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"I squandered a small fortune trying to find a real psychic on other psychic sites. I wish I had found you first. Wow! You guys are the real deal."
Liza Wiley

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Amber Johnson

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Myra Gantz

"I am not only a satisfied customer but an extremely loyal one--for the past 10 years. Always a positive experience!"
Dr. Sam Lipton

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Professional Bio

psychic readings with Lilly

Founder of in 1999, Lilly Calandrello brings a unique blend of experience as psychologist, writer, teacher, spiritual intuitive, and advanced energy healer, to serve, support, and empower others with honor and respect to each individual's beliefs and concerns.

She's a non-denominational spiritualist and licensed clinical psychologist who embraces all spiritual paths.

Lilly is also a compassionate and nonjudgmental clairvoyant psychic, and Angel facilitator. Her goal is to help you see the reality of your situation and the truth you need to own.

Psychic Readings with Lilly

Lilly is an ordinary women with extraordinary gifts. She performs in over 150 + live psychic phone readings each week. She now offers immediate psychic phone readings to those who need help and accurate guidance.

Lilly is now offering guidance through psychic readings via phone, specializing in love relationships, healing readings, psychic medium, dream interpretation, and past life regressions. During her 30 years experience she has assisted thousands of people to improve their finances, make wise decisions regarding career, home, health, spiritual path, and to achieve healthier relationships whether in matters of the heart, the work place, school or at home. Of course it's always fun to figure out what's going on with your pet.

Lilly's goal is to help you see the reality of your situation and the truth you need to own. She can't make or change your life for you, but she can help you to conduct it with your eyes wide open. Many clients have been taking advantage of the convenience of phone readings. They find them just as accurate and easier to fit into their busy schedules. No traveling to an office is necessary! All phone readings are by callbacks or appointment only.

Lilly offers practical reality based psychic phone reading consultations by phone, chat, email, or text as well as Free Daily Inspiration Quotes & a Free Monthly Spiritual Newsletter. Lilly is a Futurist, intuitively motivating people and helping people to achieve their personal goals. You can call Lilly on Free Live Psychic Phone Reading Night or day. She always offering free psychic phone readings. Get a Mini Psychic Phone reading! It's a Great way to test for yourself prior to purchasing time for a private reading.

Lilly is clear, extraordinary, accurate, and to the point. You get the feeling that the connection is instant and right to the heart of the matter. If you're serious about powerfully healing many of life's issues, she may have the perfect solution for you!

A highly gifted psychic whose gifts were apparent from a very early age, Lilly interacts with your very own spirit guides and angels to determine which choices and directions will work in your best interest. You will receive direct answers to your questions, as well as time lines in which to expect results to manifest.

Lilly enjoys many repeat clients ( 95%) who depend upon her accuracy and sensitivity. Her clients sometimes wait weeks to speak with her for private sessions, and although Lilly is anxious to share her ability with those that need her, she is unwilling to compromise the quality of her work for the quantity that seek her out.

In her private practice as a psychic and metaphysical healer, not only does she make accurate predictions regarding clients' lives but she uses healing energy to successfully transform clients health problems where medical doctors have failed. With numerous letters of testimony on file, Lilly provides a wonderful service to people regardless of social status or walk of life, with clients ranging from celebrities and CEOs of Fortune 500 companies to the everyday person.

The phone lines are open throughout the United States and several major countries as callers/readers are invited to speak with Lilly, asking her questions regarding love, soul mates, career, finances, travel, past lives, spiritual development and more. Her nurturing approach, sense of humor, and imaginative teaching techniques have made her a beloved and respected teacher and demonstrator of the Gifts of the Spirit for several years.

How Does Lilly Work?


World Renowned for her clairvoyance, she works with clients from across the US, Europe, Asia, and the Middle East. Lilly has also organized and conducted seminars throughout the United States, teaching participants methods of developing and expanding their own psychic abilities.

Lilly responds quickly with her talent and gift of psychic insight, assisting each caller as an individual. She has inspired many clients to relate, grow, and integrate within their own lives. People love her laughter, her honesty, and of course, her accuracy. She is bright, quick, witty, sincere and REAL.

Not only is she a gifted and renown psychic, she has tremendous abilities to communicate with spirit guides and angels. Testimonials flood the client feedback and are listed on this website.

She has a natural ability to turn a negative event into a positive, memorable experience. Lilly is also known as a "psychic's psychic", as several psychics consult her from across the United States and various countries abroad.

Lilly is concerned not only with the healing and positive direction of people's lives but with the purity of humor toward the best of our universal nature. She shares her humor, knowledge and healing abilities to assist people from every walk of life.

She honors your process and respect your Journey. Begin your own journey and answer the call of your own voice. A remarkable person is waiting to be discovered, explored and enjoyed!

She is also trained in Past Life Regression, Color and Sound Healing, Reiki, Therapeutic Touch, Quantum Touch Healing, and Shamanic Journeying. She offers telephone, email, chat and in-person Psychic Readings, Mediumship Readings, and Channeled Readings with Divine Spirit; including Chakra Balancing Sessions, Group Mediumship Demonstrations, Group Channeled Sessions with Divine Spirit, and a variety of spiritual development classes.

Committed to her own personal growth and healing, Lilly continues ongoing metaphysical and religious studies, apprenticeships, and volunteer programs to deepen and expand her personal, as well as professional knowledge, experience, and capabilities.

As a freelance writer she has been published both locally and nationally as the author of hundreds of articles dealing with psychic research, psychic readings and psychic-related phenomena. Lilly's work has appeared in many Publications, including her own monthly newsletter. Lilly has appeared as an expert on national broadcast media such as CBS, Fox Television Network, and National Public Radio.

In addition, she's been quoted in periodicals, including The New York Times, Washington Post, Chicago Tribune, Boston Globe, USA Today, Reader's Digest, Business Week, Good Housekeeping, Woman's Day, Redbook, Working Woman, Family PC, Parade, Parents, Parenting, Newsweek, and Time. She has also been interviewed several times on AOL's Live Chat. Lilly left her profession to dedicate herself to metaphysics, and her first book will be released in November 11, 2005.

All of her work is individually tailored and every client is very important to her.

You will be treated with sensitivity and understanding. Lilly is not a fortune teller, but a true clairvoyant. She will help you to find your direction in a way that will leave you empowered and positive. She does not make any extravagant claims, but the fact that the vast majority of my clients return for further work, and pass her name on to others who need her help, speaks for itself.

Have A Question? Get immediate answers to your questions over the phone, online chat, email or text.


Other Types Of Online Psychic Readings

  • Soulmate and Twin Flame Readings - A soul mate reading tells you about the special souls you've come together with for mutual benefit in this lifetime. Soul mates can be lovers, spouses, friends or relatives. If you want to know more about the soul mate who is your true love, ask a psychic about your twin flame.
  • Past Life Readings - People and situations from our past lives can affect us just as strongly as those in our present world. Working with a psychic can help you overcome negative behavior based on past-life occurrences, draw on past-life talents to create positive change, and fulfill your purpose for coming into your present life.
  • Angel Readings - Angels provide comfort, love, healing and guidance. Psychics who do angel readings receive spiritual wisdom to share directly from their own angels or the angels that surround you. Angel readings may also call on a spirit or religious entity who has a special bond with you or your psychic.
  • Tarot, Astrology and Numerology Readings - Often psychics use special tools to respond to questions with more precision: The symbolic system of tarot cards helps get under the surface of situations. Astrology charts provide insights about personality, life cycles and timing. And numerology calculations reveal how things like your name and birth-date influence who you are.
  • Psychic Support Readings - Psychic support readings are done in a series of sessions, designed to guide you in achieving your goals, as well as in understanding the people on your path along the way. These support readings are great for improving relationships, making big career changes, or truly fulfilling your life purpose.