Mercury Retrograde February 2014

Mercury Retrograde October-November 2013

Mercury Retrograde February 2014. Learn how Mercury Retrograde will impact all twelve signs of the zodiac.

Below are the dates for Mercury Retrograde February 2014

Mercury Retrograde Pre-Shadow ~ Mercury enters its shadow at 3:36 pm EST on 1/22/2014 at 18 degrees of Aquarius and 09 minutes

Mercury Turns Retrograde in Pisces ~ Mercury goes retrograde at 4:44 pm EST on 2/6/2014 at 3 degrees of Pisces and 20 minutes (Mercury enters Aquarius at 10:31 pm EST on 2/12/2014)

Mercury Goes Direct ~ Mercury goes direct at 9:00 am EST on 2/28/2014

Mercury Retrograde Post Shadow ~ Mercury leaves its shadow at 1:34 pm EST on 3/20/2014


From a sun sign perspective, here are some insights as to how this cycle is likely to impact you. If you know anything about your chart and know the sign of your natal Mercury, you can read the paragraph associated with that sign, as well. Your natal Mercury will not be more than two signs away from your sun sign. That’s just how God made things!.


Mercury Retrograde February 2014 for Aries

Starting with the 22nd of January when Mercury enters its shadow, pay attention to ideas that are floated around among your close friends and colleagues. These may very well be revisited the latter half of February. This late portion of the retrograde is also ideal for connecting with long lost friends. Use this time to rethink your involvement in the community. Between the 1st of February and the 13th, give your mind time to quiet itself. Meditation or other forms of reflection will serve you well. Your ideas are in the background right now which also means it’s time to play the fly on the wall and absorb what you hear. However, this is not a good time to offer your two cents worth. If you do, it will likely fall on deaf ears.

Mercury Retrograde February 2014 for Taurus

Expect glitches to start materializing on the career front. Those to whom you answer are quite entrenched in their mindset and aren’t likely to budge, but neither are you. A stalemate could unfold, one which becomes even more ornery by the latter half of February. Recognize that someone will have to blink here and it might be you, albeit begrudgingly. So look at the logic behind the arguments being floated about. They may seem quirky but it might be fun to try them on for size for the time being. This is the scenario leading into the last ten days of January as well as the latter half of February. For the first half of February, you’ve got good listening ears in the form of friends and colleagues. They come across as having been there and done that, so they are effective sounding boards, be they old or renewed.

Mercury Retrograde February 2014 for Gemini

During the January shadow, you may find yourself pondering thoughts of travel. If you need to make plans, get this done the sooner the better. The closer we get to the actual retrograde, the trickier this will become. Once the beginning of February rolls around, keep an eye on who’s running the show. They may be shooting from a totally different perspective than you and it may seem counter-intuitive from your way of thinking. Expect things to be very fluid throughout the middle of February, with the likelihood of no firm agenda set in place. Traveling during the latter half of the retrograde is preferable than the first half, especially if it’s long distance or maybe a place you’ve been before or have pre-existing connections.

Mercury Retrograde February 2014 for Cancer

You’ll be asked to look at different ways of getting your goals accomplished. The introductory concepts begin to emerge during the January shadow and may be tweaked during the latter half of the retrograde cycle. Also during this portion, expect co-workers to be impacted by this whole retrograde concept. Between the first of February and the middle of the month, reconnect with those heart-felt emotions. This is a great time for old lovers to come back around and say hello. If you feel like doing the same, go for it. The feelings are sincere, no matter the fact that they emanated long ago. You can also use this time to pull an old hobby out of the closet and give it a second look.

Mercury Retrograde February 2014 for Leo

We all need a sounding board every once in a while and this just might be your time. The January shadow cycle is good for laying your ideas out for some good old-fashioned objectivity. Keep these concepts in mind, because the input you receive starts to resonate the latter half of February. Perhaps you start appreciating your own personal spin on ideas around that time. The first half of February is great for letting instincts guide you. Impressions will be easy to come by, sometimes in the form of dreams, other times by sheer chance encounters and subtle suggestions that seem to be haunting you. Allow them to permeate your being.

Mercury Retrograde February 2014 for Virgo

The January shadow period as well as the latter half of February will find your workplace most impacted. Brainstorming comes naturally, especially in the January cycle, but some of these ideas may have to be rehashed in late February before the entire tale is written. You can expect co-workers to suffer some of the slings and arrows of the retrograde, especially the latter half of February. Take note because you may have to pick up the slack. Keep your own health in check. The first half of February is best devoted to keeping communications straight between you and your significant other. If you have consultants upon whom you rely, you might want to revisit their take on things.

Mercury Retrograde February 2014 for Libra

You have dynamic ideas that are being tested on the old drawing board. Put it all out there during the January shadow period, with the understanding that some of this is tentative and may have to be fine tuned over the course of the last couple of weeks of February. But hey, you’ve got to start somewhere. Fortunately, you feel as though you’re firing on all cylinders during this portion of the cycle. It’s the first half of February that may seem a bit tricky. Just when you think your projects are off on the right footing, lo and behold some sort of shift happens which requires you to swerve a bit. Consider this a test of your flexibility and agility. You may even surprise yourself at how adept you can be.

Mercury Retrograde February 2014 for Scorpio

The reality is that portions of this retrograde will be easier than others for you. Let’s start with the easy times, which will be the first half of February. This is a great time to put your creative genius to work. Your imagination will be keener than ever and flow with ease. So if you’ve got a variation of a theme in mind, go for it. Just know that the latter half of both January and February may prove more challenging. Don’t be surprised if communication isn’t at its best when dealing with family members. Be sure all is clear before heading out and about or before decisions are made that will impact all concerned. A compromise may have to be found versus a consensus. Expect a few technical or mechanical glitches in the home, just to be safe.

Mercury Retrograde February 2014 for Sagittarius

The January shadow cycle is great for tossing ideas around with those closest to you, such as neighbors or siblings. If you feel the need to get out and about and cruise your immediate surroundings, go for it. There are new adventures awaiting and some interesting seeds to be planted. You may feel compelled to backtrack to these very places and concepts during the latter half of February. This is also a time when some easy fixes can materialize in the way of mechanical issues. It’s the first half of February that may prove challenging, especially with family members. Feelings may be closer to the surface than you realize, so be aware of how sensitive people are, even if they aren’t showing it directly. If you’re not sure, ask gently.

Mercury Retrograde February 2014 for Capricorn

Use the January shadow for surveying financial data. Welcome a unique blend of input and be sure to consider aberrant perspectives as well. It’s best to assume that much of what is gathered during this time will be revisited again the latter half of February, so take good notes and tuck away reminders associated with correct sources. The first half of February finds you pretty flexible, especially when it comes to your travel schedule. Be open to the idea of last minute changes. Your ability to turn on a dime is important. If you feel the inner author surfacing, give it room to express itself. The more imaginative, the better.

Mercury Retrograde February 2014 for Aquarius

You’re going to be right in the thick of things during much of this cycle, thanks to Mercury occupying your sign as well as your neighboring sign of the fishes. If you’ve got travel plans in the offing, you might want to glue them down as best you can the latter half of January. Things may get a little dicey after that. Keep a close eye on finances the first half of February. Something a little peculiar could be happening right under your nose, so follow that famous intuition. This is not the best time to be making financial decisions unless your feet are being held to the fire. Expect a few mechanical glitches to arise, especially the latter half of February. If you come away unscathed, consider yourself lucky.

Mercury Retrograde February 2014 for Pisces

Since part of the Mercury retrograde will take place in your sign, you may be hard pressed to escape some of the slings and arrows. But that’s not to say it has to be entirely challenging. This is a great time to do some soul searching, especially during the January shadow as well as the latter half of February. Let your spirit guides hold your hand and supplement your instincts. The good news is that your psychic nature will be in high gear, so don’t even think about questioning those impressions of yours. And if someone is acting like someone from your past, keep those feelers up, for better or worse. This may be the universe’s way of reminding you which way to bend this time around.



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