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How do you define Spirituality?

Are you engaged in positive spiritual living?

Here you will learn the Spiritual principles, purposes & practices that create positive living. Join us today to engage, strengthen and lift your spirit. If you are a heart-centered, spiritually-thoughtful person seeking to expand your consciousness, explore your thinking, and enrich your life, you are home!

Our website is a quintessential resource for your spiritual awakening and evolution. We offer a place for you to interact with a community of spiritual growth seekers and to benefit from the cosmic consciousness, spiritual guidance, insights, advice and inspiration found within.

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Whispy’s resident psychic expert Lilly talks about signs of Spiritual awakening

Spirituality is Being of the Spirit. The Spirit is one part of the triad forming reality. The others are mentality (being of the mind) and sensuality being of the senses (body). Together these three create spiritual reality – spirituality.

Personal spiritual counseling enables spiritual seekers to look at and learn about their own spirituality and the brilliant joy of their own spiritual existence.

The consciousness of the cosmos is knowing the life and order of the universe and it allows you to experience yourself as pure energy and consciousness. It is considered a higher, yet at present an exceptional peak in human evolution which the race is expected to reach in a distant future. There is only good.

Spiritual awakenings are your soul’s cry for the freedom it is used to in past lives. Listen to it’s call and your life will be transformed into something beautiful, meaningful and significant. Ignore it’s call and your life will be repetitive, cumbersome, and dormant.

Fear can paralyze even the best of us. It can cripple your train of thought and make you act differently. Overcoming fear is a process for us all, step by step. Facing your fears is a good start on the road to fear recovery.

A new science is arising, a science of the human mind much broader than psychology has been to date. We have called it “Noetic” science, after the Greek word for intuitive knowing.

Happiness, fulfillment and enlightenment are not only individual experiences but relationship qualities, and are the basis of Spiritual development.

Spiritual growth is the growing awareness of a higher level of consciousness. A higher level of consciousness brings an expanded view of reality. The more your view of reality expands, the more you are able to integrate conflicting issues within yourself.

Every goal, every action, every thought, every feeling one experiences, whether it be consciously or unconsciously known, is an attempt to increase one’s level of peace of mind.

Is change “in the air” for you? Dealing with change affects us all in different ways. The ways we deal with changes are as different as the individual him/herself. Sometimes change is dramatic and drastic. For others it could be as easy and welcoming as fresh new day.

To achieve harmony a delicate balance must be maintained. For with harmony we find contentment in unity with the universe. Here we will examine our spirituality.

What is Immortality? The information below will help you in understanding the concepts of physical immortality, rebirth, reincarnation, the afterlife, and the human quest for immortality.

Authentic, ethical spiritual guidance really does keep pointing the way upward and forward, and really does let the student grow without confining him in a cage.

A Spirituality in the workplace offers everyone (Christian, non-Christian, atheist) a way to integrate the many facets of often times very fragmented lives through work. It is not about thumping the Bible, but trying to reach the underlying concepts that promote integration.

Spiritual awakenings are your Soul’s cry for freedom. Learn the signs now if you might be experiencing a spiritual awakening…

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Spiritual growth is the growing awareness of a higher level of consciousness. A higher level of consciousness brings an expanded view of reality…

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