Psychic Bella

Psychic Bella is a well known psychic specializing in love and relationships, life coaching and the law of attraction. She offers Psychic readings, Tarot readings and Angel Card Readings on all topics and specializes in love and relationships, life coaching, and understanding the law of attraction.

Psychic Bella

Psychic Bella has had her abilities since childhood. She is the only great grandchild of a family known for their psychic abilities and spent the early part of her childhood training to develop her gifts.

Bella has amassed thousands of loyal clients over the years from every walk of life including celebrities, and her clients often call her their best friend and secret weapon.

Well known across many platforms for her readings as well as her coaching groups, Bella focuses on helping her clients live their best life and find self love and empowerment.

With an educational and former work experience in social services and mental health, Bella is also a certified Life Coach, Law of Attraction Specialist, Dating and Relationship Coach, certified Angel reader and has been tested and proven accurate at the highest levels for her psychic abilities.

She also has many educational certificates in counseling, mental health, substance abuse and human services just to name a few, and graduated top of her class in her sociology and psychology degrees from a CSU.

Bella has spent her life devoted to helping others and learning about humanities and new techniques for healing and empowerment.


$699per minute

First time callers of Psychic Bella will receive a complimentary 3 minute free psychic reading. Get a free Psychic reading by phone or online psychic chat. Each new caller will receive 3 free minutes with Psychic Bella so you can find the best match and see if you connect!