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Psychic Healing

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Psychic Healing or Spiritual Healing is the channeling of energies by the healer to re-energize the patient to deal with illness or injury. Healing often helps with the speed and extent of recovery from serious illness and major surgery and from the effects of treatments such as chemotherapy and radiation therapy.

It complements conventional medicine.Separate from the crowd of people looking for "magic wand" healing and experience true psychic healing release!

Our Psychic Healers are some of the best Spiritual Healers in the world.

Over the centuries, miraculous recoveries from illnesses have been associated with the work of God, saints, healers, shamans, witch doctors, and power spots. Depending on the circumstances, we describe these different forms of recovery with terms like psychic healing, spiritual healing, faith healing, laying-on-of-hands, etc. What's common to all these phenomena is that a person has recovered from illness or injury without the use of any known curative agents - whether physical or psychological.

Lilly Calandrello is a non-denominational spiritualist who embraces all spiritual paths. She is a compassionate and nonjudgmental psychic healer and facilitator. Her model of health is present time conscious free will AND choice in responsibly creating and experiencing our reality. This is facilitated through clairvoyant psychic awareness of existing belief systems which control one's present manifestation, and facilitation of their release so that we may instead be guided by Spiritual Intent.;

Lilly is clear, extraordinary, accurate, and to the point. You get the feeling that the connection is instant and right to the heart of the matter. If you're serious about powerfully healing many of life's issues, she may have the perfect solution for you!

Over the past several years, the idea of spiritual and psychic healing has become very popular. There are three very important laws about healing you should know.

Law One: Only a licensed Medical Doctor can legally practice medicine.

Law Two: Only a licensed Medical Doctor can legally diagnose a medical problem. Although in some states people in other medical professions may diagnose to the limit of their particular profession (acupuncturists may be able to diagnose from a point of view of traditional oriental medicine), if somebody with no legal authority says, for example, that you have a "kidney problem," that person is practicing medicine without a license. That is against the law.

Law Three: The only person who can truly heal you is you. This is a law of nature, not of men. Your wonderful, divinely given body is totally capable of healing itself. In certain situations the body needs help in this process. If your arm is broken, a doctor can set the break. Perhaps surgery will be necessary. In the future, new medical breakthroughs may help with broken bones. But you are not "healed" until the fracture has mended, and only your miraculous body is capable of doing that.

In the same way, a psychic healer can help your body in its own healing processes. Not only that, but many methods of alternative, non-traditional medicine can detect imbalances in the body’s natural flow which have not yet manifested as a physical problem. Balance can be restored before disease manifests.

Because there are so many forms of alternative healing it will be impossible to comment upon them all. However, in seeking out a psychic healer, here are some ideas to keep in mind:

- Avoid anyone who promises that you will be healed. M.D.s are not always successful. Neither are psychic healers.

- Avoid anyone who has the same one treatment for any and all problems. There is no universal remedy for all problems. An arm cast won’t help with the flu, nor will penicillin mend a broken arm.

- Avoid anyone who is the only person who has a special technique for healing which no one else knows and which he will not share with other people. This is usually a sign of fraud.

- Avoid anyone who insists that you buy a healing device which only he or she makes and sells. This is a sure sign of fraud.

- Avoid anyone who seems to be charging you outrageous sums of money.

- If you are not getting positive results with one healer, seek out another.

- Find a healer who is anxious to lose you as a patient. This means finding someone who doesn’t want you coming back to his or her office every week from now on. They should seek to cure you (of course this does not apply when you have a chronic disease which is currently incurable and you are going to a regular M.D. for treatment).

- Seek a healer who places a major focus on education. Your healer should teach you how you can avoid your problem in the future as well as giving remedies for the problem as it now exists.

A prime rule of metaphysics is that we have free will and must use it or lose it. We are responsible for everything we do. We are responsible for ourselves. We are responsible for our own health.

There are two basic forms of non-traditional healing: the ones that affect you from the outside, and those that affect you from the inside. As of this writing, there are very few internal therapies. Herbal Remedies, Homeopathy and Bach Flower Remedies seem to head the list.

There are many more therapies which affect you from the outside. Here there are two categories, the soft and the hard. The soft therapies either do not touch you directly or touch you only lightly. This can include such things as the Laying on of Hands, Crystal Healing, Jin Shin Jitsu, Chakra Balancing and aura manipulation. Harder forms include Shiatzu, Acupuncture, Reflexology, Deep Tissue Therapy and Rolfing. Some people would include Chiropractic in this area, but it is very rapidly losing its reputation as being non-traditional. In some instances, there may be slight amounts of pain associated with some of the hard techniques.

There are also methods of non-traditional psychological therapies which can aid mental and physical problems. This includes Reichian and Neo-Reichian therapies, Primal Scream therapy, Rebirthing, Past Life Regression therapy, and forms of guided meditation. There are also mixtures of all of the above forms of non-traditional healing. Any or none of these techniques may provide an answer to a health problem you have been having.

That there is psychic healing going on everyday is undeniable. Even the most staunch supporters of only using standard western medical techniques recognize the fact that spontaneous remission of disease does occur. The history of sudden and miraculous healing could fill thousands of thick volumes.

But there is one so-called healing system which everyone should beware of. It is most popular in the Philippines, Mexico and South America. It is called "psychic surgery."

There are, in fact, two types of psychic surgery. One is simply another name for psychic healing and involves none of the fake hocus-pocus of the other. The fake "psychic surgery’’ begins when the so-called "surgeon" draws a line on the body of the client where a problem such as a cancerous tumor has been diagnosed. Immediately blood flows, and the "surgeon" pulls out from amid the blood some material which is described as the tumor. The area of the body is wiped clean and there is no trace of an incision. There has been no pain.

This type of psychic surgery is accomplished by sleight-of-hand and what conjurers call "misdirection," directing people’s attention away from where the "dirty work" is going on. This type of psychic surgery is a total, ruthless, con-game played on those who hope for a cure which cannot be promised by anyone. In the few cases where there have been cures as a result of this "therapy," it is only because there has either been a misdiagnosis or the client has spontaneously healed himself or herself. Or worse, successful cases of such "healings" may be attempts at collusion for the pulse of fraud.

If you have received either some relief or total remission of a problem as a result of a psychic healing, it is imperative that you return to a qualified M.D. so that you can be re-diagnosed as being better or cured. Many diseases have phases where you feel better, but have really not improved.

Psychic Healing
by: Donald Michael Kraig

Psychic Healing with Reiki, Energy Balancing, Aura therapy

As a result of living with Lupus, I have have spent many years developing a psychic healing energy system and psychic healing techniques. I use a combination of many different techniques and modalities for healing on all levels. Remember, dis-ease begins in the emotions. If you heal the emotion, then healing will occur on a cellular level.

I can undertake a psychic intervention session as long as the intentions and the final outcome are for the greater good of all involved and for greater balance, health, prosperity and peace. Distant healing is a non-local phenomenon and works worldwide. Once you are "on my schedule", you will be sent healing energy regularly until your symptoms and their causes disappear. Normally, it takes 5 to 6 weeks. It may be helpful for you to start a Healing Journal where you can express yourself freely. This process might guide you to the underlying causes of your life or body problem.

I have been a source of healing and teaching for both clients and non-physical healers, channeling divine healing energies to heal dis-ease. Among other modalities, I provide Reiki and emotional healing technique work. I also channel psychic healing and chronological emotional healing energy, clearing specific time frames of a person's or animal's life, or past lifetimes, of the stressful effects which continue to impact them.

I determine intuitively which of over 200 flower or Universal essences would be helpful to the individual's healing process, helping people and animals clear themselves of emotional, mental and spiritual issues, positively affecting one's physical well-being, as well.

What one resists, persists.

Thought is also Energy. Our thoughts are creative, or destructive. I am a healer and a teacher. I teach people how to use their thoughts and their words in ways that are helpful to themselves and to others. I am a channel for the healing energies of a wonderful group of unconditionally loving spirit healers. The healing is always done with help from the one Infinite Creator, and both my Guides and Angels and the other's Guides and Angels conducting the healing process. I am purely the channel. I am called to do this work, and feel blessed to be able to offer it to you and your animal friends.

Often, when working with someone's pain that is intractable, there is a part of themselves that they have been disowning and need to embrace in order to heal. Using animal medicine and Emotional Energy Healing Techniques, I teach people how to integrate their shadow, and have total self-acceptance, a prerequisite for true healing.

I add to the work I do, fairly regularly. I am drawn to other modalities if they are supposed to be working through me. I was a social worker for 10 years, and my work often involves holistic counseling along with the energy work.

When someone wants to change a part of themselves, pushing that part away, disowning it, I have them own and embrace that part of themselves, instead. The effect is that the part no longer clings tenaciously to them, and unconsciously undermines them.

When we are doing the work in person, on the phone, or online, I get immediate feedback from the person I am working with. The healing process may be immediate, or it may take a period of time to integrate. I intuit if there will be an integration period, and share that with my clients. Often, there is no detoxification period; sometimes, there is. If so, there will be a very short time when the condition worsens, and then... releases. One's most immediate response when we are done with a session is profound relaxation. Wherever you have held your tension, you will notice an amazing difference.

How can I benefit from Psychic Healing?

Each client I talk to, has unique needs. So each session is different, but totally geared to the client's problems or challenges right now. But to give you some idea of the sorts of issues I help my clients with, read on....

Let's say you are facing some major challenges in your business or personal life. My "committee" of spirit guides can help you to make the right decisions.

Perhaps you are suffering from Depression caused by an unhappy childhood? Then I can heal your "inner child" on the spiritual plane. It feels like replacing a miserable childhood with the happy childhood of your choice!

Maybe you feel there is something missing from your life? I can flood your being with happy healing energy to help move you on.

Then, there are Relationship problems . In this case I communicate with the Higher Selves of both you and the other person. What we do, in effect, is to negotiate a new deal between both parties. This clears unconscious blocks which may exist....enabling Love to flow through.

Do you by any chance live in a haunted house? I can immediately contact the earth bound spirit, which is what a "ghost" really is. I then gently guide the unhappy spirit away from your home....and towards the Light. So your house can then return to normal.

Exploring past lives can explain riddles of current behavior in a way which nothing else can. I am permitted to disconnect you from negative past influences....thus freeing you to live this life to the full.

Perhaps a friend or relative is in need of healing, but refuses help. What I can do is gently contact the Higher Self of the other person,....and ask for permission to send healing in a "covert" way.

Maybe you would just like to have a general "reading" , in order to satisfy your own interest or curiosity. That's fine also. You can receive some really useful spiritual insights this way!

Then of course, there is straight forward physical healing . In this case I send psychic healing energy to the relevant parts of the body. I this context I receive special help from a Master Healer from the "other side". He chooses to channel his healing powers through me to you when appropriate. And all of this over the telephone!

For most of my clients, this phone call is also an enjoyable and empowering experience. See what they have to say! Naturally, your own challenges or problems are unique to you. You might like to check whether or not I can help? Just send me a "no obligations"e-mail to ask me

And to stay in touch with the ongoing work I do, let me invite you to sign up for my free monthly email newsletter.

I am a Licensed Reiki Practitioner, certified ordained minister and Psychic & Spiritual Healer and we invite those interested in the area of psychic healing and who would like to request a distant healing session or on-site healing session for themselves to call or email with your thoughts and needs.


Reiki (pronounced ray-kee) is a simple, safe, effective healing system that uses Universal Life Energy to help dissolve problems and return the body, mind, emotions and spirit to their natural perfect state. Literally translated, Reiki means Universal Life Energy. The Reiki Healer channels Universal Life Energy through the hands into the receiver's body and aura. Unlike massage, there is no body manipulation - the energy is transferred simply by placing the hands lightly on the body in a sequence of positions lasting around 3-5 minutes each.

Reiki sessions can be as short as 5 minutes or as long as an hour or more, and can be given with the receiver in a seated position or lying down. Reiki can also given through Distance Healing when the receiver is not physically present, as we are all connected by Universal Life Energy at the spiritual level.

You do not have to be ill to benefit from receiving Reiki energy, as it also provides limitless benefits of physical, mental and emotional balance as well as spiritual growth for both the healer and the receiver. During the Reiki healing session it is common for either the healer and/or the receiver to experience heat, tingling, deep peace, or feelings ranging from very subtle to very obvious.

Reiki is an ancient art that has been practiced by many cultures, and is not affiliated with any particular religion.

Our purpose it to:

Help people heal themselves holistically.

Use our own continuing spiritual growth to help others on their spiritual path to self-knowledge.

Do so ethically and confidentially, mindful of the highest good.

Separate from the crowd of people looking for "magic wand" healing and experience true psychic healing release! Together we can clear those issues of past-life discordant energy which may be holding you back. Freeing your soul, which frees your mind, which controls your body! My goal is to enlighten, and empower others through awareness, understanding and education. In partnership with Divine Guidance, I strive to be The Pathway that spans the gap between Belief and Knowing. My mission is to be a celebration of healing for body, mind and spirit. My purpose is putting you in touch with yours.

If you would like spiritual guidance along your personal healing path, call me any time. I would be honored to be of assistance on your journey. On the occasions when Lilly is unavailable, has readers who are 24/7!

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