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What is this Wisdom Bits Newsletter about?

This is a Free Inspirational Newsletter for life awareness and consciousness by email with Spiritual and Motivational stories that touch our hearts and souls.

You will find inspirational articles and motivational self-help articles and quotes to facilitate success in spiritual growth, self-improvement and healing of the mind body and soul. Improve your life by improving your yourself, your business, family and relationships.

Wisdom Bits Newsletter History

Our Wisdom Bits Newsletter and Inspirational Quotes began publication in May of 1999. In it, we discuss issues related to personal and spiritual growth; discovering and dissolving beliefs which limit our view of ourselves and our world, handling emotions we think of as “unspiritual,” and becoming more creative in all aspects of our lives.

Our goal and intent is to provoke positive thought and consideration for other perspectives outside of our personal experiences. To solicit a willing and compassionate mind and heart.

It is not for the faint at heart or spirit. It requires courage and openness to the possibilities and considerations outside the common ground of what you think you know about your life and experiences.

Our newsletter is designed to provide news, information, guidance and support; offering you a clearer understanding of Integral Values in the World and in Spirituality.

By reading through the inspirational quotes, enlightening articles, positive motivational stories, and personal growth lessons, and as time goes on, we hope our Wisdom Bits will lead our readers towards a more relevant and expedited Spiritual Epiphany for Conscious Evolution. Oneness.

As you open the door to an uncommon cultural creative life, you remove your misgivings of how your life “should be”, and embrace the challenge of looking at the insanity of seeing our experiences and our motives on what and who we are– within our infinite expectations.

We intend to expose what the experience of oneness between man, woman and the universe offers on a plate of graceful sharing. Release your expectations, motives and perspectives and experience new thought and uninhibited communication.

Learn to develop your spiritual awareness and consciousness by expanding Light & Love in all aspects of life. Our wish is that together we might imagine a world of possibility, recognize a world alive with spirit and create a world filled with celebration.

Gain insight into your deeper self, see beyond your ordinary consciousness and find the path you need to take to fulfill your dreams.

Our Wisdom Bits Newsletters are intended to provide you with additional valuable tools, teachings and insights along your path of love for a variety of situations in your daily life, business life, family and relationships.

Our purpose is to provide you with precise information, lessons and steps to follow on your spiritual path – i.e. to provide for you, practical examples of applied solutions of love in all situations of life.

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Your Privacy

At no time will your address be shared with any other person or company. The Wisdom Bits Newsletter’s purpose is solely for keeping it’s subscribers and other interested persons uplifted and inspired and up to date on cultural creative and spiritual news. Unlike other mailing lists, newsletter subscribers are not able to access information about other newsletter subscribers.

Wisdom Bits is a free publication

If you would like to share it with your friends, please do so. Should you know of anyone that you think would enjoy receiving this publication we will be happy to include them. Your comments and suggestions are always appreciated. Do you have a special story you would like to share? We would love to hear from you!

This Newsletter provides a way of thinking about its subjects by viewing them from the perspective of love and acceptance through creating awareness that we all have choices in every moment. It does not intend to dictate to the reader that he or she should blindly accept or reject the suggestions presented. It, as in all things, should be evaluated with discernment.