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Dreaming About Teeth Falling Out Meaning

Free Dream Interpretation

First time visitors can get help understanding your teeth falling out dreams and will receive a Free Tooth or Teeth falling out Dream Interpretation via phone or online chat (3 free minutes to ask one question!)

Dream Symbol - Teeth Falling Out Dreams

Teeth Dreams - Teeth Falling Out Dreams - Tooth Dreams

Meaning of Dreams about your teeth falling out

Meaning of Dreams about teeth in dreams and teeth falling out in your dream Dream Of Teeth Falling Out Interpretation: "Teeth" in the dream world are most often an archetypal image of the dreamer's sense of confidence and competence in the waking world. Dreaming that there is something amiss with my teeth usually points to insecurities about my ability to "get my teeth into it," or maybe I've "bitten off more than I can chew."

Free Teeth Falling Out Dream Interpretation by Live Dream Interpreters! New customers Get 3 minutes free to ask 1 FREE Question! Looking for insights to the meaning of your tooth falling out dreams? Get dream analysis and interpretation about teeth by online chat or phone. Free three minute dream interpretation for all new visitors!

Ironically, the very fact that you remember such a dream is a reliable indicator that the you, the dreamer, can deal creatively and transformatively with the problems that life presents. If this were not the case, you would not even have remembered the dream.

FREE Dream Interpretation About Teeth Falling Out In Your Dreams

You are grinding your teeth, or there is a potential tooth problem. You are examining the subtle balances in your body and life that maintain health. You are focusing on confidence, competence, assertiveness, aggression, and your ability to cut through or bite through tough or confusing situations.

You are looking at your ability to engage and accomplish things: “I can sink my teeth into it,” or I’ve “bitten off more than I can chew.” Loose teeth or losing your teeth indicates you’re losing power, courage, your grasp on a situation, or the ability to succeed. A gleaming white movie-star smile indicates you are putting on a show, or someone is too seductive.


You’re self-conscious about your appearance and self-worth. Losing teeth and teeth falling out means you fear looking foolish, being embarrassed, unattractive, getting older or impotent, or you refuse to face reality and are retreating to infancy. You’ve lost self-respect. Biting or being bitten means you feel angry and defensive.

You are looking at how you articulate and express yourself. Rotten, yellow, or decaying teeth link to lies, insincerity, lack of character, and untrustworthiness. Swallowing a tooth means you may have to “eat your words.”

Alternative interpretations:

. All dreams (even nightmares!) come in the service of health and wholeness, and no dream ever came to anyone to say, "Nyah, nyah--you've got these problems and you can't do anything about them!" The more emotionally charged, or urgent the dream, the more likely that it points to a creative possibility previously hidden from the conscious mind, in response to a pressing waking life problem.

Teeth often represent decisions, therefore problems with teeth may represent long-standing indecisiveness or an inability to assimilate, analyze or make decisions about incoming data.

Losing teeth may represent an identity crisis, ugly gossip or talking too much

Teething may indicate moving into a new phase of life

Teething problems may suggest finding it difficult to accept incoming changes

Corpses are often identified by the teeth and thus loss of teeth may represent an identity crisis

Good teeth symbolize overall health and strength

Dental problems

Grinding your teeth may denote stress or anxiety

Accomplishing something by a narrow margin, by the skin of your teeth

Well prepared, armed to the teeth

Something that is rare or hard to find, as rare as hens’ teeth

Being aggressive, spoiling for a fight, baring your teeth

A wisdom tooth may imply needing to seek wisdom from within

Approaching something with ferocity and force, fighting tooth and nail

Extreme discomfort or irritation, setting your teeth on edge

Vampire teeth may imply feeding off of others rather than taking responsibility for manifesting your own well-being

To dream that you have rotten or decaying teeth, forewarns that your health and/or business is in jeopardy. You may have uttered some false or foul words and those words are coming back to haunt you.

To dream that you are brushing your teeth, signifies your level of confidence, struggles and aggressiveness. You need to look out for yourself and your own interest.

Also see: teeth falling out, armed to the teeth; bare one's teeth; by the skin of one's teeth; cut one's teeth on; fed to the gills (teeth); fly in the face (teeth) of; give one's eyeteeth; gnash one's teeth; grit one's teeth; in the teeth of; kick in the pants (teeth); lie through one's teeth; like pulling teeth; scarce as hen's teeth; set one's teeth on edge; sink one's teeth into; to the teeth.