Psychic Medium Brian

Psychic Medium Brian is a clairvoyant psychic medium, tarot reader, and angel card reading expert with over 30 years experience in love, relationships, career and finance questions. No more false soulmate readings!

Psychic Brian - Clairvoyant Psychic Medium, Tarot Reader, Angel Card Reader

Brian is a multi gifted Psychic working as a Psychic Medium and Tarot card reader for over 30 years, since he began reading palms in 1990 and realised he could see faces smiling back at him from the palms of his clients.

The power of connection he would call it, gave him deep insight into peoples personal lives and also allowed him to be introduced to the loved ones both living and passed.

He has trained in therapy for relationship issues, personal trauma and emotional problems. Honesty is Brian’s policy and his customers know this.

In fact its the first thing they receive from his readings, honesty and a direct approach to the great work of divining the facts from the fiction that usually cloud the reality customers need from their partners and their life issues.

Work problems, how to handle being bullied by dominating bosses or fellow colleagues. When its best to find a new job first, before moving on from the last one. Or how to tackle relationships in the workplace.

Personal life issues again need to be dealt with honestly and swiftly. Psychic Medium Brian will tell you what solutions are expected via his psychic abilities and spirit guides and also if the messages connect via the cards.

The cards give practical messages, for example if you’re thinking of getting married and your partner has spoken about it. Brian will see both psychically and via the cards if the marriage is actually going to happen.

If its in the cards its real, if its just psychic or clairvoyant, then its usually just wishful thinking and full of promises. But the psychic messages are usually honest also, so believing is a huge part of what you are looking for from a message or a tarot and psychic reading.

Blessings from Brian

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