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How To Fix Relationship Problems

How To Fix Relationship Problems, Help Solve Relationship Problems, Marriage Problems, Problems in Relationships

Learn how to fix relationship problems quickly and easily.

Keeping an ongoing relationship alive requires additional work and different skills because there are so many pitfalls.

We have lots of barriers to true communication; we take each other for granted; we come to feel things are unfair; we have quarrels; we try to control and manipulate each other.

How To Solve Problems In Relationships ...

67% of relationships STINK! Do you know why? Most people want to have a great relationship but sadly, they have never even read one book or taken one course on the subject!

I will be as bold to say that it is virtually impossible to have a fantastic relationship if you never studied the subject. In fact, the more you read and educate yourself on relationships the better yours becomes.

If you want to be the best husband, wife, soul mate, boyfriend or girlfriend you can be, then please seriously consider investing in at least a small amount of study on the subject. learn more

Fix relationship problems quickly and easily

Below you will find online help coping with relationship problems and counseling for answers and solutions to relationship problems, marriage problems and trouble in relationships. We offer free advice for relationship trouble and problems in relationships such as love, sex, long distance relationships, marital and personal problems. Learn how solve or to save your relationship from past problems.

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Solve Relationship Problems, Fix Your Relationship & Save Your Relationship

Money, sex and arguments are at the root of most couples' discontent ... the most common relationship problems

Just when you think you have her/him all figured out, out of left-field comes a bolt of lightning that sends you reeling and questioning everything you ever thought you knew about the other sex. In partnership, each partner shines the light on the road when the road is dark as well as holds the mirror for the other to see the reflection of truth.

There are so many things a person can do to better relationships. Most are common sense: avoid threatening or putting others down by using titles or by being formal in speech or mannerisms, smile, dress like they do, let others help you and give you information, learn information you can share with them, work together on joint projects, do fun things together too, avoid competition and criticism, help them solve problems, reward their efforts and express your genuine appreciation, and give them your time.

Most of us were already "experts" at gaining attention and winning affection by the time we were three or four; we just need to use the skills we have (and control our negative feelings). Becoming aware of the source of the barriers in your case is critical, so they can be stopped. Replace the destructive communication with relaxed but active listening, clear expression of feelings, and genuine empathy.

Learn The Secret To A Good Relationship, How to have a good relationship with your love, What makes a good relationship? What is the truth about your love life and its future? Learn the difference between online browsing and online dating! How can you let go of your past and stop picking the wrong people? Why do women do, what they do?

Learn the top ways to motivate the opposite sex and get what you want from your relationship! Learn how to deal with the pain of a cheating partner. Learn to make smart dating decisions that will attract healthier relationships to you! Find out if your current relationship will last? Is he or she really "the one?" How can you stop being single once and for all? Do you want a commitment from a man and can't seem to get one?

Good Communication is the Cornerstone of Happy Relationships

Learn how to talk and listen successfully to avoid relationship problems

 We all know good communication is at the heart of every good relationship. Whether it's been a wonderful or a rotten day, whether there's been a crisis or a triumph, sharing it in words makes you and your partner feel more understood, more appreciated, more loved. The ability to communicate well is the most important relationship skill of all.

Here are five foolproof lessons to help you both talk and listen effectively and conquer bad communication habits for good.

Relationship Problems Lesson One: listen well

Though you probably listen to your partner a lot, do you listen effectively? Half-hearted attention, with one eye on the kids, is often worse than not listening at all because it comes across as if you're not interested. Instead:

Set aside ten or twenty minutes with each other every day to 'update'. If you have a busy life, it can seem like time wasted, but make sure concerns are aired and you understand each other. It really can avoid problems down the line.

When you are listening, aim to make your partner the centre of attention. Turn to him, look at him, and put other thoughts aside until he's finished speaking.

Use positive body language to acknowledge what he's saying with a nod or a smile. He'll feel appreciated and therefore more likely to listen to you.

To show you've listened, repeat back what you've heard or ask a focused question. This shows him you understand and sympathize.

Relationship Problems Lesson Two: know how to talk

Though you may talk to your partner a lot, do you talk effectively?

Women and men's talking styles are very different. They can glaze over if we bombard them with too much talk.

Don't ramble on, giving him a sort of 'stream of consciousness' of how you think and feel. Talk in bite-sized chunks so he can take his turn and digest what you're saying.

Keep 'checking in', noticing his body language to find out whether he's still involved in what you're saying. If he seems distracted, it may be he's just confused. So make your point again a different way.

If you're talking about something emotional or intimate that might stress him, cut out distractions, such as children or the family dog. Then move in close and touch. He'll relax and be more able to interact with you.

Don't be put off if he rushes in with a solution before you're ready. Women need to talk round a problem, and explore their feelings about it. Men feel better going straight for the action. His 'fix it' comment means he wants to help, wants to sort things out so you don't feel bad any more.

Relationship Problems Lesson Three: train him to communicate

It's not your imagination. Men do find it harder to communicate than women do. Little girls literally have more of their brain devoted to using words. Men aren't taught basic communication skills in the same way as women are. And they're more likely to feel uncomfortable with any communication that involves strong emotion.

Show him how to listen. Show him just how loved you feel when he keeps eye contact as you talk; when he responds to what you say; when he asks you questions. Tell him particularly when his good listening gets a result, when it helps you make the right decision or feel more positive about a situation.

Show him how to talk, particularly about sensitive issues. Look out for his signals of wanting to confide - a broody silence, more hugs than usual, seeming irritable. When you spot these signs, give him space to express himself and he'll slowly learn that opening up is a positive thing to do.

Relationship Problems Lesson Four: break your bad habits.

So often, even if you know the basics, you can get into bad communication habits with your partner. Put at least one of these tips into practice every day over the next month and you'll clean up your communication by at least 500 per cent!

If you consistently talk about yourself, he will feel pushed out. Break the habit by asking more questions.

If you use closed body language, he will feel rejected. Break the habit by deliberately uncrossing your arms and legs, and smiling more.

If you keep interrupting, he will feel unheard. Break the habit by learning his signals for 'it's your turn now' - such as slowing down, looking at you, gesturing you to speak. Then only speaking when he offers those.

If you keep answering for him when he's asked a question, he will quite rightly object. Break the habit by agreeing a signal or code word that he can use to 'nudge' you if you're starting to do this.

If you carry on communicating when you are irritated, you'll end up irritating him too. Break the habit - and avoid rows - by taking at least 20 minutes apart before carrying on the conversation.

Relationship Problems Lesson Five: finally ... get your timing right

Sometimes, communicating will actually make things worse. If there's a crisis, a rush, or you're both tired, cranky or drunk, you don't have time to talk and if you did, it would only up the ante. So do the sensible thing and wait. Agreeing that you will touch down that evening, or tomorrow is a much better deal, because then you can communicate calmly, lovingly and with all the time in the world.

Help Solve Relationship Problems:  How To Fix Your Relationship When Your Relationship Needs Fixing!

Any relationship can be challenging. It is within the challenge that you will find the most potential! Whatever the stresses and strains on your relationship, Lilly can offer a way forward. She counsels close to 5,000 couples and individuals a year. She is not here to make judgments about the rights or wrongs of relationship difficulties. Her role is to listen, to encourage you to talk openly about your concerns, and help you reach your own decisions about the best way forward.

In a session with Lilly you'll learn:

* A visualization technique to help you discover the spiritual agreements you have with your loved ones.

* How to update old agreements and clear out stuck places, so you can both have what you need now.

* How to learn what the people in your life have come to teach you. . . . and how to offer them space to grow, too.

* How to pay attention to your own intuition in your relationships

* Most importantly, you'll be learning a lot about your own relationships and new ways to nurture them.

Tending a relationship is a lot like tending your garden--it grows much better and is more vital when you put your attention on it! So take some time to put some attention back into your relationships.

Karmic Influences in Relationships

Relationship consultations cover past incarnations experienced together, the spiritual opportunities and challenges of those incarnations and the appropriate path to walk in your present life to clear karmic influences. Karmic relationships usually last from five to seven years. At the end of that cycle relationships often end but the love for one another is still present.

Breaking out of a relationship when two people are still in love can be traumatic. By understanding your past history together a deeper insight into the governing forces of your present relationship is acquired. This insight can give you the transformational tools needed to create a loving expression of support towards one another as you walk forward in this life together or individually.

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