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Free Psychic Readings

Learn how to get the most out of a psychic reading. Find out what to expect from a psychic reading and what to bring to a psychic reading too. How to get the most from a Psychic Reading. Ask 1 free psychic question by phone-absolutely 100% free.

Learn how to get the most out of a psychic reading
How to Prepare for a Psychic Reading:

Have you ever had a psyhcic reading done by a psychic who said exactly what you needed to hear? Did they tell you details that no one else could possibly know? Other times the advisor might tell you things that seem totally off base. There are some things that you can do to help improve the results of your reading. Here are some helpful tips to help you learn howe to get the most out of a psychic reading:

Prepare yourself ahead of time

Walking into a reading cold sometimes can be very easy for some people, but some preparation prior can be very beneficial for you and the advisor. Meditation in many ways can get your mind in a state of stability and open mindedness.

Some might even want to say a prayer before their reading. It does not need to take a lot of time to do, but it will put you in a frame of mind that the psychic can tune into your vibrations easier because your are calm.

Also, start by thinking of the purpose of your reading such as is it for love, more money or a question about your career. Centering yourself physically whether it's a in person reading or phone reading is an important part of getting an accurate one.

The energy that the reader picks up at first will generally be what you were thinking about right before you have it done. If you are having an in person reading take five deep breaths before meeting your advisor.

On a phone reading, make sure you are in a quiet location where outside disturbances are at a minimum so you and the reader can both concentrate fully to get the most out of your reading.

Ask the psychic good questions to get the most of psychic readings

Making a list of good questions for your reader can be an important segment in getting a good reading too. If they are well prepared and specific to a certain topic, the reader can focus on that particular point during the reading. It puts a perspective on the subject that might have been overlooked in a general reading.

 It will help both parties also get a better outcome. Psychics will never tell you what to do. They are here to provide guidance and wisdom through the readings to help improve the quality of our lives. The questions should be open ended and asked in a specific manner.

An example one might be for the subject of finding your soulmate. Instead of asking, "Will I find my true soulmate?", you might want to say, "What can I do or say to possibly attract better chances of finding my true love?".

 A career related question might be instead of asking, "Should I quit my current job?", try asking, "What do I need to do if I stay at my current position to possibly get me promoted?" This helps the focus of the reading to be very narrow and give the best results for the guidance of the reader.

Take notes and listen carefully

Listening to your advisor is a crucial part to get the most out of your psychic reading. If you have trouble remembering what the advisor tells you about a specific topic, taking good notes will help reflecting back on it later for reference.

Always keep an open mind to what the psychic will tell you. Different readers might use symbols or different types of messages to get your information to you. They may give you different options or suggestions to a particular topic that you did not anticipate.

Some readers will let you record the reading so you can reflect on the material at a later time. Many psychics will give you a mp3 version of the reading for an additional fee. If something does not make sense to you in the message or symbol they used, always as the psychic for clarification that makes sense to you.

Provide feedback about the reading and the advisor

Feedback is one of the best parts of getting a psychic reading for both the advisor and the client. If the reader is focusing too much on a particular area and it gets uncomfortable, just ask them to focus on another area or question that you want to ask them.

This helps the reader to give you the best results possible for you and them. After your time has ended, take the time to thank your reader. Go over any notes or any other questions or concerns you might have for the next time. This will help both your psychic and you to get prepared for the next reading.

By taking an active role in your preparation for your reading, you will have a better overall experience by asking questions and taking notes. Remember the readings are all about you, the client. Always remember to enjoy your reading experiences.

Get The Most From A Psychic Reading

To get the most from a physic reading by phone, online chat or text chat, spend a few minutes before your reading clearing your mind and opening your heart to receive guidance. Here are some suggestions how:

Write down each question that you want to ask; this way you can be at peace and relaxed before your reading, knowing you'll remember them.

Clear your mind to receive spiritual guidance; Meditate. Go for a walk. Take some calming deep breaths before your reading.

Set positive intentions: focus on receiving clarity and healing from your free psychic phone reading.

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Types Of Free Psychic Readings

  • Soulmate and Twin Flame Readings - A soul mate reading tells you about the special souls you've come together with for mutual benefit in this lifetime. Soul mates can be lovers, spouses, friends or relatives. If you want to know more about the soul mate who is your true love, ask a psychic about your twin flame.
  • Past Life Readings - People and situations from our past lives can affect us just as strongly as those in our present world. Working with a psychic can help you overcome negative behavior based on past-life occurrences, draw on past-life talents to create positive change, and fulfill your purpose for coming into your present life.
  • Angel Readings - Angels provide comfort, love, healing and guidance. Psychics who do angel readings receive spiritual wisdom to share directly from their own angels or the angels that surround you. Angel readings may also call on a spirit or religious entity who has a special bond with you or your psychic.
  • Tarot, Astrology and Numerology Readings - Often psychics use special tools to respond to questions with more precision: The symbolic system of tarot cards helps get under the surface of situations. Astrology charts provide insights about personality, life cycles and timing. And numerology calculations reveal how things like your name and birth-date influence who you are.
  • Psychic Support Readings - Psychic support readings are done in a series of sessions, designed to guide you in achieving your goals, as well as in understanding the people on your path along the way. These support readings are great for improving relationships, making big career changes, or truly fulfilling your life purpose.