Intuitive cooking without recipes?

Learn how to be a creative cook and prepare meals on the fly!

In 2023, I will share more of my intuitive cooking passion with my readers. I am excited to share that I’ll be publishing monthly intuitive cooking articles ranging from simple prep and intuitive recipes, to more detailed posts such as how to make homemade pasta!

I’m also beginning to play around with video, and have two intuitive cooking videos planned for Thanksgiving and Christmas as well as a couple of Facebook Live events scheduled on my calendar.

If you have any intuitive cooking demos or mindful eating tutorials you would like to see in an article or video, leave me suggestions. I’m looking forward to discovering our inner intuitive chefs together!

Never limit a creative cook to exacting recipes. Following a recipe can be cumbersome and frustrating. What ingredients can you substitute, if any, and in what quantities?  What if you don’t have the called-for utensils or kitchen appliances? What is Panko? And no, your grocery store doesn’t carry it!

You know those people who can look in the fridge or pantry, and just throw something together without a recipe? I like to call these people intuitive chefs. They understand what flavors taste good together and are familiar with basic intuitive cooking principles. That’s me!

I followed the recipe word for word, and it took hours, but the result was awful. So what if I just eyeball it? And there you have it.. I just eyeball it. I cook by the “seat of my pants”! THIS is Intuitive cooking. Go with your gut!