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Email Newsletter Advertising

Email Newsletter Advertising, Online Advertising Newsletter Ads, Affordable Newsletter Advertising Opportunities

Get huge reach, transparent pricing & total control. We offer affordable newsletter advertising opportunities to honest online businesses.

An advertisement in our online email newsletters provides your business with frequent on-going exposure to over 257,000 of our current subscribers.

Deliver your message to our Double opt-in Newsletter ( the reader must also confirm his/her permission) subscribers each month.

We provide readers with top headlines on cultural creative topics. Sponsorship of our Newsletter is an excellent, cost-effective way to reach your targeted audience. 

Our newsletters contain articles by nationally acclaimed experts and published authors on a wide variety of personal, business, internet and special interest topics, combined with a bit of commentary, humor and a dash of sass. Sign up free and see! Our loyal subscriber base is a great source of potential new clients.

Make the most out of the ad dollars you do have, no matter how limited you are. Our Newsletter Advertising opportunities below, offer you cheap ways to advertise and give you a variety of affordable newsletter advertising options to choose from when you're on an ad budget.

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We receive 1000's of requests each year from individuals as well as companies who wish to promote their products and services to our international audience. In response, we have launched one of the most cost-effective directory advertising sponsorship programs online--for 17 years running.

Understanding, keeping and growing a profitable online audience is key to your success. You need to get the critical information to the right people.

We already have an established online presence and social networking audience-- and can be found on the most prominent Social Networks online today!

If you have a product or service you feel our visitors may be interested in, your banner or text ad can be displayed across on highly distributed Newsletter, every month. No matter what your Newsletter advertising budget may be, has a plan for you.


Online Newsletter Advertising, Free Newsletter Advertising & Sponsorship Opportunities

Low cost, high quality affordable newsletter advertising for small companies and home based business


Get more visitors to your site!

Advertising in email newsletters is a great way to get your website noticed. Newsletter advertising lets you connect with new potential customers and increases your site’s exposure to a whole new group of Internet users.

Be seen in one of the most popular Newsletters newsletters.

Our newsletters contain informative and useful content about cultural creative lifestyles, trends and news. With hundreds of new subscribers each week, our newsletters are sent to over 107,000 subscribers. This captive audience is sure to notice your ads!

Choose as many ads as you need. With volume discounts!

 You can book your ad to be displayed in just one or in up to 6 editions of our newsletter. repetition helps bring your message home! The more editions you order, the more you save!

No clutter.

Each newsletter limits the number of ads are displayed in prominent positions. This means your ad won’t drown in the clutter of innumerable other ads. We allow 2 Ads per issue, per month.

Get noticed by a great NEW target market

It is critical to get the right readers to see your message. The people who subscribe to our newsletter -- and will see your ad -- are Web-savvy professionals (worldwide) who are used to shopping online. If the product or service you are advertising strikes a chord with them, you can be sure to gain a highly qualified prospective customer!


We strive to promote people, companies, goods and services that will strengthen and enhance lives and the people & families that live them.


Email advertising brings direct marketing to the electronic realm. It offers companies a powerful interactive way to reach out to prospects and customers. Email advertising cost substantially less to produce and distribute than direct mail, and a campaign can be created much more quickly.

Recipients can click-thru to the website link or email address in your ad for immediate response. Our newsletter is only sent to subscribers who have opted-in to receive it. This creates an advertiser-friendly environment, and ensures that the information is considered valuable to the recipient. Use Email newsletter advertising for a "Call To Action" campaign to promote a special sale or event, announce a new product or service, or lead generation offers such as a sweepstakes or other incentive.

Responsible opt-in email advertising is where the future of email marketing is headed. Our Email Advertising system is simply the fastest, most cost-efficient way to reach the masses. Our email advertising is 100% spam-free, as we only use our targeted DOUBLE OPT-IN opt-in email lists

Advertisers we accept for Newsletter Advertising include:

* Marriage, Dating, Love, and Relationships
* Self Help, Self Improvement
* New Age, Psychic, Tarot, Astrology

Newsletter Advertising Sponsorship Provides:

Our 'Cultural Creative' Newsletter is distributed free of charge. Advertising in our Newsletter provides you with the following:

Text Advertisers receive a 230 character text ad with a hyperlink to your company's website or business and your e-mail address is included in the advertisement. Banner Advertisers receive banner space with a hyperlink to your company's website or business and your e-mail address is included in the advertisement.

For companies advertising in the newsletter, your advertisement will be posted on our archive website for a two year period. The home page with the newsletter and your advertisement will be independently submitted to over 600 search engines.

Our newsletter is only sent to a targeted list of individuals that have personally requested it. The newsletter is only sent to people who have a specific interest in Cultural Creative Products, Services and Information. We do not "buy" lists or subscribers. Our lists are completely opt in subscribers only.


Order a Newsletter Advertising Package of $100 or more -  before July 1st  2017 and receive 1 month free

A $100 value, FREE!

Order 2 or more months of Newsletter Advertising, before July 1st  2017, and you will receive 2 months free

A $200 value, FREE!

Affordable Newsletter Advertising Rates - Cheap, Budget Online Newsletter Advertising Packages

Newsletter Ad Sizes & Special Introductory Prices..

All Newsletter Advertisements are displayed prominently in our Monthly newsletter. All newsletter advertising campaigns are billed in increments of 1, 3, 6 and 12 month packages which include considerable deep discounts for extended Newsletter advertising campaigns.

Translation: You will spend much less money purchasing a longer newsletter advertising package.

Note: You may cancel your subscription at any time.

Affordable Newsletter Advertising Rates & Choices


 | Basic & Premium Newsletter Advertising | Text Link, Description, 460x60 banner - Monthly Newsletter


Basic Newsletter Advertising status in our Newsletter provides the ability to add and edit a description of your website or banner to our Newsletter. This guarantees a top position of only two Ads (depending on availability)

What is the process involved in becoming a Directory Sponsor?

The process for becoming a Newsletter Sponsor is very simple. You can click on the proper links below to place your order or send us an email requesting assistance. Use our smart advertising and targeted traffic to help your site grow!

There are several pricing options available to become a Sponsor of the Newsletter. The standard sponsorship rate is $100.00 per Issue per month. Additionally, there are discounts available for advertising in multiple issues. The costs for BASIC newsletter advertising are as follows:


$99.95 | Basic Newsletter Advertising | - ONE MONTH - 1 ISSUE

$99.95 | Basic Newsletter Advertising - ONE MONTH


$149.95 | Premium Directory Advertising | - 2 Months    (only $75 per Issue)

$149.95 | Premium Directory Advertising - 2 Months ( save $25 per Issue)


$189.95 | Premium Directory Advertising - 3 Months    (only $63 per Issue)

$189.95 | Premium Directory Advertising - 3 Months


$225.00 - | Premium Directory Advertising | - 4 Months    (only $56 per Issue)

$225.00 - | Premium Directory Advertising - 4 Months


$269.00 | Premium Newsletter Advertising | - 6 Months (only $45 per Issue)

$269.00 |Premium Newsletter Advertising - 6 Issues


$360.00 | Premium Newsletter Advertising | 1 YEAR    (only $30 per Issue)

360.00 |Premium Newsletter Advertising | 1 YEAR (only $30 per Issue)


Accepted Image Formats — .jpg, .gif, .png, flash

All of's pages, including EACH  Email Newsletter Archive Online are ethically and meticulously optimized, actively promoted, and independently and professionally submitted to over 600 search engines every 3 months. As a result, we are #1 on the major engines in the USA, UK, Australia, China and Japan, (to name a few) in our respective niche and targeted audience.


Have you seen the cost of newsletter ezine advertising? We offer Premium newsletter ezine advertising opportunities for those advertising on a budget. We provide low cost high quality online newsletter advertising services

We know that traffic is hard to come by. This is exactly why you are here. You have built your website and waited for people to see your site, but not enough people have visited your site. Even the most experienced marketers can find online advertising confusing. Its targeting options, creative units, measurement and technology are different from any other media, and constantly changing.

About Your Ads

* Your Newsletter ad purchase will be set up for billing according to your original package purchase.
* Ads can be canceled at any time by canceling your subscription via PayPal within three business days before your next billing date.
* Your Newsletter ad will NOT rotate with any other advertisers.
* Your ad must be approved before it will be posted. If your ad is not approved you will be notified by email and your original ad purchase will be cancelled or credited back to you.
* You can expect to see your ad posted in the Next Newsletter after purchase.
* You are welcome to purchase multiple ads if you have multiple products, etc. to promote.

Here are some of the benefits of Newsletter Advertising:

- Select from several different Newsletter advertising plans.
- Newsletter Ads are highly targeted and are displayed on the MAIN PAGE page of the Newsletter.
- Newsletter Ads are prominently displayed for high visibility.
- Change your Newsletter ads up to 3 times (great for ad testing).  
- Great for online ad budgets of any size.
- Responsible opt-in Newsletter advertising is where the future of online marketing is headed. Our Newsletter Advertising system is simply the fastest, most cost-efficient way to reach the masses. Our online Newsletter advertising is 100% spam-free, as we only use our targeted DOUBLE OPT-IN lists.

Sponsorship packages can be adapted to help meet a sponsor's objectives

Our listing options are geared to give you the best click through rates possible. Our Newsletter receives thousands of opens per month. We have premium and banner advertising options that await. Get on board with targeted traffic from the site dedicated to your success.

Contact Us About Our Affordable Newsletter Advertising Opportunities

If you don't find what you're looking for here, email us today to see what we can do for you! Our Newsletter advertising account managers can provide an array of affordable online advertising opportunities.

Our goal is always superlative customer service. To take advantage of our powerful opportunities to reach new and pre-qualified clientele, contact our General Advertising Manager.

She will put you in touch with an account manager who will help you within 24 hours of your request.

We will not accept advertisers who promote illegal activity. Examples would include child pornography, pornography, libel, or material that infringes on any intellectual property right.