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Your dreams are trying to speak to you. Find the best books about dreams here, and discover what they’re trying to tell you! From the most important decision that will change every minute of your future… to the smallest question about everyday life… your dream messages are waiting with the answers.

Here you will find dream books that offer startling and revealing views into the world of dreams and dreaming, illuminates a path to the beauty and truth that resides within everyone, and gives readers the knowledge to use their dreams to understand the world beyond dreams.

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Different dreams mean different things to different people. The average person will dream over 150,000 dreams in a lifetime. Most dream interpretations are based on folklore, spirituality or psychology.

Best books about dreams - Recommended dream books - Good books about dreams

Best Dream books for interpretation – Help understanding the meaning of your dreams

The Dream Books below will assist you in the real-life interpretation of modern meaning of dreams including books about; lucid dreaming, astral projection, dream interpretation, children’s dreams, symbolism, recurring dreams, nightmares & night terrors, and psychic dreams along with in-depth explanations of recurring dreams, how to remember dreams, recognize their meaning, and use them for inspiration and problem solving in daily life.

Creative Dreaming : Plan And Control Your Dreams To Develop Creativity Overcome Fears Solve Problems by Patricia Garfield, Ph.D. (paperback, 272 pages)

An excellently written, powerful but easy and exciting to read classic all about dreams, creativity, lucid dreaming, and much more. Garfield wonderfully brings to life the dream traditions of native peoples from around the world, comparing cross-cultural views and methods. She takes a powerful, fresh look at dream incubation principles for answering problems, resolving nightmares and receiving guidance and creative inspiration, and does a great job describing lucid dreams and how to have them (including Tibetan & Senoi views and techniques).

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Healing Dreams: Exploring the Dreams That Can Transform Your Life by Marc Ian Barasch (Hardcover, 356 pages)

The author of this non-fiction masterpiece has lived and written something truly incredible. Former editor of New Age Journal, Barasch has brought together and gathered crystal examples of a multitude of ways that dreams support us in and beyond everyday life. He accurately details and shows how they can bring about miracles if we listen to and follow their guidance. Not only is the book a superb and enlightening synthesis of many current views and theories on dreams, but it is excellently written and therefore a joy to read. It sparks plenty of insight simply by way of the language and multi-level metaphors used. Barasch candidly shares his own personal journey and healing. Side by side with the growth of cancer in his body, he details his incredible parallel inner journey of personal growth. The book rings with truth like the great bell of a community chapel announcing the wedding of inner and outer. It is a genuine call to us all to join the ceremony of transformation and ensuing celebration of the union of our dreaming and waking lives for personal, family, communal, and planetary healing. Highly recommended.

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Edgar Cayce on Dreams by Harmon H. Bro, Ph.D. (paperback, 223 pages)

Bro has done a magnificent work in harvesting the very best from the incredible wealth of dream-related information brought forth by the sleeping prophet Edgar Cayce. He offers examples of many subtle dream principles and doesn’t gloss over the challenges and cautions involved in truly trying to interact with and follow dreams. He also details many incredible successes, telling the amazing true life accounts of a number of people who visited Cayce for help with their dreams on relationships, health, stock market predictions, and ultimately about each person’s personal growth through dreams for enriching and balancing their waking lives.

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 The Natural Artistry of Dreams by Jill Mellick, Ph. D. (paperback, 299 pages)

Mellick has brought together a host of professional and personal experience in explaining a balanced, eclectic synthesis of many dream-related philosophies and techniques. She gives a great framework for the enigmas of dreams and provides fun, tested creative methods for finding out what your dreams are about. Definitely one of the better books on how to understand dreams and creatively invite them into your waking life.

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Embracing Our Selves / Embracing Each Other by Hal Stone & Sidra Winkleman, Ph.D.

The Stones’ work is absolutely brilliant. With a psychology, relationships and personal growth focus, their Voice Dialogues framework and process takes both Carl Jung’s universal character archetype theory and Fritz Perls’ gestalt techniques a quantum leap further. I have personally met and attended workshops with the Stones and cannot recommend their work highly enough for anyone who would understand the dynamics of personality and relationships and how they show up in dreams. They have also written a version specifically for couples called Embracing Each Other.

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Nonviolent Communication: A Language of Compassion by Marshall Rosenberg, Ph.D. (paperback, 211 pages)

The work of Marshall Rosenberg and CNVC (the Center for Nonviolent Communication) is truly one of the most needed and remarkable resources available for healing relationships and learning how to communicate in a far more healthy manner. The topic of the book may perhaps seem unrelated to dreams, however the important issues discussed as well as Rosenberg’s methods for working with emotions and difficult personal situations are exactly what dreams often focus on and so the two are far more closely related than they may at first seem. The book is an easy-to-read and yet powerful presentation of Rosenberg’s NVC process. Dr. Rosenberg travels the globe offering workshops, so I also highly recommend seeing him live or getting one of his video or audio tapes.

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Getting Help from your Dreams by Henry Reed, Ph.D. (paperback, 185 pages)

A little-known book covering dream incubation, interpretation and sharing methods. Reed, editor of Inward magazine and professor at Atlantic University, is without question one of the leading pioneers in popularizing and exploring dream incubation and also interactive/communal approaches for “dreaming for others”. He documents some very impressive accounts where dream group members incubate dreams for others with impressive success. An excellent resource for professionals and those with a general interest in dreams and healing/helping others through dreams and prayer.

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Dream Power by Ann Faraday, Ph.D. (paperback, 320 pages)

Truly a classic. In a simple, easy-to-read style for the general public, Faraday gives the basics on sleep and dreams, and provides a host of insights and exercises for understanding your own dreams.

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Lucid Dreaming: A Concise Guide to Awakening in Your Dreams and in Your Life by Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D. (paperback)

A visionary, scientifically-based and visionary lucid dreaming classic. Written after LaBerge received his Ph.D. from Stanford in psychophysiology, where he performed the now famous scientific proof for the existence of conscious dreaming. LaBerge comprehensively covers the history of lucid dreaming literature and details his personal exploration and scientific research into the world of lucidity. Not only exciting to read, but packed with methods for learning how to become lucid in your dreams, and the Tibetan-yoga-based view about seeing life as a dream.

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Out of Body Experiences: How to have them and what to expect by Robert Peterson (paperback, 278 pages)

This book is brilliant, truly comprehensive (in its genre), and most certainly far from flaky. Originally a skeptic himself, Peterson recounts his adventures into the realms of out of body experiences and lucid dreams, and details page after page of fascinating experiences along with the techniques he used to bring about his success. He also compares notes with other sources and discriminates between gold and garbage as far as techniques and beliefs are concerned. Not only is his style very genuine, but he has has most excellently chronicled and expressed his nearly 20 years of experiences, making the book both eye-opening and fun to read. Introduction by science of consciousness pioneer Charles Tart.

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Seth – Dreams & Projections of Consciousness by Jane Roberts (paperback, 321 pages)

A rare, out-of-print find, but well worth the search. Author/mystic Jane Roberts brings forth a wealth of information about the mechanics of dreaming and its relation with the psyche. She discusses recall and incubation methods, and provides many very unique insights and approaches not found anywhere else.

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The Lucid Dreamer by Malcolm Godwin (hard cover, 256 pages)

Surely one of the best and most interesting philosophical explorations of lucid dreaming and its relations to art and spiritual practices. Godwin covers views in various eastern cultures along with an intriguing look at modern physics and the perennial philosophy. The book is thoughtfully organized and absolutely beautifully illustrated with painting after painting from some of the greatest mystical artists of both the past and present.

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Exploring the World of Lucid Dreaming by Stephen LaBerge, Ph.D. (paperback, 335 pages)

LaBerge’s sequel to his excellent Lucid Dreaming. He offers experience after impressive experience of how people have learned to take advantage of lucidity to improve their waking lives, and shares further research and techniques for becoming conscious within dreams.

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The Nature of the Psyche by Jane Roberts (paperback, 256 pages)

An unquestionably rich, deep source describing the mechanics of thought, dreams, beliefs and subjective reality in general. Roberts brings forth very unique and fresh material all about consciousness, human experience and the inner dynamics of the psyche. Not the simplest book to read in a few sittings since it’s so densely packed with rich material, but a few concept-packed pages at a time are plenty.

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Conscious Mind, Sleeping Brain edited by J. Gackenbach & S. LaBerge (hard cover, 447 pages)

A collection of Western research and experiences about lucid dreaming as a science, a philosophical framework, learnable skill and unique human experience. Geared more as a text book, there are some fascinating accounts by British lucid explorer Alan Worsley who details his night after night of conscious explorations into the dream world.

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Tibetan Yogas of Dream and Sleep by Tenzin Wangyal Rinpoche (paperback)

Hot off the press. I had the pleasure of meeting Tenzin Rinpoche last summer and hearing a lecture of his about dream yoga. He is unquestionably a man of great knowledge and discipline and I strongly recommend his teachings and philosophy for those interested in a spiritual self-exploration through consciousness during sleep and dreams. The book’s style is very accessible to the Western reader, but gives a detailed, in-depth description of the Tibetan dream and sleep yoga philosophies and practices. His presentation of the yoga of sleep (as opposed to dream yoga) is particularly well done, as are the accompanying practices.

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Ten Thousand Whispers by Lynda Madden Dahl (paperback, 195 pages)

This book (and Lynda’s others) will absolutely astonish you. She very genuinely, openly and insightfully details many consciousness principles and numerous synchronicities from her personal experience and undaunted self-exploration and offers powerful frameworks for exploring, understanding, broadening and making practical the magical experiences within life.

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Tibetan Yoga and Secret Doctrines by W.Y. Evans-Wentz (paperback, 389 pages)

A book of self-examination and self-improvement. Evans-Wentz has translated Tibetan Yogic scriptures which detail methods for introspection, living spiritual truths, and lucid dreaming “practices of the Clear Light”. A bit of a tough read, but packed with a wealth of information from an age old spiritual culture, on improving daily life and living mindfully.

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The Alchemist by Paolo Coelho (paperback, 177 pages)

A delightful tale for readers of all ages. The story’s hero is a lad on a spiritual quest who follows his dreams both literally and figuratively on an incredibly well-written and entertaining voyage of discovery and adventure. A spiritual odyssey, with truths and magic in no short supply.

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The Kin of Ata are Waiting for You by Dorothy Bryant (paperback, 220 pages)

One of the most insightful and exciting novels of our times. The jaded hero stumbles into an amazing land and society whose ways and values are so foreign to what he has learned in his earlier high society life that he rebels instantly. The greatest of possible personal conflicts are set up, and Bryant very adeptly shows the evolution of his character in one of the most charming and truth-essence-packed books available. The kin of Ata are a people very in touch with nature and life cycles who live simply and follow their dream guidance as truly as they can, though the way is not always obvious. Easy-to-read and brilliant.

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A Change of Heart by Claire Sylvia (paperback)

A true story of Claire’s personal odyssey as a mother, dancer, dreamer and the first New England heart transplant recipient. She candidly and genuinely describes all her strengths and pitfalls along her incredibly inspiring personal journey. Her trust and interest in dreams is what lends the book its special charm, since she starts subjectively feeling the thoughts, desires and yearning of the donor of her new heart, and actually meets him in her dreams. Skeptics beware as she follows a trail of synchronicities that lead her to the donor’s former family, leaving readers uplifted with a collection of fascinating coincidences, a snapshot of very believable interpersonal relationships, and questions about life & the mind-body-spirit connection, and most of all about personal fulfillment, courage, and love.

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One by Richard Bach (paperback)

A story to dazzle dreamers, physicists, and couples alike. Fiction or non-fiction? Drawing the line is not so obvious with Bach. With his light, thought-provoking, and humorous style Bach takes a genuine look at many moments of his life and offers food for thought about the self-defeating patterns he has been stuck in and which humanity is currently caught in. An exciting story of adventure and love, as he and his embark upon a combined personal odyssey, flying to and exploring untold world’s of possibility, where they eventually come out in One piece. An uplifting adventure.

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The Bridge Across Forever by Richard Bach (paperback)

After Jonathan Livingston Seagull and his amazing adventures in Illusions, Bach set out on the quest to discover the simple truth of a loving relationship with a kindred soul. Bach openly and humorously tells the true story of meeting his wife and the turmoil and incredible physical adventures and dream explorations that they undergo together. He shares amazingly intimate and profound moments that touch and uplift those on the path of relationship.

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Where the Wild Things Are by Maurice Sendak (hardcover, 37 pages)

Who could forget this childhood favorite? This wonderfully illustrated tale is a simple and great way to show youngsters how to cope with nightmares and what to do about monsters in the night. The story demonstrates, in a fun way, the same technique that we suggest to adults for putting an end to recurring nightmares.

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Jonathan Livingston Seagull by Richard Bach (paperback, 126 pages)

With well over 30 million copies sold, this short easy-read is a new world favorite. I’ve heard from Bach himself how the manuscript came to be published. After twenty-odd publishers refused his “pleasant story about the little bird”, the practically starving writer walked out to his mailbox to find only two letters there. One was the apology from his agent saying she could no longer represent the book, and the other a letter from Eleanor Friede at Dell who’d read some of his earlier work, asking if he “just might happen” to have any manuscripts laying around that he was hoping to have published. The rest is history, and the “risky” manuscript became what is now known in publishing circle’s as “Friede’s Folly”. How the story came to him is also fascinating, he was just out for a walk one night when he suddenly heard a voice say, “Jonathan Livingston Seagull”. In Bach’s famous nonchalant style, he asked the voice what it meant by that. Images about the tale of a Seagull that was an outcast from the flock flooded him, and he rushed home and poured out the first half of the story. After 7 years of futile attempts to come up with a satisfying ending to the tale, Bach finally had a second revelation and finished the wonderfully charming tale that will inspire children and grown-ups alike.

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Appointment with the Wise Old Dog: Dream Images in a Time of Crisis by David Blum (video, 29 minutes)

We cannot praise this masterpiece highly enough. With an intro by renown cellist Yo-Yo Ma, this half-hour video tells a most incredible true life story about dreams and their helpfulness and power around the dying process. Orchestra conductor David Blum shows his numerous incredible dream paintings and humbly and candidly tells the challenges and triumphs of his long battle with and eventual death from cancer. This video is filmed impeccably and quite inspirational as well as educational. The DREAMS Foundation offers this unparalleled work our highest rating.

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Parting Visions: Uses & Meanings of Pre-Death. Psychic & Spiritual Experiences by Melvin Morse, MD (hardcover, 206 pages)

Morse has done an excellent job of gathering many death-related dreams, visions, and spiritual experiences and has presented them in a very well thought-out and professional medical context. Very inspirational for those dealing with death or working with the dying.

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The Dream Messenger: How Dreams of the Departed Bring Healing Gifts by Patricia L. Garfield, Ph.D. (hard cover, 287 pages)

Patricia Garfield is a world-renown author on dreams. This is her sixth book and it continues her tradition of exploring how dreams can function as tools for healing in our waking lives. The Dream Messenger focuses upon dreams of the dead — identifying several components of such dream encounters, and providing techniques for integrating these dreams with bereavement and re-awakening to life after the loss of a loved one. Based on a study of hundreds of dreams of bereaved persons, as well as her own journals and the writings of other contemporary authors, Garfield brings a rich sense of shared emotion and human experience to the grieving process, and to the need to affirm our continuing relationships with those who have died. [Review by: Peggy Coats]

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DreamGates: An Explorer’s Guide to the Worlds of Soul, Imagination, and Life Beyond Death by Robert Moss (paperback, 368 pages)

Insisting that we are each born with the ability to experience different ways of seeing and knowing, Moss (Conscious Dreaming) invites readers through the portals of “the twilight zone. The cusp between waking and sleeping, and between sleeping and waking.” Beyond this entrance to the dreamworld, according to Moss, dreamers encounter spirit guides, experience physical and emotional healings, see and create their own futures and are given answers to specific questions. Likening these trips to flying, the author eschews the “consensual hallucination” that the physical world is real and the dreamworld is not.

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The Committee of Sleep by Deirdre Barrett, Ph.D. (hard cover, 211 pages)

Barrett does a most excellent job of detailing numerous accounts of how renown musicians, authors, playwrights, inventors, athletes, scientists, poets and figures from many other disciplines have used dreams to either directly or indirectly bring about their creations. Some of the examples are quite famous such as Elias Howe’s invention of the sewing machine and Paul McCartney’s hit “Yesterday”. Others are much less known but both intriguing and extremely inspiring such as the way that author Graham Greene would dream the dreams of the characters from his novels in first person as his own and then later transcribe them as his characters dreams in his novels.

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Imagineering by Michael LeBoeuf, Ph.D. (paperback, 227 pages)

Looking for motivation, creative inspiration, problem-solving strategies about how to bring your dreams of a more fulfilling, enthusiastic life into being? This book (or tape) is a one of the most fun to read, insight-packed and excellently organized tools out there. I go back to it again and again for inspiration on how to enhance the creative process, set goals, clear blocks, gather the people support and manage time and energy to bring about success in all areas of life.

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The Artist’s Way : A Spiritual Path to Higher Creativity by Julia Cameron, with Mark Bryan (paperback, 222 pages)

A successful writer and screen-writer, Cameron led creativity classes for 15 years before coming out with this book. She knows her topic, and she knows how to help people get unstuck, in both their creative process and personal journey of self-exploration. The book is set up as a series of 12 weekly lessons with accompanying exercises that work well in a group or individual setting. If you’re longing to free your inner artist, playfulness and the joy that comes with it, and decide it clearly enough to allow it a place in your priorities for at least a few months, this book would be a valuable guide for the adventure.

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If You Want to Write by Brenda Ueland (paperback, 179 pages)

Not so much a book about dreaming, yet possibly the most amusing and amazing tool for allowing the free expression of your creative spirit. The book is for writers, musicians and other artists alike. Ueland’s no-nonsense style has a disarming charm and a impelling force that encourages us to break free and just do it.

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Writer’s Dreaming by Naomi Epel (paperback, 292 pages)

Epel interviews 28 well-known authors all about their creative process and their views and experiences with dreams, including Stephen King, Maya Angelou, Spalding Grey, Maurice Sendak, Clive Barker, and others. She doesn’t paint any rosy pictures, nor does she overindulge her views, she just tells their responses and experiences as is. An interesting resource for anywriter or dreamer.

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Medicine Cards: The Discovery of Power Through the Ways of Animals (Book & Cards)
by Jamie Sams (Paperback 223 pages)

For the shaman and the personal explorer of symbolism alike, Medicine Cards (and especially the accompanying book) are a great dreaming tool. Easy to use as an reference book, the various essence energies Sams describes for each animal are quite insightful. Since animals (which are especially frequent in children’s dreams) often represent deep issues when they appear in our dreams (and also our life), this kit can be a valuable guide.

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The Complete Edgar Cayce Readings (CD-ROM) from A.R.E. Press (CD-ROM for Windows/Macintosh)

Perhaps one of the most extraordinary works of the modern era in the realm of holistic approaches to medicine and to living. Edgar Cayce produced over 15,000 readings from a deeply altered state of consciousness on such topics as dreams, natural remedies, life path guidance, science, etc. An incredible resource for health professionals and anyone interested in pursuing dreams, personal growth, homeopathic medicine, spiritual unfoldment, and other related subjects. The CD-ROM comes with it’s own search and indexing tools making specific topics quickly accessible.

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