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Unravel your future without risking a penny! Get a 100% risk-free online psychic reading by phone. Try our free psychic readings before you buy a psychic reading. Truthful, accurate, online psychic answers just 3 minutes away! CALL NOW!

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Don't feel like talking? Try an instant  live online psychic chat reading! Fast, easy, private and free online psychic chat readings for psychic answers to any question! Chat live online with your psychic anytime, anywhere, right from your pc.

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Prefer detailed answers in writing? Request a personal email psychic reading for sage psychic advice, Angel guidance, or inspiration. Get honest, accurate, email psychic answers to your most pressing questions in 48 hours or less!

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Flat Rate Psychic Chat Readings

Psychic Chat Readings With Lilly

You Can Get a 1-on-1 clairvoyant psychic chat reading from Lilly. Your session is 100% private. Lilly now offers Pre-Scheduled online Psychic chat readings 24-7 as Listed below:

A psychic chat is simply a conversation that lets you express introspective feelings and discuss problems, questions, or concerns. After payment is received, you will receive and email to schedule your psychic chat reading. Feel free to review Lilly's client feedback here.

*** FREE Follow-up email consultation if clarification is needed after your chat session.***

Flat Rate Psychic Chat Reading (Appointments)

Receive the personalized psychic & spiritual chat advice you deserve. Private psychic chat is completely confidential and will give you the guidance and answers that you need within 1-2 business days (on occasion wthin 24 hours!) depending upon Lilly's current availability. (General psychic chat readings can be expected to be booked and secured no later than 2 business days from your payment date.. Including Holidays!)

Psychic Chat Reading... 10 minutes  $39.99   

Psychic Chat Reading... 15 minutes  $59.99   

Psychic Chat Reading... 30 minutes  $79.99    (+3 free minutes!)

Psychic Chat Reading... 45 minutes  $159.99  (+5 free minutes!)

Psychic Chat Reading... 60 minutes  $199.99  (+10 free minutes!)

Flat Rate Psychic Chat Readings Procedure

Please allow time in your schedule for the Psychic Chat readings to run "overtime" Due to the fact that there is time consuming typing involved, kindly allow for extra time if at all possible when placing an order for a Chat readings.


1. ORDER YOUR CHAT READING ~ Proceed to order your CHAT Reading by utilizing the links provided above, submitting the appropriate payment requested.  All Psychic Chat Readings requested and provided are to be paid for in advance. If you are paying for your Psychic Chat Reading by "e-check," please be aware that this method will take up to four business days to clear through PayPal and your bank.

2. AFTER ORDERING - Send Lilly an Email at Lilly @, typing "Attn: Lilly - CHAT Reading Questions" in the subject line.  In this Email, please also include your first name and date of birth. You may either include your specific question(s) in this Email or in a separate one, however she will need your first name and date of birth in order to begin focusing. Please provide the first name(s) and date(s) of birth of others you may be asking about, as well.

3.  CONFIRMATION OF PAYMENT RECEIVED - Once your payment is confirmed through PayPal, we will then notify you of confirmation either through Email or Instant Message.  

4.  COMPLETION OF CHAT READINGS - For Psychic Chat Readings, barring unforeseen circumstances (i.e. illnesses, emergencies), you will be able to book and appointment for your online Psychic Chat Reading within 1-2 business days after the submission of your specific questions. An exception to this time frame is the payment by "e-check," whereas you will receive your completed Reading after clearance through PayPal.

5.  ANY QUESTIONS - Please don't hesitate to send us an Email at Lilly @ typing in the subject line "Chat Reading Inquiry"  Thank you.

When you write your question:

1.) Send your private questions to lilly @ -- "Attn: Lilly - CHAT Reading Questions" in the Subject line, please!

2) If there is another person involved give their first name and date of birth. This helps the psychic link in more easily.

3) Focus on the whys, how's and what's of a situation rather than a where or when question. This will get you more than a one word answer. Moreover, we canít guarantee a specific date or time for an event to happen, but we can guarantee highly accurate advice about how to deal with any given situation and where we see it going in the future.

4) Make sure questions are clear and make sense. Just because we are psychics doesnít mean we can interpret vague or ambiguous questions.

5) While any kind of supplementary information isnít always necessary if you need to put extra information to make sense of your question please donít hesitate to do so.

Psychic readings over the net can often seem impersonal and you really wonder if you are getting a real reading. Lilly's psychic chat readings are set to the same standard and accuracy as her live phone and in person Spiritual readings.

Note: Life Happens. Lilly does her best to keep regular hours, but sometimes unexpected circumstances come up that will not allow her to be available. Her commitment to her gift and her sense of integrity towards people seeking answers will not allow her to do readings just for the sake of 'making a dollar'. In the event that a chat reading cannot be delivered in the timeframe specified we will reply to your email with an acceptable alternative time, or we will refund your payment promptly, within ONE HOUR.

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