Searching for truth is more than a matter of faith. It requires a unique blend of genuine tolerance with cogent reasoning and intellectual honesty. Mankind is fearful because he has kept his search for the truth external and has repeatedly connected with and drawn in energies external to himself and has, therefore, been constantly fed by the ego/intellect fear based energy, which surrounds us.

The only truth that I accept is the still voice within…

Psychic awareness and the search for truth

Our collective fears have resulted in an external search for power and the supernatural means by which we can predetermine the outcome of our intended conquests. From this very fear of Man himself, dependence upon seers, astrologists, soothsayers, priests, augurs and so forth gradually increase.

Everywhere I turned looking for answers, I was presented with conflicting Philosophies – until I learned that the only TRUTH could be found in The Book of the Human Body – written by the body itself. life is a cyclic movement of continual regeneration.

Search for truth - Truthful psychic readingWhat is truth?

Truth can be defined, at least partly. I say “partly,” because truth for us is

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not limited to a concept. It is fully realized in something more than an idea, in relationship. It is only in relationship that we come to truth, and that relationship is with the ineffable God, and that which is created by Him.

How is it that so many deny the reality of what is outside of us? You hear it all the time in the popular culture. This is the meaning of phrases like “truth is what is true to me.” Indeed, what can such phrases mean except that I am the determiner of my fate, the maker of my own law?

A truthful psychic reading will present some possibilities for why you experience life as you do at the moment so that, equipped with that understanding, you gain free will to have the power of choice over your experiences … and your destiny.

Maybe my unique approach may allow that, no matter what you feel in this moment, you may be able to develop a deeper understanding of who you are and why your life has been the way you have experienced it so far.

Perhaps too, if you have been told you are “mad” or diagnosed with some “depression” or “psychosis”, you may find some alternative understanding of why you feel the way you do. Then, from something you recognize which you can use as a starting point you won’t have to be “overwhelmed” by taking a leap in faith into the unknowable.

Science and faith in the search for truth

Noetic Science, Mysticism, Philosophy and Theology are a search for *truth*

Science is a search for knowledge

Science should be based upon respect for it’s research and for the objects of it’s research, and for love of the truth. We are entrusted with the care of people, of animals, and of our environment, and we must treat this responsibility with the utmost respect.

The recent advances in science raise new opportunities, new insights for research in medicine, agriculture, biology, ecology, human development, and all the life sciences. But some things remain the same. New tools do not change the act of research; new ways of knowing do not simplify the search for truth.

Some people might wonder what motivates a Noetic Scientist to get up and talk about religion and world issues. To be a scientist does not mean you have to be a one-dimensional person out of touch with life beyond the lab. Physics used to be called natural philosophy. It is a branch of philosophy in that it is part of the quest for truth. The same thing that motivates me to ponder the true nature of the physical world leads me to explore other realms as well.

Truth is not static. Our knowledge is partial and uncertain. Truth does not come handed to us on a platter. Some people imagine they have an infallible book with the ultimate truth written in it. Even if this were so, the problem is, as soon as you read the book you pass that ultimate truth through the filter of a fallible mind. A fallible mind can’t even recognize the ultimate truth when it is presented on a silver platter. For Christians, this is part of the meaning and symbolism of the crucifixion of Christ. God became man and we killed him. Those who were most certain in their knowledge of “The Truth” were the ones who lead the cheering section. I am not making scapegoats here. We crucify God even today in a thousand ways. Salvation cannot consist in having correct ideas or no one would be saved.

We show up on this planet and look around and wonder who the heck we are and what the world is all about. Coming to the truth involves a search. More and more voices are raised that refuse to be content with the immanent limitation of sciences and ask about a complete truth in which human life is fulfilled.

There is no reason not to take up a position in favor of truth or to be afraid of it. The truth and everything that is true represents a great good to which we must turn with love and joy. Science too is a way to truth; for God’s gift of reason, which according to its nature is destined not for error, but for the truth of knowledge, is developed in it.  Knowledge of truth has its meaning in itself. It is an accomplishment of human and personal character, an outstanding human good.

There is no reason to consider technology or scientific culture as opposed to the world of God’s creation. It is clear beyond all doubt that technical knowledge can be used for good as well as for evil. Anyone who studies the effects of poisons can use this knowledge to cure as well as to kill. But there can be no doubt in what direction we must look to distinguish good from evil. Technical science, aimed at the transformation of the world, is justified on the basis of the service it renders man and humanity.

It is not only faith that offers the perception of man’s personal dignity and of its decisive importance. Natural reason, too, can have access to it, since it is able to distinguish truth from falsehood, good from evil, and recognizes freedom as the fundamental condition of human existence.

Is there hope for truth in a world where people are more concerned with orthodoxy than the search for truth, where laziness, greed and maintenance of power masquerade as conservatism, where radicalism is considered dangerous and subversive, where people in power lie boldly and the people of the world’s largest democracy abdicate their power by remaining willfully ignorant?

Truth involves not only a search but also a struggle. The concept of human rights does not mean anything else, and not even those who, in actual fact, oppose it with their actions, can escape it. There is hope. I urge you to help bring our hope to fulfillment by not being seduced by laziness or lies, but by engaging in the struggle for truth.

The sciences of man and the technological enterprises based on them are bound to take man far away from truth and drown him in sorrow if these are to constitute merely a means to outer comfort and aggrandizement.

It also follows that hatred of every kind, prejudice and war are the noises made by the passing clouds of untruth which try to darken the sun of consciousness that is divinity. For the same reason the modern mechanistic psychology of education is faulty, because it is soulless. The mind carries the dead weight of earthly learning and knowledge of objects while its life is slowly being sapped from within by its dissociation from truth.

The way to the discovery of ultimate Truth rises gradually from unselfish understanding to mutual cooperation, from cooperation to harmony of existence, and from harmony to the indivisible Absolute

The true you

Why when it comes to your own evolvement, do you halt and feel fear rising from within yourself? Is it not that there is a natural progression from one form to another in all things? Why do you exclude yourself? Why do you hold so tightly to who, where and what you are?

In so doing you prevent the natural flow of universal harmony which is the essence of All. If the land itself on which you walk is open to change and allows itself to flow, why do you set yourself up as being separate and different? You are not.

The true you is All. You contain the essence of All. Universal harmony is you, but you are not willing to recognize it. You place boundaries of time and space around everything you do and everything that you think you are.

Try allowing yourself to flow with the essence of you. Stop fighting to be separate. In your terms, “it is a waste of energy”. You are where you are because you think you are there, because you think that you are limited to your physical body. In fact, your thoughts create the limitations that hold you bound and tied.

Allow that there is more, allow that there is a universal harmony and feel within your own being the strength of the Universe as it is in you and as you are in it.

TRUTH and conditioned truth

You, in your mind, create so many, in fact all of the problems that you find yourself dealing with. You are the centre of your problems because you are the centre of your world and all else is exterior. In truth this is your conditioning, the human conditioning that you are trying so hard to rid yourself of. The fact that you see that there is something to be rid of is another conditioning that you have taken on for yourself.

As a child you conditioned yourself. You were told that the cup was hot but you would not accept that it was so and you got burnt when you touched it. Your parents reinforced this by saying that “Oh well we all have to learn these things for ourselves”. As a child you were told that the steps were to high for you to jump from, but being the human you were you had to test this and fell. The conditioning is two part; it is a body conditioning that accepts that the body could not cope with the height and a conditioning that says I have to test this for myself, because I am different and separate from everyone else.

So it goes on through all of your life that you test and cannot accept these conditionings of body and separateness are beneath all of your processes. They can be circumvented by making real in your mind the truth of you. To do this you must apply the mind as the translator of the heart and accept the truth that is revealed to you. Test yourself again and see if you can accept you.

  • There is no such thing as accepting in faith
  • Faith is merely the absence of conditioning


Doubt should be held as the highest intellectual value, otherwise the search for truth fails. Firstly, doubt is required as part of the search for truth. By doubt, I mean the ability to doubt any and all facts, to spot assumptions and to doubt any believed fact even though evidence may be in favor of it.

When the truth is dangerous, is it more worthwhile to hide the truth? If ignorance is bliss, and those of Orwell’s 1984 are truly happy, how is it that we think truth should be revealed even when they make people unhappy? Truth isn’t inherent in happiness and vice versa: Who is better, they who promote truth over happiness, or happiness over truth? In society, in general, I would say that philosophers, mystics, materialists and freethinkers have pursued truth despite the danger to happiness, and the masses nearly always (sometimes ignorantly) pursued happiness whether or not they are also pursuing truth. The adoption of doubt as a central tenet causes the above questions to become mute, as will be shown.

There is something lacking in those who the truth is dangerous, or a threat. In order for truth to be revealed, the ground must be paved for people to learn to doubt their own truth … with doubt, I conclude, comes an ability to be happy despite the times when the search for truth becomes threatening.


Whatever we experience inwardly we project outwardly through the process of thought and it is manifested. There are only two emotions, fear and love. Anger, jealousy, embarrassment, hate, revenge etc., are all emotions of fear. Is it any wonder that in the world we live in the thoughts of 5 billion plus people on this planet are generally based on fear? Can we appreciate and understand how our mind and our emotional fears can alter this inner truth and purity, and reflect a distorted version of this purity into the outside world?

Could these unbalanced energies and thought forms have formulated the world as we currently know it and continue to do so with the conditioning and controlling influences of Man’s ego/intellect, which is still so prevalent and prominent in the world today? This man-made world is full of chaotic energies, fears, thought-forms, false gods, false angels and so much more – otherwise this world would be a better place in which to live and I’m sure we would notice.

We are like goldfish swimming in a goldfish bowl; swimming around in ever continuing circles and at every turn believing we are seeing something new, something different, which attracts our fancy each and every time.

We spend 99% of our time concentrating on the 1% of who and what we are. Is this not wholly disproportionate to the true reality of what is? Why do we continue to do this? Why do we continue to ignore the 99.999% of who and what we are?

We all have this wonderful space inside us; a space consisting of light and truth and a great expansive realm of possibilities to explore and enjoy. We have, for so long now been deceived by the the ego consciousness that we have forgotten what vibration the truth resonates at and how we can resonate with it.

This is why, when we begin this wonderful inner journey, this exploration of our own space through meditation, we tend to become disillusioned too easily. What do we generally experience first? We experience the great darkness and the ceaseless chatter of everyday life and nothing seems to happen.

This mind/ego/intellect combination has been so readied and primed by the conditioning and programming it has been subjected to over the years, that it will try at all costs to stop us from discovering our true reality.

So much so that in our meditations nothing spectacular seems to happen at all and we become annoyed with the incessant chatter and become even more disillusioned and enter our spiritual search mode, once again recommencing that same old journey of looking externally for the answers. Yet those who have persevered with this marvelous journey have been justly rewarded.

Eventually the chatter slows down and then disappears, the darkness lifts and is replaced with improving light and color and the voice of the inner self; the intuitive voice which we rarely hear becomes stronger and begins to sing the song of truth and light. We can then truly begin to explore this wonderful reality that exists in each and every one of us.

Truth, religion, miracles and science

Invoking miracles to explain how we get from “this to that,” adds nothing to human knowledge. Science is an attempt to build on the knowledge we have, to hypothesize and discover connections between things we know. Miracles have no connection except in the supernatural mind of God. They have no explanatory value, they cannot be compared one to another, since each miracle is unique and uniquely inexplicable.

If anyone wishes to believe that God kept dipping his finger in the brew over the five-million-year-time span lying between man and chimp and their common ancestor, that is their prerogative to believe that’s what God did. Neither is it up to science to prove a universal negative regarding any and all miracles.

All religions contradict each other in fundamental aspects that carry tremendous consequence; they cannot all be true. It is easy to create one’s own mix’n’match religion, picking and choosing various rituals and values from whatever sources one finds personally fulfilling. But choosing one’s religion based on feelings alone is ultimately a choice to disregard the truth. If there is a possibility that truth is out there, ignoring it comes at a great cost — self-delusion.

Searching for truth necessarily involves rejecting falsehood. At some point, conclusions must be drawn. The search for truth demands openness and genuine tolerance, without compromising intellectual honesty. The closed mind remains impervious to the truth. An independent, discerning mind is an indispensable guide through the raging currents of the day.