Spiritual awakenings are your soul’s cry for the freedom it is used to in past lives. Listen to it’s call and your life will be transformed into something beautiful, meaningful and significant. Ignore it’s call and your life will be repetitive, cumbersome, and dormant.

Are you receiving signs you may be experiencing a spiritual awakening? Several years ago I found myself opening to a level of freedom, love and truth, which I had not known before. Patterns of fear, hurt, anger, unworthiness and isolation, which I had acquired in early childhood, dissolved as I opened up into the truth of life. These were definite signs of spiritual awakening.

Spiritual awakening signs: Spiritual awakenings and ascension symptoms initiate us into the realm of the spirit and soul that most have been disconnected from for so long. Born into a world that currently values material growth over all else, very few of are familiar with the Spiritual way of life.

Spiritual awakening signs

That first awakening was followed by a series of even deeper awakenings, which have occurred about every three years. Each of these awakenings took me into multi-dimensional levels of consciousness, revealing profound insights about the nature of the human condition.

Many of the keys to spiritual awakening were also revealed, including the hidden key to liberation from the limited world of the human thinking mind into the infinite world of NOW.

I feel extremely blessed to have been able to share with others what I have learned as a result of my own awakening. I am constantly amazed at the level of truth, love and wisdom just waiting to emerge from each person given the right opportunity and the right guidance.

Signs of spiritual awakening

Spiritual awakening and the present moment

The world is entering a new stage of evolution. Never before has there been such an opportunity for the awakening of human consciousness at a collective level.

But collective awakening occurs at the individual level. Each one of us must make the most of this opportunity. It IS possible to awaken NOW! It is possible to complete your soul’s journey in this lifetime.

To be fully awake and enlightened simply means to be fully present in the moment of now. To be present is the simplest thing. It is your natural state.

You have a choice

Every moment, you have a choice. Will you be present in the truth and reality of this moment or will you allow yourself to be seduced into the world of the mind?

All thoughts take you out of the present moment. And then if you believe in those thoughts, which most of us do, you get lost in the world of the mind.

For most of us, we have become so habituated to thinking, that now thoughts never end. They have a life of their own. We are not even choosing to think. Thinking is happening all by itself and we are simply pulled from one thought to another, never really experiencing the sacredness of this moment.

When you bring yourself fully present, your mind falls silent. Thoughts stop all by themselves. You are not trying to stop them. There is no effort. There is no resistance.

The truth of life

When you are present, you are awake in the truth of life. You can choose to be present as much as you like. The more you choose the present moment, the more it awakens as a dimension within you and the more you will be transformed.

The present moment is free of memories of the past and imagining into the future. And so the pain and limitations of the past magically disappear when you are present. Anxiety about the future also disappears. You are just here now, fully present in this moment; awake, alive, present, free, spontaneous, responsive, empowered.

When we are fully present, our inner experience is one of peace, love, acceptance, power, truth and compassion. Separation and fear dissolve. We exist within Oneness. Then everything in our lives will change, simply because the outer world is a reflection of the inner world. This is true, both at a personal and collective level.

Signs of spiritual awakening you may be experiencing

Below please find a list of signs of spiritual awakening signs you may be experiencing and other spiritual awakening symptoms:

Signs you may be experiencing a spiritual awakening

Whispy’s resident psychic expert Lilly gives examples of may signs of spiritual awakening symptoms of ascension

As you become spiritually awake, you may experience physical and emotional discomfort. In time these changes will pass and you embrace your life’s purpose with great joy and love. Below are indications of the awakening process. These symptoms are common to all Light Beings, including Starseeds and Indigo Children.

Guidance is everywhere. The Spirit is available to help you awaken. Teachers are people, books, movies, events, Mother Nature, etc.

Teachers may appear to be negative or positive when you are trapped in polarity thinking, but, from a transcendent perspective, they are always perfect.

Absorb the learning and then move on. We will only receive what we are ready to master. Each challenge presents an opportunity to grow spiritually.

Lingering karmic issues must be resolved. Perhaps you need to work through past relationships. Or maybe personal issues of self-worth, abundance, creativity, addictions, etc.

Resources and people become available to help you resolve old karma. Rather than becoming overly involved in the past, send love to it.

Give thanks for having the opportunity to learn and grow. You have the opportunity to release energy that does not serve your new vision.

Especially in the neck, shoulder, and back. This is the result of changes at your DNA level as the “Christ Seed” awakens within.

Dreams might include war and battle scenes, being chased, or visions of monsters. You are releasing old energy. These energies of the past are often symbolized as wars, running to escape, and boogiemen.

As the Spiritual awakening progresses your sensitivity increases. You will also experience a sense of heightened awareness. This is the stage where things begin to open up to you through your normal five senses as well as your newly found sixth sense. Everything becomes more vivid… colors, sounds, tastes, and smells.

You will experience increased sensitivity with other people and will begin to “feel” what they are feeling and know what may be wrong with them even if they do not. It is not unusual for someone going through the spiritual awakening process to be moving towards becoming a healer of one kind or another.

Increased or decreased hearing. Other symptoms are hearing white noise in the head, beeps, tones, music, or electronic patterns. Some hear water rushing, bees buzzing, whooshing, roaring, or ringing.

Others have what is called audio dyslexia. Those with this condition cannot always make out what people are saying. It is as if they can no longer translate language.

Some hear strange voices in their dreams. Remember, there is nothing to fear. Surrender to these sensations. Your ears are adjusting to new frequencies.

Receiving images, ideas, music, and other creative inspirations. Record these inspirations, for Spirit is speaking to you about how you might fulfill your purpose and contribute to the healing of the planet. Making a space in your life for something wonderful to happen increases the creative flow.

Rashes, bumps, acne, hives, warts, and shingles. Anger produces outbreaks around the mouth and chin. These conditions are part of cleansing the body of unwanted energy.

If you are subconsciously attempting to repress a past issue, your body may express it in the form of a skin condition. It is important to send these old feelings love and then release them. Try geranium, rose, lemon, or bergamot oil on the shingle’s lesions.

You may feel alone, even when in the company of others. You could be experiencing feelings of being removed from society. You may feel the desire to “flee” from crowds. You are walking a sacred and lonely path.

As much as the feelings of loneliness cause you anxiety, it is difficult to relate to others at this time. Your Guides are allowing you to discover your own divinity. This void within will soon be filled with the love and energy of your own Christ consciousness.

Intense energy in the hands, feet, aches in the bones, headaches, backaches, neck pains, flu-like symptoms (this is called vibrational flu), digestive problems, muscle spasms or cramps, racing heartbeat, chest pains and infections, increased mucous, changes in sexual desire, numbness or pain in the limbs, and involuntary vocalizations or bodily movements.

You may even have childhood ailments reappear. Seek medical help if you believe it is needed. If you have determined that this is not a medical condition, realize that it is only temporary. The symptoms will subside as you embrace the new energy.

You may experience tingling, itchy, prickly, crawling sensations along the scalp and/or down the spine. A sense of energy vibrating on top of the head, as if energy is erupting from the head in a shower.

The sensation of energy pouring in through the crown chakra is called “sprinkles.” You might feel pressure on the crown, as if someone is pushing a finger into the center of your head. These sensations mean that you are opening to receive Divine Energy.

You may experience strange cravings and/or odd food choices. Some find they are not as hungry as they used to be. Or hungrier. Give your body what it needs. Practice the “Food Blessing” above.

A very common symptom. As you change, things around you will change, too. Do not worry about finding the “perfect” job or career right now. You are in transition and may make several job changes before discovering your Life’s Work.

You are connected to your biological family via old karma. When you let go of the karmic cycle, the bonds of old relationships are released. It will appear as though you are drifting away from your family and friends. After a period of time, you may develop a new relationship with them if it is appropriate. However, the relationship will be based on new energy without karmic attachments.

Chemical additives in food may smell or taste unpleasant. Other food may taste absolutely wonderful. For some people, these enhancements are both delightful and distracting. You might even smell the fragrance of flowers now and then. Many of the mystics did. Enjoy it.

You may experience such a jolt of energy that you want to leap out of bed and into action. These episodes are followed by periods of lethargy and fatigue. The fatigue can be attributed to great energy shifts.

This is a time of integration, so give into it. Roll with the nature of the energy. Be gentle with yourself. Take naps if you are tired. Pursue a hobby if you are too energized to sleep. Take advantage of energy you are experiencing.

You may experience heat from head to toe. Or perhaps you feel cold sensations. It is a momentary feeling, but uncomfortable. If you are an energy worker, you may have noticed that the heat running through your hands has increased. This is good. If you are uneasy with the new energy, ask your Guides to assist you in adjusting the temperature.

You may feel completely dis-impassioned, with little or no desire to do anything. That is fine, it is part of the process. Take this time to “do nothing.” Do not fight yourself on this, because this shall pass.

It’s similar to rebooting a computer. You need to shut down for a brief period of time in order to load the sophisticated new software, or in this case, the new Christ-Seed energy.

It is time for you to seek and speak your truth. It suddenly seems important to become more authentic, more yourself.

You may have to say “no” to people whom you have tried to please in the past. You may find it intolerable to stay in a marriage, job, or place that does not support who you are.

You may also find there is nowhere to hide, no secrets to keep anymore. Honesty becomes important in your relationships. Listen to your heart. If your guidance tells you not to do something, follow it. Learn to trust yourself.

You are releasing your past (this lifetime and others). This causes feelings of sadness, anger, and depression. It is similar to the experience of moving from a house where you lived for many years, to a new house. As much as you want to move into the new house, there is a sadness in leaving behind the memories, energy, and experiences of the old house.

Accept these feelings and then release them. Feel the emotion in your Heart Chakra. Expand the sensations to all of your energy fields. Breathe deeply from the belly to your upper chest. You are beginning to let go of the past. Decide to release old issues and ask your Higher Power to assist you in the process. Most of these unsettling feelings are linked to letting go of relationships that no longer serve your new energy frequencies.

Some of us may begin to gain weight. Others may lose weight. Weight gain is associated with suppressed fears. These fears are in need of healing. We react by building up a defense in our bodies. We might also attempt to ground ourselves or provide bulk against increasing energy frequencies in our bodies.

You will lose the weight when your fears have been integrated. Release your anxiety about weight gain. Exercise is important at this stage of development. Before eating, try this:

Sit at the table with an attractive place setting. Light a candle. Enjoy how the food looks. Place your dominant hand over your heart and bless the food. Tell your body that you are going to use the food to nourish it, but that you are not going to use the food to fulfill your emotional hunger. Then pass your hand from left to right over the food and bless it. You may notice that the food feels warm to your hand. Enjoy the blessings before you.

As you become more spiritual, you develop increased sensitivity to the world around you. Your body will let you know which energies are no longer needed. You might be cleansing yourself of toxins. Some people find they have a white residue in their mouth, much like that of runners at the end of a race. This white film can be removed by sloshing 2 tablespoons of cold-pressed olive oil in your mouth for 10-15 minutes (do not swallow). Then spit the mixture into the toilet, rather than the sink. It would not be beneficial to leave these bodily toxins in your sink. Follow this rinsing process after brushing your teeth. Then clean your brush.

Changing sleep patterns such as restlessness, hot feet, waking up two or three times a night. Feeling tired after you awaken and sleepy off and on during the day. You may experience a condition called the Triad Sleep Pattern.

It involves sleeping for 2-3 hours, waking up, falling back to sleep for another couple of hours, waking up, and returning to sleep again. Others may find that they require less sleep. Another variation is sleeping for 10 hours or more. This simply means that your body needs more rest to accomplish its work.

There is a lot of work going on within you, and it often causes you to awaken for a “breather.” Not to worry. If you cannot go back to sleep, get up and do something rather than lay in bed and worry about humanly things.

Sore eyes, blurry vision, shimmering objects, seeing glittery particles, auras around people, plants, animals, and objects. Some report seeing formerly opaque objects as transparent. When you close your eyes, you no longer see darkness, but redness.

You may also see geometric shapes or brilliant colors and pictures when your eyes are closed. Colors appear more vivid. For example, the sky might look teal or the grass an amazing green. As you become more sensitive, you may see shapes or outlines in the air, especially when the room is almost dark.

When your eyes are open or closed, you may see white or gold shapes in your peripheral vision (these are your guides). Your vision is changing and you are experiencing new ways of seeing. Hazy vision may be relieved by yawning. Drink lots of water for dry eyes.

At times you will not feel grounded. You’ll be “spatially challenged,” feeling as though you cannot put two feet on the ground, or that you are walking between two worlds. As you begin to embrace new energy, your body sometimes lags behind. Spend more time enjoying nature to help ground your new energy.

Not feeling the same sensations as before. You may have a different experience of being in contact with Spirit. Difficulty in focusing. This is a period of constant communication with Spirit.

Therefore, the sensations may feel different. You will adapt to this new feeling. You are now thinking and acting in partnership with Spirit. You may find your meditation periods are shorter.

You will find yourself talking to your Self more often. You might suddenly realize you have been chattering away with yourself for the past 30 minutes.

There is a new level of communication taking place within your being, and you are experiencing the beginnings of “self talk.”

The conversations will increase, and they will become more fluid, more coherent, and more insightful. You are not going crazy, but rather, moving into the new energy

You have experienced many life changes rather quickly. The number of these changes seems to be increasing each day. Sometimes time is collapsing, so you feel as if there are time gaps in your day.

Your perception of time-space is being altered. You may choose to break your day into segments to increase the feeling of time acceleration. You can slow time down by relaxing, concentrating on the moment, rather than anticipating what lies ahead.

Tell yourself that you have plenty of time. Ask your Higher Power to assist you. Keep your focus on the present and try to flow from one activity to the next. Follow your intuition.

This is perhaps the most difficult and challenging of the conditions. You may experience a deep and overwhelming desire to leave Earth and return Home.

This is not a “suicidal” feeling. It is not based in anger or frustration. You do not wish to cause drama for yourself or others. There is a quiet part of you that wants to return to where you came from.

The root cause for this is quite simple. You have completed your karmic cycles. You have completed your contract for this lifetime.

You are ready to begin a new lifetime while still in this physical body. During this transition process, you have inner remembrances of what it is like to be on the other side. Are you ready to enlist for another tour of duty here on Earth? Are you ready to take on the challenges of moving into the New Energy?

Yes, indeed you could go Home right now. But you have come this far, and once the symptoms have subsided, you will create a new life for yourself on Earth. This life will be one of great fulfillment.

It is very important that you complete your work on Earth so you will not have to return to finish it. Realize that as difficult as it may seem, you are in the process of creating a new vision of reality.