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Our goal is to provide you with the information you require to make important personal, professional, health and lifestyle choices. Whispy Live Psychic Advice Network strives to provide clients and visitors with a spiritually creative community where they can confidently receive REAL, truthful, comprehensive and ethical guidance, insight, information and valued sincerity from the best professional live psychic advisors, astrologers, clairvoyants, tarot readers and energy healers online.

Our Mission is to promote the BEST psychics online offering our clients a safe, secure, professional environment and resource for professional psycic readings. Our Psychic Advisors offer their expertise with authenticity, compassion, care and accuracy. We have advisors from the USA, Australia, Canada, Great Britain, and New Zealand. You an get REAL answers to your questions 24 hours a day.

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Trustworthy expert psychic advice and personal spiritual guidance can be surprisingly difficult to find, even on psychic websites that have spent millions of dollars to attract and retain it. We offer a cost-effective, one-stop, hassle-free psychic advice experience which includes a wide variety of psychic professionals–each have been tested for accuracy, ethical standards and credibility.

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Truth, trust, and compassion

Our live psychic advice network will always be based on the truth, trust and compassion. These qualities are important to us here at Whispy.com.

Much of the criteria and methods we use to select our Psychic Advisors are propriety; but they are crucial to ensure that we provide quality psychic readings.

We also monitor and check each Psychic Advisor’s progress to ensure that they continue to operate at the highest level of quality.

We believe in Cultural Creative values, and operate in order to maintain a sustainable businesses and to aid and contribute to the sustainable small businesses of others around the world.

Whether you are here for a reading, an exchange of ideas and information or to just relax, we are honored to have you with us!

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