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Stiftsbibliothek, Admont Monastery Library, Austria

Stiftsbibliothek, Admont Monastery Library, Austria

High in the Austrian Alps in western Steiermark, this Benedictine abbey was founded by Archbishop Gebhard of Salzburg in 1074. Through the twelfth and thirteenth centuries its monastic school was regarded as a universitas litterarum, and the excellence of its scriptorium is attested to by the fact that its collection of eleventh to fourteenth century manuscripts is the best of its kind in Austria.


Holdings: The Checklist of Manuscripts (vol. I, part 2) lists the 779 manuscripts that were microfilmed for HMML. For more information, please consult the online catalog.


Jacob Wichner, O.S.B., Catalogus codicum manu scriptorum Admontensis (1889), is available for use at HMML.
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