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Intuitive Cooking - Cooking without recipes - Improvisational Cooking

Intuitive cooking without recipes?

Learn how to be a creative cook and prepare meals on the fly!

Never limit a creative cook to exacting recipes. Following a recipe can be cumbersome and frustrating. What ingredients can you substitute, if any, and in what quantities?

What if you don’t have the called-for utensils or kitchen appliances? What is Panko? And no, your grocery store doesn’t carry it!

You followed the recipe word for word, and it took hours, but the result was awful. So what if you just eyeball it? And there you have it.. just eyeball it. Cook by the “seat of your pants”–THIS is Intuitive cooking. Go with your gut!

How to be a creative, intuitive cook

(even if you’re afraid of the kitchen!)

Here are some easy ways to begin to cook mindfully. Enjoy the unfolding of the process and your food will be filled with so much more than just nutrients! Meals will be filled with your love and inspiration.

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Learn how to cook without a cookbook and easy ways to to cook mindfully now!

Eat Well. Live Well.

Staying fit is not only about exercise, it’s about an entire lifestyle change.

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