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Psychic Reading FAQs | Psychic Facts & Answers to Questions About Psychic Readings by phone, email chat or text.

Psychic Reading FAQs with Psychic Lilly

Psychic Readings in General

Love and Relationships

Accuracy and Free Will

Psychic Ability Development

Psychic Readings in General

How do you define a good psychic reading?

A good reading:

  • Combines accurate insight with practical advice;

  • Fosters faith and inspiration;

  • Encourages self-examination

  • Highlights your gifts and abilities; and

  • Respects your free will and power to change.

I am an honest person. I believe what God and my guides tell me implicitly and follow their lead.

Beware of the psychic who believes that only he/she has the ability to access psychic information. Through my seminars and workshops, I've taught thousands of people just like you how to channel for themselves. It's an inborn ability that all of us have because we are all surrounded by guardian angels who provide us with our intuitive information. You can develop your ability with a little practice and do your own readings.

However, I realize that, at times, it's important to receive outside clarification. A professional psychic reading may confirm the information you have already been picking up for yourself—what a boost to your confidence levels about your intuitive skills!

Don't allow a psychic to pressure you to make an appointment.

Beware of the psychic who wants to sell you paraphernalia such as blessed rice, candles, curse-removers, potions, good luck charms, sure-fire lottery numbers, or concoctions of animals, vegetables or minerals created “just for you” to help improve your health, make you pregnant, bring back a loved one, get you a better job, or attract financial abundance. In my opinion, you'll be wasting your precious time, energy, and financial resources believing that anyone outside yourself has the power to initiate change in your life.

I also caution anyone to be aware of a psychic that charges grandiose amounts of money to perform a service. Anyone that tells you that you need to pay to have a spell taken off of you or to bring your passed loved one to peace is simply lying. Be aware of those who unfortunately live their lives taking advantage of the vulnerable and bereaved. As always if you have any questions about a service that has been offered to you by someone else, or you feel you have been taken advantage of, I am always here as a resource to answer your question at no charge.

The sheer number of persons offering services of a “psychic” nature on the internet has grown to such an extent, that for anyone wishing to make use of these services, the choice has become overwhelming. Many many people who use the internet are very wary of online "psychics". That's fair enough, it's wise to be cautious, especially when it comes to parting with your hard earned money to someone you don't even know.

There are many reputable readers out there, but for someone searching the net for the services of a reader they can trust the choice can be daunting.

How can you do a reading without the person present?

The faculty of intuition is not bound by space or time. Your eyes tell you that two people aren't touching if they're in different rooms or cities. On the physical level, that's true. But the intuition knows that, on a deeper level, all people -- in fact, all things -- are always touching, always connected.

The same is true with knowledge. The intuition recognizes that there is no wall or distance between you and any knowledge important to you.

Another way of understanding this is by looking in a pool of water at night. Even though the pool may be only ten feet in diameter, it manages to accurately reflect the entire night sky -- the moon and every star. Every person has a pool of intuition within. When you learn to calm its surface, you can see the reflection of anything, no matter how far, simply by looking within.

As long as I have your name, your voice, your choice of words in a letter or e-mail to focus on, I can see you. You are then as close as if you were in the same room.

If you're psychic, why do I have to ask you any questions at all? Shouldn't you already know my questions?

A good reading requires that we both participate. The more aware you are of the issues and questions that you have, the more effective the reading. Your mental focus helps guide my inner vision to pinpoint the information you need right now. Without a focus to the reading, I will still receive pertinent information, but not always in the specific area you hoped for.

Remember, you are not a passive participant in the reading.


If you're psychic, why haven't you made a million dollars in the stock market or won the lottery?

Some psychics specialize in financial matters. I prefer to use my intuition to understand myself and other people better, and to help people lead more fulfilling lives. Predicting financial trends is a challenge unto itself. I find the deepest satisfaction in unraveling the mystery of the human soul.

What's the difference between intuition and psychic ability?

The primary difference is one of degree. We commonly think of the intuition as a strong feeling, instinct, or gut reaction. Intuition is usually more accurate than we recognize, but it can sound fuzzy or unclear like hearing someone talking in the distance. It's more of an impression than a precise insight. Everyone has intuitive feelings, but as a culture we've trained ourselves to ignore them.

Psychic ability, on the other hand, is the refined use of intuition. It is more active and precise. Psychic insight requires you to focus your intuition without the distracting clutter of random thoughts. You have to train yourself to quiet your mental hustle and bustle in order to hear that distant voice. (Actually, it's not so much distant as it is quiet.) This requires practice, trust and, very often, training.

What is an aura?

The aura is your "spirit body", the colored electrical and psychic energy around your body, which can be read to determine your physical health, your emotional state, and your personality strengths and weaknesses. It cannot be used to read the future.

How would a past-life reading help me?

Many of us have instinctive reactions to certain people, places, or events in our lives that don't make sense to us. Often, these gut feelings are related to events that happened in past lives. Investigating your past lives can help you to identify your own behavior patterns, improve your relationships, and show you your soul's karmic mission so that you can make easier, happier, and healthier choices in this lifetime.

Only if we Ask ... will we Receive ...the Loving Spiritual Guidance one needs for ...Complete Spiritual Growth ... Transformation and Awakening. Nobody Can Go Back and Start a New Beginning ...But Anyone Can Start Today and Make It a Brand New Ending ...

When you began your first lifetime as whatever Role you wanted to be, you chose a Goal for that lifetime: Re-evaluation, Growth, Discrimination, Acceptance, Submission, Dominance, or Relaxation.

You also chose a Mode: Repression, Passion, Caution, Power, Perseverance, Aggression, or Observation.

And an Attitude: Stoic, Spiritualist, Skeptic, Idealist, Cynic, Realist, or Pragmatist.

You chose one or two Chief Features: Arrogance, Self-Deprecation, Self-Destruction, Greed, Martyrdom, Impatience, or Stubbornness; and a Centering: Emotional, Higher Emotional, Intellectual, Higher Intellectual, Moving, Higher Moving, or Instinctive

What have you chosen for yourself in this lifetime?

What is Channeling?

I "channel" by hearing and speaking with my spirit guides (ancestors, angels, people who have passed on, and other spirit entities), as well as sometimes yours. I do not let spirits enter my body and speak through me, though some psychics and mediums work this way. I refer to myself more as a "psychic radio receiver", meaning that I hear what the spirits have to say, and then I report it to you.

What is Psychometry?

Psychometry is a method of divination that involves handling an object, such as an item of jewelry, a photograph, or a set of keys, in order to pick up the vibrations from the person who normally carries or formerly was in possession of the object. Many items store psychic vibrations and thus can be "read" in this way. I use this method myself.

What is Chakra?

I read from your Chakra as well, during a reading.

Chakras are points of psychic energy that affect our health, personality and spiritual evolvement. Chakras can be defined as energy vortices produced at the conjunction points of the physical and psychic sheaths in man/woman the multidimensional being. The Chakras are controlled, regulated and harmonized through a systematic set of Mantras (thinking tools). The English word 'man' derives from the Sanskrit root used as a prefix i.e. 'Man(tra) so to be a human is literally to be a thinker.

The Chakras have a minimal energy flow which is greater or lesser according to the individual state of development and the object of my readings is to progressively balance the energy output of these centers. Each Chakra manifests to the psychic sight at the front or anterior surface of the body although rooted in the psychic counterpart of the spine. The arrangement is similar to the Lotus, consisting of root, stem and bud. The Chakra root is in the spine and the bud, or potential blossom is related to one or more major nerve ganglia of the autonomic nervous system.

Every Chakra represents a potential within which may be controlled through special meditation practices. This potential may manifest at a psychic, physical and spiritual level and the degree to which a Chakra is opened is influenced by the time of birth and the daily movement of planets.

Although the energy of the chakras can be monitored, they have no mass or substance of their own. Each individual chakra does, however, have a general location. These locations are as follows:

Chakra one (earth): Base of spine. Associated with survival.
Chakra two (water): Lower abdomen. Associated with emotions and sexuality.
Chakra three (fire): Solar plexus. Associated with power and will.
Chakra four (air): Just over the sternum. Associated with love and balance.
Chakra five (sound): Throat. Associated with communication and creativity.
Chakra six (light): Center of forehead, brow. Associated with intuition and imagination.
Chakra seven (thought): Top of head. Associated with knowledge and understanding.

Each of the seven chakras has a basic right that, if infringed upon or not claimed/expressed, can provide problems in that chakra and thus, in life.

  • The right to be here: simply to exist, take care of ourselves, and have possessions.

  • The right to feel: to express and understand one’s emotions, needs, and wants.

  • The right to act: to be innovative and free.

  • The right to love and be loved: freedom from projected or received prejudice, low self-esteem, and violent conflict. Being the central chakra, if any of the other rights is harmed, the right to love may be harmed as well.

  • The right to speak and hear truth: Transgressions include: not be listened to, family secrets, and not being spoken to honestly.

  • The right to see: Transgressions include: being told our perception is inaccurate, having things deliberately hidden from us, and having the scope of ones vision denied.

  • The right to know: the right to truth, accurate information, knowledge, and to simply know what’s going on. This includes spiritual knowledge and the right to connect with and interpret the divine as one chooses.

What is the best way to test a Psychic?

Testing the psychic is a bad idea for several reasons. The first reason follows the law of karma. What goes around, comes around. If you put a negative intent on the reading from the beginning then you might just get negative results that have nothing to do with the psychic. Take responsibility for what you put out! Another reason that is not a good idea to go into a reading with the idea of testing the psychic is that you are wasting time- your time and the time and energy of the psychic. The psychic has to spend time fielding your suspicious energy when she can be spending that time - and your money - deepening into the reading and contacting more concretely with your guidance that speaks through her.

There's a lot of people going around playing "stump the psychic" when they come to us for readings. They only block their own reading that way, and defeat the purpose. Readings aren't about proving anything, or climbing the ratings ladder, or being the "best" psychic. A reading is a divine interaction between souls in a search for truth. It works best in an atmosphere of love, trust, mutual respect, and sharing.

Divination is a right-brain function. This is the older brain, the part of us that connects with our ancestors, with the spirit world, with all earth's creatures, with dreams, myths, and symbols. The more open and conversant you are to this part of reality, the better your reading will be.

A good reader will be honest with you and tell you what they can and cannot accomplish. They will try to give you the best reading they can, to tell you the truths that they perceive, to be there for you. They will honor you and respect you, and recognize the sacredness of your exchange with them.

How do I find a reader who is Authentic?

Love and Relationships

Can you reunite me and my loved one?

I would be interfering with the natural unfolding of your life. You are in charge of your life; you sit in the director's chair. To take that away from you is to tamper with your life and leave you powerless.

Personal growth requires individual effort. A psychic cannot make changes or create your life for you. A psychic can help you gain perspective and understanding, so you can direct your life with both eyes open.

There is a real misconception I see in this question: that a relationship is an object, something you can own or possess. To answer this question, it may help to redefine a relationship. A relationship is a rich interchange between two people that offers each the opportunity to know oneself better. Relationships are alive, they are talking mirrors that give us ongoing feedback.

To think that we can force a union denies the inherent spiritual qualities of a relationship. A relationship is not a thing; a relationship houses the soul of each person and creates an opportunity for spiritual awareness and growth. When we recognize this, we understand that unions cannot be forced without great confusion, struggle and despair.

Do you do love spells?

I periodically get clients who have paid someone to do a love spell. I caution clients on this because you are giving up control of your life; you are handing your life over to someone else. In reality this doesn't work, you still have to contend with your own problems.

Asking for a love spell makes the assumption that power is outside ourselves: "I can't do this, I'll pay someone else to." Where does power come from? Power comes from within. The more we hand it over to someone else, the weaker we feel. Love spells may leave you weaker because you've diluted your own power.

Intent is very important in any ritual. If the intent is to manipulate, we interfere with an intricate framework, the natural flow of life. Every ritual should be aligned with God's will or Divine Intelligence. We don't always know what is best for us. We need to consult and invite the intelligence and wisdom of something beyond ourselves. When someone pays for a love spell, that person is missing the opportunity to work with God. Real magic happens when we align ourselves with God. We may not always get the results we expected, but we will get the right results in accordance with a Higher Order.

Prayer is a good substitute for a love spell. If you still want a love spell, accompany this with a prayer invoking God's will, not your own. You are assured of better results. You can do your own prayer or ask someone to pray for you. Make sure you always pray that the result be for the highest good of all.

You said I would meet someone new. Why hasn't that happened yet?

If I say you will enter a new relationship in the Spring, this doesn't mean I have somehow summoned this event into your life. For something or someone to enter your life, you may find that you have to make a personal shift. Life is an act of creation, a partnership between you and the Divine. You have to do your part. Events don't just happen; you make them happen.

Insight must be followed with action. Along with the psychic insights I give you, I may suggest one of the following to help you create the relationship that you want. The list below represents areas in your life that might need to be reinforced, strengthened and acted upon.

Timing is a state of readiness, not the ticking of the secondhand. We shape our lives by an internal clock. How ready are we for a relationship? What changes do we need to make first? What preparations need to be made?

  • You may have to let go of a hurt you experienced in a previous relationship.

  • You may need to strengthen your self-confidence and build your sense of inner security. How can you attract a relationship if you think that you don't deserve one?

  • Creating some time and space for a relationship may be necessary by working less or managing your personal time differently. To have and maintain a relationship, you must make room for it.

  • You may need to develop a new concept of what a relationship is. Some of us hold onto an old idea, often a broken idea of what a relationship is, based on our parents' or family's example.

  • Much to your surprise, you may discover that you really don't want a relationship. The most important relationship you will have is with yourself. You may need time alone to figure out what you want in your own life.

How can I make her or him love me?

We cannot make someone love us. I notice that people will try to force things to happen in their lives, especially in matters of the heart. The best way to attract love is to hold a clear idea in your mind of the qualities you're looking for in a partner and to develop a good, loving relationship with yourself.

Then, let God do his/her work. That is the real magic.

Also, recognize that God or Divine Intelligence doesn't move in a straight line. God tacks or zig-zags like a sailboat. We assume too quickly that our life isn't working. We get impatient. If we let go of our expectations, and don't force the exact result, we step aside and let Divine Intelligence do the work.

There is order in chaos. The world in which we live is a complex, interactive network and Divine Intelligence orchestrates its movements. What may appear as "out of order" in your life is God weaving a new thread into your life's tapestry. Even though you can't see immediate results in your life, it doesn't mean that God isn't working backstage right this moment assisting your life's projects.

We invite struggle and despair by resisting the natural flow of life; to fight this natural flow is to swim upstream. Let go of how you think your life should be, and you step behind the force of creation. You move with the stream and life becomes effortless. That's how miracles happen.

Psychic Readings with Lilly

Will you tell me only what I want to hear?

No, sorry. If you don't care to hear the truth please do NOT call, chat, email or text me.

Do you work for a service or corporation that hires out psychics?

No. I am self-employed. I do all of my psychic readings myself, and am not employed by any parent company or "psychic hotline". In order to keep each and every reading in strict confidence, I prefer to use's phone service to ensure that your privacy is completely protected. Please understand this is NOT a 900 service or anything remotely like one.

For more information regarding our Live Advice area, please go to our Live Psychic Advice Network. Through, I am able to offer free minutestoward your reading for first time callers, repeat clients, and military families.

How can you do readings by e-mail or on the phone? Don't you have to be in the same room with me to read me?

I read energy, which transcends time and location. A psychic reading is not dependent on you being physically present or speaking with me in order for me to receive information from my spirit guides. If you will be in Chicago and would like to meet with me in person, this can be arranged -- but it is not necessary! I do appreciate receiving photos of clients, but this is not necessary for you to get an accurate reading.

How often do you recommend getting readings?

You have to give a reading time to reveal itself; getting them too often can bring down the accuracy rate. Getting readings too frequently can encourage dependent behavior, so I recommend that clients get readings no more than once every week or two. Waiting longer than this is not a bad idea. Some people only get readings once a year, or twice a year.

Some Psychic's have energy that won't be compatible with yours so it is important that once you've found ONE ( possibly 2) Good Psychic for YOU, you stick with that person; I would advise you to avoid calling around to a bunch of psychics (especially within ONE day or ONE week) expecting the same reading from each one. The unfortunate psychic who might be telling you the truth (something that you may not be ready to hear) or the psychic who is having trouble "connecting" to your guides (because you've acquired what some clairvoyants call "psychic debris") will be wasting his/her time. Save yourself money and confusion. Try to wait at least week between readings.

Do I have to give you personal information, or are you going to ask me a bunch of questions?

No. I will need to know your first name, and the question you intended to ask. Other than this, you may say nothing at all if you choose. Readings are more accurate, however, if you are willing to ask me specific questions. At times, I will ask a question to get clarity on what I am sensing, but I always use my clairvoyance in a reading, as opposed to feeding you information that you "want to hear".

What kinds of questions can I ask?

It is usually best to ask questions that do not have "yes" or "no" answers, instead phrasing them as follows: "What will happen if I..." or "Do you see me doing..." or "What can I do to accomplish...", for instance..

How can I make an appointment with you?

You can arrange a call ( place yourself in a queue for a call back when I am available) or, make an appointment for a specific date and time, convenient for you.

My hours are weekdays from 7 a.m. - 11:30 p.m., and weekends from 11 a.m. - 6 p.m. (U.S. Central Time).

Were you born psychic?

I had a natural aptitude, the same way another person might with music. But even if you're born with a natural musical talent, it can fade without cherishing it and without practice. And even if you have less in-born ability, with training and diligence, you can still learn to play the piano well. The same is true with psychic ability.

What techniques do you use in your psychic readings? Do you use tarot or astrology?

I am a clairvoyant: I see images (clairvoyance) and I hear words (clairaudience) and interpret what I see and hear as it applies to you and your situation. I do not use Tarot Cards or other oracles. While I respect these techniques, they are not my primary way of tapping into information or guidance. I use my inner vision.

Before each reading, I meditate, take some deep breaths and ask for guidance and insight. I consult with spirit guides and God's Divine Wisdom to bring forth information in accordance with the higher good.

If you see something really bad in my future, will you tell me?

I look at the circumstances that lead up to events as much as the event itself. For example, if I see a car accident, I would suggest you drive carefully and slow down in other areas of you life, as well. I probably wouldn't say I see a car accident. Events don't stand by themselves. They are connected to our patterns of thinking and the ways we treat ourselves.

Research suggests that it's possible to predict an accident ahead of time. Increasing patterns of stress in job, family, home and finances are noted in the lives of accident victims before the accidents occurred. The "pile up" is already happening in their lives and the accident reflects that.

The experiences in life that we label "bad" are often gifts in disguise. Though they're difficult, they can serve as a wake-up call to correct our lives and return us to a state of balance, allowing us to pursue paths of ever greater fulfillment.

I'm skeptical about this whole thing. How do I know you're for real? What if you can't read me?

In order to get the most helpful and accurate reading, it is necessary that the client be open to being read. If you are pressured into a reading, or looking to validate strong opinions or previously made decisions that you do not want challenged, a reading may not be a good idea for you. Not all people benefit from psychic readings, and I do not wish to talk people into getting one if they are unsure, skeptical, or wary of a psychic. I try to talk a bit with prospective clients beforehand, to determine if we are a good fit.

Being open-minded and receptive to suggestions is key for me to be able to work with you. Also, because readings involve energy flow and transfer between two people, not all psychics are compatible with all clients. Basically, if you are hesitant about getting a reading, I generally suggest you wait until you're sure you're ready to give it a try.

I've come to realize in my experience as a reader that many of you have been burned by some "psychics" claiming that they will or can return your lover. As a result of this, some of you call with a "chip" on your shoulder wanting to "test" the psychic. When you do this you subconsciously create a BLOCK that becomes impenetrable. Trying to go through that block is like trying to go through a steel door, that you, the caller, unknowingly put there. As an Empath I can feel it immediately and it makes my reading extremely difficult, because you on a subconscious level (the level I read from) have decided that you really don't want me to read you at all. In truth, the only way to really find out if a reader is right for you is to place your call with a relaxed, open mind, and leave the "chip" on the dresser drawer.

The sheer number of persons offering services of a “psychic” nature on the internet has grown to such an extent, that for anyone wishing to make use of these services, the choice has become overwhelming. Many many people who use the internet are very wary of online "psychics". That's fair enough, it's wise to be cautious, especially when it comes to parting with your hard earned money to someone you don't even know.

There are many reputable readers out there, but for someone searching the net for the services of a reader they can trust the choice can be daunting.

I do make it a practice to refund money if a client isn't satisfied. So far .. of over 28,000 verifiable clients, no one has asked me for one :) I give all the credit for that, to God.

Most people want to know about their future, however, and this can't be validated until some time passes. I can only do my best to be honest about what I see around you *in the moment*. For these reasons, it is best to assume that a good reading will give you choices, suggestions, and alternatives, as opposed to concrete answers that are unchangeable.

I'm nervous about getting a reading. Are you going to talk about death or give me bad news?

Being nervous before a reading is normal. I have a very conversational style which tends to put people at ease, however, and I make it a point to keep my readings focused on the positive. I do not make it a practice to talk about death (yours or others) in readings. I will tell you about things you may consider "bad" or "negative" if I see them around you, or in your future. However, I will also tell you what you can do to lessen or avoid these negative influences. I find that keeping our focus on what we can control and change is the most positive way to give spiritual and psychic advice.

Accuracy and Free Will

If you foresee something in my future that I don't like, can I change it? Is my future fixed?

I frame my answers in ways that don't limit your belief in your own possibilities and ability to make changes. For a psychic to say, "You're going to get fired within a year," without addressing the internal and external conditions that would lead to that sets a mental trap for the individual. Absolutes can harm by stripping away your inner confidence and reinforcing the feeling that you're stuck.

Life has an open door policy. There are an infinite number of ways to approach life's challenges.

This needs to be clear: You control your life. When I see future events, they are the most likely results of the current momentum in your life. Momentum is spiritual velocity, the course we set forth by our motivations, intentions and beliefs. Any momentum you have created, you can uncreate and, ultimately, change the final outcome.

How accurate are your readings?

Questions about accuracy are often based on the assumption that your future is fixed. Let's say a psychic predicts that a major shift in you career will occur in about a year. But when that year is up, you find yourself at the same job doing the same work. You'd say the prediction was inaccurate, right?

Unfortunately, it's not always so simple. Accuracy is very important in a psychic reading (and I am very accurate, even by the most strict definitions) but, in your life, free will is supreme.

In my psychic readings, I don't usually see an unchangeable, predetermined event. I see the patterns at work in your life and how and when they are likely to manifest into certain events -- if your current momentum remains unchanged.

So, at the end of the year, when you're still in the same job, you might tell yourself that the psychic was inaccurate. But, then, two months later that promotion still comes through. Will you remember the psychic's prediction then?

My regular clients report that my accuracy rate is consistently 90-95%. Only God is 100% accurate. My readings are designed to help you see your life path more clearly, know yourself, and assist you in making decisions that are aligned with your spiritual, emotional, and intellectual values. They do not replace information that may be given to you by a doctor, therapist, lawyer, or other professional, and cannot be treated as unchangeable or "set in stone".

You determine your own fate, and a psychic reading may change over time as you change your thoughts and behaviors. I do my best to act as a guide and spiritual counselor.

If that's true, why do some psychics promote themselves as, say, 96% accurate?

I want to broaden the definition of psychic accuracy to better reflect the nature of psychic insight. Accuracy must also reflect the psychic's ability to offer insights that you can apply in a practical manner. If I tell you, "Your relationship is coming to an end," without explaining why, I have failed. Whether it's overwhelming job responsibilities or a communication breakdown, why an event is happening is more important than whether it will happen.

When you understand why, you can begin to make a change. Accuracy by the dictionary's Latin definition means to attend to or care for. Accuracy goes beyond just citing key details. It points to what needs attention in our lives.

Measuring psychic accuracy in strictly objective ways -- especially in dealing with future events and life patterns -- isn't perfectly suited to the nature of the work (see previous question). Since our culture wants concrete numbers and measurements, many psychics test themselves and describe their accuracy in those terms.

I judge myself on accuracy, but also by the positive impact on the lives of my clients.

When you see something in my future, will you tell me when it will happen?

Yes, I will usually give you a range of time (i.e. 3 to 6 months) as a guideline.

The intuition perceives patterns and rhythms. We experience a change of seasons in our lives like nature does. Time doesn't run in a straight line on which you can pinpoint an event. I see events in relationship to the cycles in your life. If you significantly alter those rhythms, your life readjusts and events might occur sooner or later as a result.

Remember that the Divine has a keen sense of rhythm in helping to orchestrate your life.

Psychic Ability Development

Why are some people psychic and others aren't?

Psychic ability is often referred to as a gift. But this can be confusing. It's not that some people are given this gift and others aren't.

Psychic insight is available to all; it is an attribute of the soul. Like reading, writing and arithmetic, it is a basic life skill. As easily as we think, we intuit. Sometimes we complain that there are no guidebooks on how to live a soulful, meaningful life. But, when you were born, you were given intuition, a built-in guide and advisor. This is everyone's gift.

With practice and patient determination, you too can tap into this ability.

Why can't I see what you see?

There is no reason you can't. Many people have psychic insight, but they don't recognize it or know how to translate what they see. The language of the soul is imagery, and like learning a foreign language, it requires study and practice.

I offer some good techniques for developing your own abilities on this website. Many other talented psychics offer classes and training. Find out who is teaching in your area.

Are psychics more spiritually advanced than other people?

Not necessarily! When consulting with anyone for any service, always use discernment.

While psychic ability requires the understanding and application of certain metaphysical laws, advanced spirituality is not really a requirement. I think you'll find that most psychics are interesting, compassionate and ethical people with a spiritual focus in life -- but not always!

The sheer number of persons offering services of a “psychic” nature on the internet has grown to such an extent, that for anyone wishing to make use of these services, the choice has become overwhelming. Many many people who use the internet are very wary of online "psychics". That's fair enough, it's wise to be cautious, especially when it comes to parting with your hard earned money to someone you don't even know.

There are many reputable readers out there, but for someone searching the net for the services of a reader they can trust the choice can be daunting.

Don't turn off your discernment because you're talking with a psychic.

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