Free Weekly Horoscope November 25-December 1 2013

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Free Weekly Horoscope November 25 – December 1 2013



The week opens with you in a frenzy to cross as much off the proverbial “to-do” list as possible. Wednesday and Thursday will be a horse of a different color as you invite others to play along with you. Accept insight from places where you may lack objectivity. Keep that notepad by your bed the remainder of the week as dreams strengthen in intensity, encouraging you to heed those not so subtle clues. A touch of the rebellious enters into the picture on Saturday, allowing your inner child surface.


You can’t help but feel a tinge of romantic feelings surfacing as the week begins, thanks to the Moon occupying your solar fifth House. Remember that sometimes it’s the little things that make a difference. If you’re not romantically inclined, you’ll probably find ways to let your creative talents shine. Expect a see-saw of your energy level Wednesday and Thursday. You may feel like a little child going full blast until you just drop. Let others in on secrets the remainder of the week.


Get your physical house in order early in the week. You may find yourself tidying up places you’d forgotten need attention and that others might not even notice. But if you don’t tend to them, they may just nag at you, so go ahead and deal with them. Show off your greatest talents Wednesday and Thursday and don’t be surprised if you’re extra antsy Thursday, as your ruler trines Jupiter. Address health patterns Friday through Sunday.


The week begins with you absorbing as much data as possible. It’s a good thing you’re retentive. Being the proverbial pack-rat comes in handy, especially when it comes to stashing away tidbits for further consideration. By the middle of the week, you be a happy camper, thanks to the moon in your solar fourth House. You can cocoon like the best of them and this is one of those times for you to excel. You’ll be ready to meet your audience as Friday and the weekend roll around, so accept their accolades.


Economics reside at the top of your priority list at the start of the week. Tend to all those pesky little details so that they’re all crossed off your list before you head hits the pillow Tuesday evening. That makes way for more of a social butterfly mode come Wednesday and Thursday. And remember that your charm is your greatest asset, so use it to your advantage. The mood shifts by Friday, as you opt for a lower profile. Expect late night energy to surge over the weekend.


You’ll be right in your element as the week opens, thanks to the moon’s occupation of your sign both Monday and Tuesday. Yes, that proverbial check list is alive and well and you’ll likely have most everything tackled before Wednesday rolls around. That leaves the latter half of the week to do some serious assessment, especially as it involved your financial picture. Remember to give yourself credit for who you are and what you do, in the event you’re needing to pitch your value to the outside world. Curl up with a good book over the weekend. The more intense, the better.


We all have times when we much prefer to be left to our own devices. A little down time is important, as it helps us catch our breath and listen to what’s truly important. Such is the case for you as the week opens. This trend comes to a screeching halt on Wednesday as the moon now occupies your sign. You’re now ready to take control and initiate your famous charm offensive, which will carry you through Thursday. Get your economic picture under control over the weekend.


If it seems like it’s been a while since you’ve communed with your best chums, perhaps it’s time to shift gears and make them a priority. Monday and Tuesday are grand for getting the scoop on what’s happening in your social circle. Squeeze as much out of this practice as possible, because you’ll be ready to head for the hills Wednesday and Thursday and get your batteries energized. The remainder of the days are excellent for taking charge as the moon occupies your sign. Yes, your feelers will be primed for probing.


Make your professional mark early in the week. Your expertise is in demand and no one has a grasp of things quite like you. This opens the door to a few days of cavorting with your best buddies and there’s plenty of room to share and share alike, thanks to the Moon in the affable sign of Libra. Expect plenty of verbal repartee on Thursday, as your ruler, Jupiter, makes a trine to Mercury. Your brain will be going a mile a minute. A lower keyed approach will be the order Friday through Sunday.


There are times when we prefer to not just think things through logically, but actually seek to understand the theory behind the facts. Once those bases have been covered, it’s easier to swallow the facts and put them to work. That will be your goal as the week opens, making it easier to take command mid week. Carve out time for socializing Friday through Sunday. You deserve to be in on the latest scoops.


If sleep seems to be a bit more tempting as the week opens, it could just be that your subconscious mind has so much to mull over that it’s asking for more of your time and attention. If you can’t indulge in pillow time, at least let those inner urgings be heard. Wednesday and Thursday are grand for connecting with those from afar. Luckily, you seem to be on similar wavelengths, making communication a breeze. It’s back to routines setting in as the remainder of the week is upon us.


Make room for those important relationships as you dive into the new week. Helpful hints abound from those whose insights you value. Take special note of the details. Let your passions surface as the week progresses. Be aware of the willingness of all involved to bend a little to keep the waters calm. Once Friday rolls around, you’ll feel as though you’re back in a learning mode, one that holds you through the weekend.


Free Weekly Horoscope November 25 – December 1 2013


Kathryn Silverton, Astrologer By: Kathryn Silverton, Astrologer

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