Mercury Retrograde October-November 2013

Mercury Retrograde October-November 2013

Mercury Retrograde October-November 2013. Learn how Mercury Retrograde will impact all twelve signs of the zodiac.

Below are the dates for Mercury Retrograde October-November 2013

Mercury Retrograde Pre-Shadow ~ October 1, 2013

Mercury Turns Retrograde in Scorpio ~ October 21, 2013

Mercury Goes Direct in Scorpio ~ November 7, 2013

Mercury Retrograde Post Shadow ~ November 14, 2013


As is his fashion every three and a half months, Mercury is about to retrace his steps, otherwise known as Mercury Retrograde. This takes place on the 21st of October and lasts until the 10th of November and occurs in the sign of Scorpio.

Since the winged messenger is responsible for the transport of objects and ideas, all manner of communication becomes more suspect and requires due diligence to be sure that the proper message, be it verbal or physical, is transported. Therefore all conduits must be watched for problems and subsequent delays.

Keep an eye out for logistical glitches, communication breakdowns, technical problems and misinformation. Be diligent in confirming plans, as schedules are more subject to last minute changes during this cycle.

Another manifestation of this cycle is the tendency to hear from those from your distant past. Similarly, you may find yourself reflecting on past connections, so it’s a good time to reach out to those who seem to surface in your thinking.

Mercury actually entered the shadow on the 1st of October, meaning that’s when we started to catch a glimpse of what might be forthcoming. Once Mercury goes direct in early November, it will take until November 27th for him to leave the shadow, so fallout is a likely occurrence until then.

With this cycle occurring in Scorpio, hidden information from long ago is more likely to surface. Mysteries from yesteryear can be solved, especially those that have been held with the utmost of deliberation.


October-November Mercury Retrograde for Aries

Pay close attention to financial matters, especially those related to loans, insurance, inheritances or any other mutually held resources. Revisit the economic implications of these matters and make adjustments as may be warranted. If you’re looking at entering into a contract, be very careful. Look over all the fine print and be sure all the numbers add up before signing on the dotted line. On an intellectual level, if you find that you’re receiving similar messages from divergent sources, pay attention! This is the universe’s way of driving home a point.

October-November Mercury Retrograde for Taurus

Your interpersonal relationships are the likely target for this cycle, so it will serve you well to pay extra close attention to the way you interact with those with whom you deal on a daily basis. Be careful not to make assumptions as to what others are thinking or feeling. If there are feelings from the past that are resurfacing, this is a great time to clear the air once and for all. There is great potential for a therapeutic impact on relationships at large. Tread cautiously when entering into contracts. They are likely to fall apart at the last minute.

October-November Mercury Retrograde for Gemini

Pay close attention to health issues. This is a good time to dig up old records and patterns from the past and bring them into focus. Health-related conundrums can be resolved with some good old fashioned detective work. When it comes to doings in the office, expect co-workers to be subject to the slings and arrows of Mercury’s retrograde antics. Schedules will likely change at the last minute and mechanical problems may be the norm, so have a backup plan.

October-November Mercury Retrograde for Cancer

This retrograde takes place in your solar fifth House, and therefore brings people from your romantic past back into the picture. This may very well seem like an innocent reconnection on the surface, but below the surface there could be an ulterior motive or two. It’s worth finding out. If you’ve got a hobby that you’ve put on hold, this is a great time to pull it out of the closet and revisit the whole process. You may just be ready for a different slant on an older theme.

October-November Mercury Retrograde for Leo

Do you feel like spending more time in the basement or somewhere underground, if only in the recesses of your being? If so, get to digging. There’s so much hidden deep down below that is just itching to come to the surface. If this is an emotional or psychological process, you might find the late evening hours to prove most revealing. Give your mind plenty of time to wander back into the past and release what has been kept under lock and key.

October-November Mercury Retrograde for Virgo

You can use this cycle for sifting through piles of paperwork or documentation. There are hidden treasures in your midst and it’s just a matter of sorting through it all. Reconnect with siblings and neighbors as well as your general neighborhood. There may be some rebuilding or relocating going on that captures your attention. Double check vehicles and computerized gadgets. They are ripe for little glitches that cause delays in getting objects to their intended destination.

October-November Mercury Retrograde for Libra

Make it a point to be extra vigilant when it comes to your financial affairs Go back over old statements and look for anything that might have been overlooked. Be careful when it comes to making any major financial commitments for the time being. Your best bet is to do your homework and come up with a strategy that will be implemented once Mercury goes direct. If you have to make major purchases, hold on to any and all documentation, no matter how trivial. Double check financial transactions for accuracy.

October-November Mercury Retrograde for Scorpio

Since Mercury will be retrograde in your sign, you’re pretty much a walking target for any and all potential glitches, technical, mechanical or otherwise. Watch your driving as well as the way you communicate with those around you. Those zingers you like to throw out just might have a way of coming back to haunt you. Remind yourself what it feels like to be on the receiving end and adjust your verbiage accordingly. Double check that you have everything you need before leaving on every phase of your journeys. This is a great time for you to adjust your strategies for dealing with colleagues and counterparts.

October-November Mercury Retrograde for Sagittarius

Use this time to wind things down and wrap them up in neat little packages, now that Mercury will be retrograde in your solar twelfth House. You could be in the midst of letting go and saying good-bye to people as well as projects. Just know that you have a lot of protection around you right now. Sometimes a little alone time to sort through all the intense emotions might be just what the doctor ordered. Seek out people who have a spiritual perspective on life and let your thoughts spew forth.

October-November Mercury Retrograde for Capricorn

Do you find yourself thinking about friends that you haven’t thought about or seen in seemingly forever? Are you hearing from those sorts as well? You have Mercury retrograde in your solar eleventh House to thank for that. This cycle can also come in handy for re-inserting yourself back in the company of colleagues you haven’t seen in quite some time, including vast social circles, groups, causes and the like. New strategies can start to unfold as a result.

October-November Mercury Retrograde for Aquarius

You’ll be doing yourself a favor if you understand that the folks in control of the board may seem a bit out of touch. Perhaps Mercury’s retrograde cycle is having a stronger impact on them than what appears on the surface. So if all you hear from up above is a deafening silence, don’t be surprised. This can also be a time to consider a new title. Do your homework and brush up on ways of re-inventing yourself. Make contact with people who may have had influence over you in times past.

October-November Mercury Retrograde for Pisces

Reconnect with those at a distance and the farther the better. This includes people from as far back as your college days or other educational endeavors. And speaking of higher learning, this is also a great time to go back and brush up on past lessons. Take a refresher course or delve into a topic that has long held an allure. If you have a long journey in the works, this is a good time to do your research and see what options are available. But you might want to wait until Mercury goes forward to make the plans concrete.



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