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Dreaming About Flying Interpretation

Free Dream Interpretation

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Flying Dreams

Flying Dreams - Dreams About Flying

Dreams About Flying, Fly in Your Dreams

Please remember that the exact meaning of a dream is always individual and dream interpretation is very personal. The meaning of symbols for any individual may depend on his/hers life experiences and needs. Always create your own interpretations of the dreams. To do this you must use your and others as well.

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Dreams of flying are common and most people can recall having flown in a dream or two. There are many ideas as to what this means. Some people believe that flying in our dreams can be an actual out of body experience, that we go to places on this physical plane as well as into the inner planes (mostly the Astral).

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Edgar Cayce thought that Astral travel or "soul travel" might be a precursor to becoming lucid in a dream. Carl Jung's idea was that in a flying dream we are expressing our desire to break free of restrictions and limitations. We have a desire to be free and above all difficulties!

Alfred Adler thought that this dream was a type of a superiority dream in which we reveal the desire to dominate and be above others.

Focusing on the libido, Freud thought that flying was another way to express sexual desires. The details of your dream will give you clues as to what it symbolizes, if your dream was a spiritual experience or ego based. Enjoy it, flying is fun!

Flying dreams have many different meanings. Usually dreaming of enjoyable flying is a reflection of your success and satisfaction with something in your life. For men especially, flying is associated with cravings for sexual thrills or longing for freedom. Flying high above other people is a sign that you have ambitious plans which you might not be able to carry out.

Your Are Flying in Your Dream:

This has many levels of significance, depending on the dream. It can mean you are flying or fleeing, from something you find difficult to face. This is usually something in your life you try to get away from by using distractions like social life, media entertainments, becoming over idealistic, religious, or living in the clouds of fantasy.

When flying we do not have our feet on the ground and so it can suggest either that you have found a positive expression to your energy, or that you have lost a practical grasp on what is happening. The positive flying when you are not fleeing from something, often indicates independence and the ability to deal well with your emotions or fears.

Flying suggests the desire to rise above things, to attain greater heights, to break free of limiting viewpoints or cultural norms. Freud explained all flying dreams as expressive of sexual desires, intercourse, or life in the womb, which in some cases is true. But flying also represents ambition, abstract thought, and rising above your fears.

Alternative interpretations:

The ACT OF FLYING in your dream may represent:

- Being conscious of your out-of-body state, which is natural while sleeping, with your consciousness being focused on the astral body rather than the physical body

- Raising your level of consciousness

- Connecting with spirit
- Aiming high, having high ideals, flying high
- Experiencing freedom from restriction
- Doing well or accomplishing something easily, passing with flying colors
- Somebody who is unstoppable in a positive sense, “She’s flying!”
- Rising above a situation
- Accomplishing a journey or task easily and within a short space of time
- Something that is out of control, flying all over the place
- Something that is quick and effortless
- Indecisiveness, being up in the air
- Losing your temper, flying off the handle
- Experimenting with something, seeing if it flies
- Running away from something rather than confronting it, taking flight
- Flew may be a homonym for flu or influenza

The INSECT may suggest:

- An irritant or annoyance
- Lack of hygiene
- Eavesdropping, being a fly on the wall
- Recognizing somebody's wisdom or intelligence, no flies on them
- Something that spoils enjoyment or value, a fly in the ointment

To dream that you are flying, signifies a sense of freedom where you had initially felt restricted and limited.

To dream that you are flying with black wings, signifies bitter disappointments.

Flying - Metaphor of personal power in dreams. Flying to escape a pursuer suggests confidence in one's ability to avoid, or outmaneuver, fears and problems in our life. Difficulty gaining elevation (we have to "bounce" off the ground, or fly around obstacles), suggests doubts about our ability to reach a destination. Fears of landing reflect uncertainty about the future; we don't know "where we will land." Dreams of soaring unfettered above the Earth reflect feelings of empowerment. We are confident in our ability to "reach any destination," and feel "on top of the world."