The depth of Sacredness in our lives – which is the quality of love, connection, and aliveness – reflects how deeply we have allowed the Absolute, or Love, to transform us and our sacred relationships.

As we “turn back” and bring to light all the darkness that has settled within, we begin to dissolve our self created obstacles to the dit contactformulier shimmering presence of Love as our true Identity.

Sacred relationships: Never invest in any kind of relationship with anyone who is not willing to work on themselves just a little every day. A person who takes no interest in any form of self-improvement, personal development or spiritual growth will also not be inclined to make much of an effort building a truly meaningful connection with you.

What are Sacred relationships?

One of the most vital desires of the human heart is to find fulfillment in a growing sense of intimacy, love and tenderness with a Beloved. There’s a longing for a union of Spirit, soul and body which would allow the passion, pleasure and playfulness of the cosmos to dance through our being, to assist us in re-awakening to our innate divinity, to dissolve feelings of separation, isolation, and assist us in manifesting our soul purpose.

If all this sounds like pure fantasy we can be encouraged by Ancient Hebrew wisdom which affirms, “And with a generous hand you (God) satisfy the desires of every living creature.” Ps 145:15. God wants us to accept our spiritual inheritance of a fulfilling love life. Our path of Self-realization challenges us to transform every belief that gets in our way!

Sacred relationships - Sacred relationship lessons - Spiritual relationshipsSacred relationships empower

Even advanced meditators agree that their experience is enriched when they meditate with others. And the power of consistent, combined intention becomes a key factor in assisting partners in Sacred Relationship enjoy higher states of awareness. The heart opens wider. The mind and body feel the benefits more intensely, and both feel empowered by a growing awareness of the God/Goddess within.

The vitality of Sacred Relationship can become so strong that it enables the flow of Pure God Love to heal core issues of personal challenge with a growing ease and grace. It’s the assurance and strength of loving support that becomes more tangible, available.

God creates through pleasure It’s no coincidence that the procreation of humanity occurs through the pleasurable act of lovemaking. Divine Pleasure is at the heart of all true creation. Sacred Relationship is designed as an ideal setting to blend divine purpose with human desire so that the Divine Plan for personal and planetary awakening may manifest with greater delight and effectiveness.

In a recent Unity Magazine article Bible scholar, Rocco Erico, explained that the Aramaic word for ‘will’ that Jesus used in the Lord’s Prayer could just as well have been translated as ‘delight’ or ‘pleasure’. Sacred Relationship offers the grand possibility for allowing God’s delight and pleasure to be expressed ‘on earth as it is in heaven’.

A Sacred relationship is natural to our being

Divine Love is the primal energy at the core of all manifestation. It is the essence of us, and enjoying all that Divine Love would gift us is our natural state. As we become clear with the Sacred Presence in us, it naturally becomes more clear in our Beloved, and in every relationship.

Nothing real needs ‘fixing’

Education regarding the healing process has revealed that traditional, allopathic medicine sees illness as a problem in the body that needs to be cured. In a more inclusive, holistic approach ill-health is viewed as resulting from the natural healing systems of the body being blocked. Here, emphasis is placed not on the illness but on allowing the healing power of the Infinite to work more effectively.

It seems to me that much of our New Age involvement’s focus on relationship is similar to the allopathic way of dealing with problems – couples focus on correcting what’s wrong, what needs improvement. A left-over puritan work ethic encourages us to buy into the glib sales pitches, You have to work the principles for the principles to work for you. No pain. No gain. We can be assured that ego’s assessment of our relationship will always take our attention away from our Real Self, and, in encouraging us to invest our attention upon ‘unreality’, it will most certainly create more of what we don’t want!

In Sacred Relationship issues of fear, judgment, anger are perceived holistically – seen as evidence that the natural, transforming flow of Divine Love has been blocked. Issues are embraced as wake-up calls reminding us to re-align with our true Self-identity. By practicing sacred ritual of joy partners aren’t running away from reality. They are allowing Reality to manifest, unrestricted by the limitations of the intellect.

Opening to a Sacred relationship

As couples regularly practice simple rituals to quiet the mind, become receptive to the call to Sacred Relationship, they receive the guidance that perfectly leads them in their own, unique path of discovery – finding that which meets their practical needs and fulfills mystical longing. Expressing love for your Beloved in daily ritual trains the mind and body in being more attuned to the God/Goddess within, in effect creating an energetic pathway which enables them to move into a state of oneness and intimacy ‘in the twinkling of an eye’. Here are some ways of creating that space.

  • Dedicate Sacred relationship time – Couples dedicate at least the first and last 5 minutes of each day to relaxed, intimate sharing. This opens receptive, intuitive faculties which allow the flow of revitalizing, sensual life to integrate body and mind. Soon, they find that body and mind remind them of this special time, preparing for it by providing increased enthusiasm and alertness. They become as two magnets, drawing each other closer in Oneness Awareness.
  • Create a special space – Partners in sacred relationship dedicate their bedroom as a temple of love. Practicing rituals at the same time in the same place builds a resonance of harmony, respect and divine perception that invites Self-realization. For rituals turn off the telephone, unplug the TV. Employ candles, flowers, incense, symbols of the Divine Presence to add to the feeling of relaxation, tenderness and adoration.
  • Harmonize through breath – Try beginning your ritual with a few minutes of ‘harmonizing breath’ where each partner slowly breathes in – opening to feel more love in the heart – breathing out, sinking more fully into the pleasure of receiving. Attuning to each other’s breathing opens the way for sharing from your whole being. Tantra yoga offers many ways of utilizing breath and the body’s energy centers for awakening and intimate bonding – mentally, emotionally, spiritually and physically.
  • Invoke divine awareness – Declaring the love we feel for our Beloved honors both the Source of our love – our GodSelf – and the God/Goddess of our Beloved. Verbalizing our most intimate feelings of passion and pleasure empowers and validates the ritual. Take time to feel the Flow of the Infinite filling your mind, warming your heart, your throat with Love/Light before you begin. You might like to include some of the following: From the Lord God of my Being, Unto the God/Goddess of who I AM I claim my ability to honor and adore the wondrous Divine Presence you are. I claim my ability to enjoy the God/Goddess you are with greater trust, compassion and vulnerability. I now call forth God’s will for greater intimacy, harmony, passion and pleasure to manifest through my every thought of you, through every word and every touch. May the zeal of the heavens sparkle through my eyes to celebrate the wild, free expression of your uniqueness. May the Cosmic Dance of our Spirits dissolve all separation, manifest our souls’ purpose with grace and enchantment. Let the joy of our souls add to the momentum of Global Awakening. Amen.
  • Honor discord when it arises – Sacred Relationship is a Path of Fire. It brings up those aspects of consciousness that are unlike love for the purpose of transformation and empowerment. The intensity of the process can be quite challenging. Remember, “Nothing comes to me but that for which I have been perfectly prepared”. As we embrace our partner, their pain-filled memories, recognizing the fragile little boy or girl within. In addition, recognizing the empowered wise man or woman within, filled with hopes, dreams, we embody the very essence of the Healer/Shaman which can help us through our issues. Intellectualizing the process misses the grand opportunity provided. No one is at fault. Blame is just another response to be transformed. Be courageous in feeling into all that comes up. The Power in you to feel is the same Power that feels and heals everything! You can trust it with your life. It is your life. It is All-Life.
  • Return to harmony – Nothing of real value can be accomplished in disharmony. If one partner continues angry expression, the other is called to ‘hold to the truth’ and say something like, “My Beloved, I’m going to leave you alone with your issue. In perfect time you’ll open to the healing power of divine love within you. At that time we can practice harmonizing breath and open to the Source of true help. We’ll be partners in the healing process”. Opening up and sharing from your TrueSelf, you’re able to let down some fears, to embrace your partner more fully, knowing you are being accepted for who you are.
  • Relax into pleasure – The tenancy is to tense up as pleasure increases with our Beloved. In addition, our attention becomes more narrowly focused on the physical source of our pleasure. Relaxing into an expanded awareness couples open their receptive and intuitive faculties and allow the flow of pleasure integrate and enrich the whole body/mind/spirit connection.

Contributing to global awakening

We believe that when we offer ourselves to Sacred Relationship and prove our commitment by honoring the Light in our Beloved, even when they are expressing in the most challenging way, that Spirit uses our relationship as a crucible where issues facing humankind are brought to us for compassionate transformation. They come through us as personal experience, but the results of our dedicated attention bring about a larger, richer experience of our TrueSelf. They increase intimacy and pleasure through extraordinary partnership, and We believe that they do have a global impact for good. Our courage makes the path easier for others to take, makes the Divine more accessible. As such, we earn the right to call for and receive the Universal Healing Resources to assist and bless our journey of awakening.

“Always keep your heart in heaven.” “Love and allow!”

Unlike most relationships with attachment, unfulfilled desires, expectations, codependency’s and confusion, Sacred Relationship transcends these challenges and it is where everyone is heading. Many know the old relationships and ways of interacting with each other are coming to a close yet have no idea what the new way or relationship is thus they are often left floundering in pain, suffering and confusion.

We can have love, compassion and even passion without attachment. We can have anger without hate, discernment without judgment and condemnation and expression without suppression. When we do not express due to fear of loosing the love, acceptance, approval of another and suppress in denial, we create an energy block which can eventually end up in disease or when the dam breaks a burst of anger and resentment issues forth upon whomever is in the path. Expression without suppression, denial and insecurity also helps others to evolve by giving them the information they need to go forward.

If we truly desire a sacred relationship we must first take full responsibility for our own attitudes, emotions and actions. It is no longer appropriate to project, blame or make another responsible for our lives, the love, joy, happiness and even the abundance we are experiencing. There is a saying, ”The only reason anyone has any power over you is because you want something from them.”

Whether it be love, joy, acceptance, approval or even security, these are all attributes to be and not seek through others or outer experiences. Be love, joy and happiness. Accept and approve of yourself. Be secure within yourself and manifest your own abundance. Become sovereign and establish a sacred relationship with self. Love yourself enough not to participate in all the other dramas, especially those which another has not chosen to heal and go forward. Take the time necessary to heal yourself of any wounds, traumas and wrong conclusions from past experiences.

We live in an Action/Reaction world known as the plane of demonstration where consciousness creates reality. We magnetize people and events to us according to our consciousness. Is it not wise to first heal ourselves, love, accept and approve of ourselves and then magnetize people and events to us which are a reflection of our own self-love, self-acceptance, self-approval, as well as our own happiness and security? The ultimate sacred relationship is to become one with the loving, joyous, wise and powerful manifesting God within and allow that love to flow through you unconditionally and unattached to others and all life. This is where we are all headed eventually.

We invite you to explore our private relationship coaching sessions offered by Lilly for your personal growth and enjoyment. They will enrich your intimate relationships, restore your physical vitality and create balance in your life. Passion is a word that is often misunderstood. We encourage you to reclaim this energy and use it to empower and enhance your day to day reality. It is our passion to teach a way of life that honors the body, heart, mind and soul as being sacred. We deeply respect your intent to explore the nature of your soul and it’s unlimited creative abilities.