Psychic Lana Heart

Psychic Lana Heart is a professional psychic clairvoyant, empath, healer, intuitive life coach, and  astrologer. Her life purpose is to help others grow, heal, and spiritually know themselves.

Psychic Lana Heart

Psychic Lana Heart is a 3rd generation psychic with over 13 years of experience. Because of her strong empath abilities, she is especially gifted at getting into someone’s mind and reading their psychology/thought processes. She can gauge the future and read potential outcomes, and advise you as to your best course of action.

The future is always changeable, and I read the energies as they currently present. I can read past, present and future circumstances. I am a channel, and the information that comes through will be what you need to hear. I provide honest, compassionate and nonjudgmental intuitive advice in all areas of life.

Love and relationships: I am a love expert. My gifts allow me to read the energies of your current, past or potential love possibilities, and help you to understand the thoughts and feelings of your love interest. I can advise you as to how to attract any specific lover. If a relationship with a certain individual is not possible, I will tell you and use my healing energy and channeled guidance to empower you to heal your heartache.

Business: I possess a keen business mind, and have helped many of my clients to access crucial information which has enabled them to achieve what they desire in terms of career and finance.

Family: I am very experienced in family matters, and can provide you with the information that you need in terms of your family life.

Spiritual/Lifepath: I am exceptional at delving into the deeper considerations of spiritual gifts, direction, and overall lifepath. I will guide you and empower you to unlock your own potential, and achieve your dreams.

Spiritual/life healing: I can channel information to help you expel negative residual energies from your consciousness, and totally embody those energies which you wish to possess in any area of your life.

Astrology: I am a gifted and specific astrologer. If you are interested in my astrology services, please send me a message to inquire as to my availability for this particular service. Please include your first name and your birth data.

Note to clients: I am an honest psychic. If you are looking for someone to tell you the truth in a compassionate way, I am your psychic. If you are currently in search of an advisor who tailors their predictions according to your wishes, that is not me. I may not be able to give you hope concerning a specific outcome, but I will always be able to give you hope in terms of your overall life.

I cannot provide advice that would replace that of a medical doctor, financial advisor or legal expert.

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