What are your dreams trying to tell you? Call it dream analysis or dream interpretation… dream analysis is really dream exploration! Together, we can explore the meaning of your dreams.

We all see and forget our dreams. Frightening, happy, emotional or sad dreams– whatever they are, they affect your life and conscious for sure. Believe it or not, your dreams sometimes are hindsight into your future life. If interpreted correctly, your dream is a language of your subconscious.

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Online dream analysis

While we advocate the practice of analyzing your own dreams, we recognize, too, that this is a skill that does not come easily to everybody. Owing to their encrypted nature, dreams can be difficult to understand and decipher, especially for the less initiated. Quite apart from this, sometimes one is too close to the fire to be able to objectively and effectively interpret one’s own dreams.

Online dream analysis

In such cases, We offer professional dream analysis and dream interpretation services in the form of dream readings, where we utilize our 20 + years of experts and dream analysis and interpreting experience– in order to facilitate you with the personal messages emanating from your dreams.

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We realize that your dreams are unique. No other individual can have your background, your emotions, or your experiences. Every dream is connected with your own “reality”. Thus, in interpreting your dreams, it is important to draw from your personal life and experiences. If you have a dream that you must know the meaning of – GET A  DREAM ANALYSIS.

What are your dreams trying to tell you?

If we all lived apart, alone, then dream analysis wouldn’t work. But our dreams have a deep, common language. There is a Collective Unconscious that connects all of humankind. The language of our dreams belongs to us all. That language changes more within ourselves as we grow from one age to another, than it differs from others of our own age group.

Jung taught us that life is a series of metamorphoses, and the archetypal imagery he talks about appears as we enter new stages of our lives. Dreams are most vivid during those crises of life-change. Those are the times in our life when we most need understanding guidance.

Dream analysis is an increasingly important aspect in 21st Century life. The key to our spiritual selves. We believe profoundly in the New Thought Spirituality and strive to bring love, caring and intuition to our dream work. If you are interested in learning more about your dreams, and appreciate the unique perspective that we brings to dream analysis, a private, affordable, interpretation of your own dream by Lilly, can be obtained through this page of our website.

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If you are currently seeing a psychotherapist or similar, it’s important to know, that help in understanding your dreams can greatly facilitate your process as well as assist you in learning how to interpret them for yourself. If you are involved in any form of psychotherapy or counseling, Lilly’s help in the interpretation of your dreams can be an extraordinarily valuable adjunct to your process. Analyzing your dreams will help you to find their proper place in the complex and vitally essential process of Soul Healing.

Dream analysis readings – What’s in it for you?


If you’ve been haunted by a dream, if you MUST know its meaning, then seek out its meaning! The search is exciting. The answers are rewarding. You can interpret your dreams. Your dreams are full of symbols and allegories. (Stories that are told that have a meaning other than the story itself.)

When you try to decode your dream, you need to dissect it into the separate fragments and examine each for its particular meaning. Each one contains a small nugget of the whole picture. Dreams are composed of a collage of little parts of your own life experience that are stored away in your brain symbolically.

Simply using a dictionary of dreams ( or dream dictionary) can be misleading, because these interpretations had a value to the composer of the list, which may have been a part of his or her personal experience. Someone else’s experiences don’t create the same symbols that your own mind has created.

You need to develop your own set of interpretations for the symbols that are particular to your own life’s experiences. Remember that a dream unifies the body, mind, and spirit. It provides you with insight into ourselves and a means for self-exploration.

In understanding your dreams, you will have a better understanding and discovery of your true self. So stay a while, explore, discover, have fun, make friends, and find out what’s in your dream!

Dream Analysis, Symbolism and Jungian Psychology

Whispy.com is dedicated to authentic dream analysis and the understanding and exploration of dreams. Whilst there are a number of approaches to working with dreams, our dream analysis readings prefer to draw from the Jungian and archetypal school of dream analysis.

All great psychological thinkers agreed on one thing – that dreams are expressions of our deeper selves and that understanding our dreams can give us valuable insight that we can use in our waking lives.”….the goal is always to find the relevance of the dream in the persons life in the present.”

Our dreams have a logic of their own. In our dreams we sort out our feelings, make plans for action, and rehearse skills that we need. Sigmund Freud called dreams the “Royal Road” to the unconscious mind.

Carl Jung initially turned down an offer to write his famous book Man and his Symbols, until a deciphered dream showed him the importance of presenting his work to the general public.

The dreams that we remember are typically the ones that are the most important. Dreams that are especially vivid or that evoke a strong emotional reaction often reveal problems that we are facing in our waking lives that we are working on subconsciously. Bringing conscious awareness to those problems helps us to deal with them more directly.

The simple act of uncovering the dreams meaning creates insight, and simultaneously releases the energy tied up in the conflict. This can be a tremendously freeing experience.”….. we begin with the idea that each element in a dream corresponds to some real object, event or feeling from our waking lives…..”

Another of the most basic and useful benefits we gain from dream interpretation is insight into our own habits. By seeing how you move through a dream you can either see how you typically handle waking life situations, or the masks you use during the day are gone, and your genuine self is revealed.

Are you active, confronting every challenge, or passively letting things happen around you? Are you friendly or stand-offish? Do you laugh? Cry? Show affection?

Dream analysis reading and interpretation with Lilly – Understanding your dreams


It’s an age old question. Humankind has asked it for thousands of years. And dream readers have created a discipline (both science and art) of immense depth and insight to answer that question. In our dreams, we enter a primal world of emotion, often, fantastic situations and intense visual images. As Jung said, dreams are pure Nature. We are our natural selves in our dreams. Your innermost self is revealed. We would be honored to guide you…

All of Lilly’s personal readings are affirmative, calming, revelatory and healing. A personal reading can boost your self-esteem, inspire self-confidence, and reinforce a recognition of the path your own soul longs for you to travel.

Dream work is an extraordinary process that rewards whoever cares enough to take the time and effort required to remember, reflect, and pay close attention. The result is usually an extremely helpful and illuminating insight concerning the pressing issues of life (relationship, work, creativity, family, illness, etc.) as well as an increased capacity to recognize the meaning of subsequent … and even former dreams.

The meaning of dream symbols naturally varies according to each individual’s beliefs. Lilly’s dream interpretations are based on a belief that dreams are an animated, personalized way in which higher guidance is delivered to us. Having interpreted thousands of dreams, she has learned that the Universe is exceptionally economical with its messages. All dreams in Lilly’s experience are multi-faceted and a single dream can contain several different messages overlaying one another.

There is, however, usually a dominant and obvious message which overrides the others. Realistically speaking, nobody outside of you can fully interpret your dreams for you. As a dream interpreter, what Lilly does offer in her readings is a service of dream analysis whereby she extracts and works with distinguishable patterns and dream symbols, and offers possible interpretations using intuition and several years of dream interpreting experience.

Based on feedback to date, the first interpretation is usually correct, however failing this, she is happy to work with you via e-mail until you find a meaning that resonates with you.

What is a free dream analysis reading?

A free dream reading is a brief response to a short, specific dream question. These dream readings are 3-5 minutes long and look at one specific question of a dream. You may ask about anything you like. Dream readings are currently offered via phone, chat and email, and intended for those who would like to sample our work prior to purchasing a more detailed dream reading, or if you only have one question.

Please understand that we processes all new free callers as a courtesy, and when the dream interpretation and dream analysis reading is short, it is difficult to get specific with everyone. When calling for your free dream reading, you will get a more accurate response if you have a specific question.