I always tell my clients, one can only point directions, it is up to the individual to find his or her own unique key that unlocks their own unique spiritual guidance and journey. Something else to always remember is that authentic, ethical spiritual guidance really does keep pointing the way upward and forward, and really does let the student grow without confining him in a cage.

Good spiritual guidance wants the student to be free, able to stand on his own feet, strong enough to be able to reach out and help others, and wise enough to continue the course upward and forward to God, even without help from the teacher. The mind’s ability to create miracles continues to astonish. Working together with authentic and true spiritual guidance, you can make a positive difference in the satisfaction of your life experiences.

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What is Spiritual guidance?

You were born happy, creative, and comfortable in your own skin. Those qualities are still inside of you, waiting to be rediscovered. We have thousands of happy clients worldwide that regained their identity, confidence, and self love. And, so can you. Remove the subconscious mental patterns that are blocking your: self love, success, and confidence. Find out what thousands of people, already know.

What is Spiritual guidance?

Why do I need Spiritual guidance?

At some point in our lives, we all find that we need help seeing possibilities. We need someone who is trained to be a better observer than we are – at observing ourselves, someone who can offer new interpretations and options. The purpose of the Spiritual guidance offered here is to counsel in areas of the heart and healing to bring about deliverance and liberty to the oppressed mind, body and spirit.

Knowing that our spirit plays an incredibly important role in our life’s experiences this website exists to honor, support, and celebrate the process of each persons own inner knowing; that innate intelligence that guides and governs all from within. One dream and the belief that it can be done. One spirit creating and accomplishing.

We believe that life is meant to be a sacred and joyous event which deserves to be honored and respected in a loving, compassionate way. We are dedicated to helping create safe gentle connected healing experiences. We consider my work to be a seed to remembering the perfection which is within.

We take great pride, action, and care in the services we provide and/or recommend. All that we do has practical application and displays respect for the individual. We strive to support and enhance their relationship with themselves, in a gentle, loving way.

We believe that life is the most precious gift that exist in the world and that the future of our world depends on our spirit’s being strong, courageous, happy and at peace. We desire to make our world a better place, because together– we can make a difference!

How to find ethical spiritual guidance

As already outlined on our psychic scams page, you will probably meet tons of charlatans before finding your right psychic. But this doesn’t mean that you will have to be the victim every time someone tries to scam you. You do have rights, which every psychic should respect. If you feel that it is not the case, just RUN AWAY!

As a note, I have personally heard a good number of the quotes below (or something very similar), directed at me. Oh … and these criteria apply to both people in a body ( readers) and those who are not (spiritual guides) – anyone who is supposedly speaking for or from God or the Light, or who claims or seems to be from Heaven or a higher plane. (You will notice a lot of friends and family may routinely fail these criteria, but most of them probably don’t claim to be Inspired at the time).

Authentic, ethical, spiritual guidance will evidence:

authentically channeled spiritual guidance

Never allow yourself to be rushed into anything.

None of the “You’re special” treatment. “You’re different from the others…” “Your destiny is different” .. “You are from Arcturus and hence special”… none of that. Nothing that raises you higher than others, either.

No attempt to prolong communication. Good spirits are typically very businesslike: they give a simple message, remind people to turn to God or a specific solution/reminder, and then they leave. The get to the point and it’s done. Entities that like to linger and talk on and on, as if they like “hearing the sound of their own voice”(!) are rarely of God. (Note: many channeled books seem to be the latter.)

No usage of cryptic and “wise” or “profound” comments designed to impress you with his/her “higher knowledge”. You should be able to freely ask for and receive clarification, and to see whether she/he really tries to live those words.

If the words sound like they came straight out of a book… and all your questions are answered that way… are you talking to a “parrot” or a person? (No offense to real parrots, whom I respect a great deal.)

Statements like, “So-and-so is blinded by his religion” can be dangerous — it may be that so-and-so is actually right, and that the spirit you’re talking to is lying. No badmouthing of those closest to God, or of God.

“The Light is static, unchanging (i.e., boring and stupid)” or “The highest angels are bound by countless (bureaucratic) laws and regulations” are all subtle messages designed to turn you away from the Light.

Don’t believe them. Don’t follow those unstated implications; look instead to the motivation behind what’s being said.

No attempt to impress you with names or relationships. “I was Jesus’ aunt” or “I am Archangel Gabriel!” are included in this. No attempt to impress you with who/what they are.”Archangel So-and-So” “Special commander of the seventh battalion of the Altaire fleet”.

In spirit, it is NOT the origin, race, age, status, planet of origin, gender, etc., that is important; all that matters is: Does the entity/reader serve God and love others, and promote the love of God and others?

“You must do such-and-such,” “Practice the piano more often,” “Learn that foreign language you’ve been putting off,” “Eat more fiber, exercise, floss your teeth, stay away from pollution, meditate 30 minutes daily, have more sex,” and other such recommendations for intense, self-centered schedules are a bad indicator. It’s especially so if the messages involve worldly concerns, even if justified (such as “earn more money so you can help more people”).

Shows respect for your free will and of others’. Stepping into your body and mucking around without your permission is often a bad sign.

“Do this or you’re choosing Darkness!” is a threat. So is, “This is your last chance to meet God!”

No patronizing and no condescension “You’re doing pretty well … for a human,” for example, is condescending. No condescension toward other people, either. Mockery is right out. Anyone who laughs at you or your failures mockingly is probably not helping.

No micromanagement of your life. No attempts to live your life for you, either.

“Sometimes we must force them to understand” is a coercive statement, even if it’s well-intended (“Sometimes we must force them to understand that racism is evil”).

…..other people for your current problems. “You were psychologically abused by so-and-so” with the implication you should now accuse them of their crime and blame them for your problems.

….anyone except God (or maybe Jesus). Talk of “ascended masters” or “spirit guides” or other spirit teachers might sound great on the surface… but what happened to God?

Is the advice given that of “rely on God, speak to God, pray to God,” or is it “rely on X, speak to X, pray to X” where X is not God? Beware the latter; it sounds like someone is trying to create a dependency that shouldn’t exist.

Images of the spirit sitting on a throne, or words about how advanced or wise the spirit is (especially when compared to “lesser spirits” or to you), are signs that the Spirit has an inflated ego. “I am a spirit of the sixth plane/sphere” should not impress you. Neither should, “I am from Arcturus.”

You may experience heat from head to toe. Or perhaps you feel cold sensations. It is a momentary feeling, but uncomfortable. If you are an energy worker, you may have noticed that the heat running through your hands has increased. This is good. If you are uneasy with the new energy, ask your Guides to assist you in adjusting the temperature.

No bribes. No offers of fame, excitement, love or money. None of these offers of power, psychic power, influence, superhuman ability!

No objections to being cut off or ignored. A caring spirit will not mind it when, in trying to tune out bad spirits, you wind up tuning out some good ones as well. Warnings that you’re tuning out too many good ones are actually lies — this I know from experience!

No attempts to separate you from the rest of society your friends, or your family. No attempts to separate you from the rest of the world via new and cool-sounding terminology, or even old capitalized special terminology.

Oh, sure, the spiritual world must necessarily involve some new or unusual vocabulary/lingo. But when the techno babble gets really thick, watch out! That stuff is an appeal to elitist pride.

Also, anyone who says that something will definitely happen is likely lying, since free will means that the future can be changed, to some extent. But predictions that are true are not necessarily proof of anything, either.

…of minor childhood traumas, molehills blown up into mountains. “That incident when you were 3 is when this part of your soul split off, in shock and disappointment.”

“I’m insulted that you don’t trust me,” “Why can’t you trust me? Relax” and such things are dangerous. Good people want to earn your trust, not demand it.

No implication that reincarnation is the best thing or the right solution to peoples’ problems.

The most advanced teachers in human history taught that we should escape the reincarnation cycle, not that we should use it to cure ourselves of our karmic debts.

Jesus, for instance, forgave people their sins –which implies that God can help us overcome our karmic debts not through reincarnation, but through forgiveness and caring.

You will find yourself talking to your Self more often. You might suddenly realize you have been chattering away with yourself for the past 30 minutes.

There is a new level of communication taking place within your being, and you are experiencing the beginnings of “self talk.”

The conversations will increase, and they will become more fluid, more coherent, and more insightful. You are not going crazy, but rather, moving into the new energy

As a client, you are entitled to the following:

  • Your spiritual guidance consultation is private and confidential.
  • You are entitled to the full attention of your spiritual guidance consultant.
  • You are entitled to ask questions during the consultation to gain further clarification.
  • You are entitled to full and complete answers to the questions covered in your consultation.
  • Your Spiritual Guidance consultation is a complete service in itself; you are not required to purchase anything else.
  • You are entitled to know what your consultation will cost you beforehand.
  • Spiritual Guidance consultants are not qualified to give medical advice unless they are physicians.
  • Spiritual Guidance Consultants consultants are not qualified to give financial advice unless they are qualified financial advisors.
  • Spiritual Guidance consultants are not qualified to give legal advice unless they are attorneys.

This said, it should not be forgotten that clients, the same way as their spiritual guides, also have duties. As psychic reader, I have come across many unethical and unbalanced clients.