you’re on will be contagious and therefore have far-reaching benefits.


You’re probably going to enjoy the cosmic energies put forth during the course of this eclipse on Tuesday because it triggers your desire to get down to brass tacks.

This cycle is all about uncovering hidden information, so if you have a project on your plate that requires research or other forms of digging through data, the odds are you’ll be in hog heaven.

In true Virgoan style, it will be up to you to analyze every little piece of data that comes across your desk. You just don’t know what kinds of juicy nuggets await until you’ve scoured every square inch.

So get out your magnifying glass and play detective. There are mysteries to solve and documents await your fine-tooth comb.

On a similar note of things hidden, this is also a time when you need to exercise the utmost discretion. You may be in the process of communicating with a targeted range of people but you need to do so in such a manner that others will not be able to detect.
In this day and age of technology where every word you speak or every email you send can be traced, you’ll have to come up with some clever ways of covering your tracks. You’ll be the object of admiration from those around you by virtue of the fact that you’re able to pull off such a fete.

And since this eclipse triggers your solar third House of siblings and your neighborhood, there are other ways of utilizing the energies of this new moon. This is a fine time to share private information with siblings or perhaps resolve issues that might be sticking in someone’s craw.

And, when you’re out and about running errands, keep you eyes open for new finds. You’ll be amazed at what resources you find tucked away in places you didn’t even know existed.

By Saturday, some of your attention will be directed toward the romantic arena, thanks to Mars gracing your solar fifth House.

To say you’re motivated to make an impact on the objects of your affection will be an understatement. You’ll feel challenged to demonstrate your true feelings, even if it feels like an assignment that has been laid out for you. Enjoy the pursuit and the spoils that result.


Your spidery neighbor is now in control of the board, and typical of his nature, he likes to get his stingers in deep before he injects his poison. The new moon in your Second House suggests your finances are the object of the scorpion’s search. Dig down below the surface.

There must be something there, worthy of investigation. Perhaps some minor surgery is required. Or maybe there’s a mystery afoot that needs to be solved. Look for ways to save money, not just stashing it away, but also means for making it multiply in the process.

There are opportunities to be found, once the digging begins. Scorpio loves to be fruitful and is known for reproducing. If need be, he will squeeze blood out of the proverbial turnip. During this process, be as discreet as possible. There’s no need to show your financial hand until Mercury goes direct on the 26th of November. In the meantime, keep your ear to the ground.

Much of your time may be spent closer to home during this cycle, as Mars makes himself comfortable in the Fourth House of the Home. He is anything but idle in this sign, his favorite of all twelve. He’s like Santa’s elves.

He’s not only got a list and checking it twice, he’s also making things happen. The home is a flurry of activity and will provide proof of his labors before the year’s end.

You’re in a perfect position to make your home more productive. Organization becomes key, making parts of the home almost sterile in its functionality, at the expense of its aesthetic appeal.


With the eclipse in your sign, get ready for an active lunar month. The ball is in your court and you happily take control. You’re eager to marshal every resource possible to accomplish your goals.

Once your mind is set on an agenda, there is no holding you back. You are bound and determined to see your plans through no matter what it takes. Now with the new moon in your sign, you’re just about ready to pull the trigger.

The sun has been in your sign for quite some time now, as was Mercury last month. You’ve been scoping out the landscape to get a feel for what lies ahead. There’s just one thing holding you back at the start of the lunar cycle, and that’s Mercury.

He hasn’t quite moved his hind quarters in a forward direction just yet, making you wonder if you’re on safe ground. But you’re a fixed sign, so you don’t mind waiting until you’re sure.

Mars takes up residence on the 17th of November in his favorite domain, Capricorn. Since he’s now in your Third House of Communications, relevant information seems to be trickling in. It’s helpful and it’s meaty.

You’ve got a lot to go on. You become even more ambitious about meeting your goals and making your presence known. People are helpless to turn you down because they know you mean business. When you speak, they not only listen, they act.

Your word has impressive weight. They buy what you’re selling, especially if you’re willing to give them a written guarantee.

Don’t be the least bit shy about expressing yourself. Your literary skills act as your sword. They get attention. Whether you’re dealing with your siblings or the local vendor down the street, your points are well taken.


Ordinarily, your style tends toward a high degree of activity. Born under the sign of the centaur, half man and half horse, the equine nature of your being appreciates every opportunity to get out and gallop to destinations afar.

But even the antsy need time to slow down and take stock. Now that the new moon is in your Twelfth House of Behind the Scenes Matters, stock you must take. It’s time to become one with your inner you, your subconscious.

Allow those inner voices the opportunity to articulate themselves. Things have been accumulating for some time now and your guides have a lot they want to discuss. You’re the only one who can listen so it must be done in private, when you’re alone and secluded from the rest of the world.

This doesn’t mean you need to take a month long hiatus. It means it’s important to just reserve a little “you” time on a consistent basis throughout the lunar phase. Remember, the next lunar phase will be yours.

You need time to prepare. You want to come out blazing when the time is right. Meanwhile, devise a game plan. Tie up any loose ends hanging out from months past. You’ll be surprised how therapeutic this can be.

Mars heads into your Second House of Finances on the 17th of November. Luckily he’s happy in Capricorn, otherwise he’d be inclined to stir up trouble.

Since he’s all about business in this sign, and he’s in your House of Money, you’d do well to keep your eyes on your finances.

This is a lovely time to forge a wise economic strategy. There could be some long term investments on the horizon, but they’re not going to sit around forever. Mars stays here through Christmas day, then it’s adios!


You and the gang in charge get along rather well. Scorpio is good at doing its homework, foraging for useful resources. He’s determined to get to the bottom of an issue, no matter what it takes.

He’s not one to cry “Uncle!” Instead, he’s more likely to try to breathe life back into something that appears on its last leg. You have a strong sense of admiration for anyone who will belly up to the bar.

You’re not allergic to ambitiousness and know it when you see it in others. Granted, the scorpions tend to keep things hidden, but you’re street savvy and rarely caught off guard.

The new moon in your Eleventh House of Social Contacts brings friends and colleagues into play. They are the ones who know how hard you work to toe the line and they’re on your side.

If you need some detective work done, you can count on them. Similarly, if you need to take someone into your confidence, you can sleep soundly at night knowing their lips are sealed shut.

They’re also willing to explore the depths of any issues and feel all the better, knowing they’ve played their part in helping you succeed. It’s okay to pour your heart out to them if need be. In fact they’re honored that you’d let your hair down in their presence.

Your friends aren’t the only ones in your corner. Your greatest planetary ally is Mars because he respects your attitude and is a better warrior when he inhabits your sign. He does so on the 17th of November until almost the end of the year, arming you with as much drive and energy as is needed.

He makes you an even more worthy competitor and puts you in charge. Your goals are easily accomplished now that he’s in your corner, so rack them up now. He can’t wait to scratch another assignment off his list.


It is second nature for you to tell it like it is. You call them as you see them, without exception and expect others to act accordingly. With the new moon in the sign most notable for dwelling in the undertow, an adjustment of your approach is necessitated.

Pay attention to that which is less than obvious, possibly playing itself out in your career. The folks in the corporate offices are wielding their power, with no intention of letting up until the middle of December.

To say they’re entrenched in their stance is an understatement. You’re forced to read between the lines when dealing with anyone heady with power.

They’re perfectly happy keeping you guessing and operate under the assumption that this gives them the upper hand. It might be best to just play along for the time being.

Continue with any inroads on the long distance scene made as of late October. The momentum is active through the 21st of November, while Venus still dwells in your Ninth House of Foreign Affairs. Whether it’s romance or an opportunity to bring in some dough, you’re treated kindly.

Expect your social life to remain active through the 16th of November. As of the following day, Mars makes his way into your Twelfth House of Behind the Scenes Matters where he’ll remain until practically year’s end.

You’re now in a lay low cycle, something atypical of your gregarious sign. But you might already be feeling the need to slow down, sensing that you just don’t have the reserve to burn the candle at both ends.

Carve out time for a vacation, preferably some place that allows you to commune with Mother Earth. A little grounding is helpful, even for you air signs.

When the mood hits, finish up anything that has been lingering on the back burner. Take time to get organized and plot out a game plan for the coming nine months or so.


Even though you may not technically be enrolled in school, the experiences you’ve garnered lately could certainly act as a primer for a degree in psychology.

The new moon in the mutual water sign of Scorpio makes good use of your natural sensitivity, making it easy for your to play the scorpion’s game of delving into the depths of others to gain greater understanding.

You’re psychic enough to be able to tiptoe around emotional edges without being caught off guard. That which had been previously categorized as suspicions has now been reassigned to that of inescapable conclusions. Trust your gut when dealing with others this cycle. It’s probably more accurate than you suspect.

This Ninth House cycle promotes the urge for not just learning but more importantly, understanding. Entrench yourself in the cultures of others, even if you’re not traveling.

Seek understanding of foreign rituals, enabling you to better relate. Probe the mindset of those who’s ways of looking at the world differ from your own. No one is out to convert you.

It’s just a good time to gain a broader range of exposure. Put yourself in the shoes of others. You’ll start feeling like a member of another tribe in short order.

An upswing in your social life is guaranteed by Mars, as he sets foot in your Eleventh House. Expect your calendar to fill up systematically through almost the end of the year.

Friends seem more organized than usual and may have more than just socializing on their mind. They’re also business savvy and would love to participate in sharing the word of your creative talents. So don’t be shy if casual gatherings manifest in some occasional shop talk.



Kathryn Silverton, Astrologer By: Kathryn Silverton, Astrologer

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