Not only is it no accident that you are seeking out information on twin flame soulmates or twin souls at this time, it is no accident that you find each other. Love is the longing for the half of ourselves we have lost. Twin Flame Soulmates enter our lives at precisely just the right moment – the moment when we are physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually prepared to meet them.

It is an absolute human certainty that no one can know his own beauty or perceive a sense of his own worth until it has been reflected back to him in the mirror of another loving, caring human being. Have you found your twin soul mirror yet? Get a twin flame soulmate reading and find out now!

Twin flame soulmates and twin ray souls. How to recognize your twinflame soulmate when you meet him!

Here you will find information and insight into what makes a twin flame/twin soul relationship different and how to manifest a twinsoul/twinflame soulmate union into a physical relationship.

Finding your “twin flame” soul mate is one of life’s greatest challenges and often needs insight and courage to make decisions that take us out of our natural comfort zones. Often, twin souls meet in this lifetime but recognize each other from past lives as well.

You’ll learn that many theories about the twin flame soulmate relationship (such as having just a single one) are INcorrect. There are many types of soul mates.

Twin flame soulmates - Twinflame soulmate - Twin Flames - Twin Rays - How to recognize your twin flame soul mate

Sacred psychology of twin flame soulmate love

Eons ago, before Alpha and Omega, the Father/Mother God, and vowed to bring to earth a portion of God’s creativity—to bring energy from the Spirit plane of your being, your I AM Presence, into the world of form for action, for good works—and then to return to the plane of Spirit having mastered time and space.

In Learning to translate spiritual energy to the physical plane required a series of incarnations in both masculine and feminine embodiments. In this way, each twin flame had the opportunity to reflect the fullness of the Father/Mother God.

Had we remained in constant harmony, we would have shared the beauty of the relationship of cosmic lovers throughout our many incarnations on earth. But as soon as we lost our harmony with each other and with God— through mistrust, through fear, or through a sense of separation from our divine identity—we allowed darkness to enter our lives, creating worlds of negative energy between us and our twin flame. We found ourselves farther and farther apart until we passed as ships in the night, tragically unaware of each other’s existence.

Each incarnation apart from our twin flame was spent either creating negative karma or balancing some of the karma that stood in the way of our reunion. At times we assumed various relationships with our twin flame—husband/wife, mother/son, father/daughter, and sister/brother—in order to unwind the negative strands of energy we had woven into our subconscious through our misuse of free will.

Often, when people learn that they share a unique mission with their twin flame, they begin to search physically for that one special soul instead of seeking their wholeness within. This is always a detour on the path to soul liberation.

Who is my twinflame soulmate? Learn how to find your twin flame soulmate

How do you recognize your twin flame soulmate? Your twin flame may have already won this soul liberation and reunited with God—or he may still be struggling to find the way. Where your twin flame is—what his state of consciousness is—can greatly influence your own ability to find wholeness.

Because both of you share the same blueprint of identity—like the design of a snowflake, unique in all of cosmos—whatever energy you send forth is imprinted or stamped with that specific pattern. According to the law that like attracts like, all energy you release cycles to your twin flame—either hindering or helping him on the path to wholeness.

When you send forth love or hope, these qualities will uplift your twin flame. But if you are burdened with frustration or hatred, your twin flame will likewise feel the weight of these unqualified feelings. Sometimes the inexplicable joys or depressions you feel are the moods of your other half registering on your own consciousness.

You can accelerate your progress on the Path if—in your prayer, meditation, or dynamic decrees—you call to your I AM Presence for the inner heart contact with your twin flame. You can make the following invocation: “In the name of the Christ I call to the blessed I AM Presence of our twin flames for the sealing of our hearts as one for the victory of our mission to humanity.

I invoke the light of the Holy Spirit for the consuming of all negative karma limiting the full expression of our divine identity and the fulfillment of our divine plan.” In this way, even if you live in separate spheres, you can unite spiritually on higher planes and direct light into your own world and the world of your twin flame for the balancing of mutual karma.

This inner contact magnifies the light and attainment you each have and releases the awesome power of the polarity of your love, enabling you to stand strong against the conflicts that inevitably come to the door of all who would defend love.

Inspired by the grandeur of love, artists, writers, and composers throughout the ages have expressed both love’s exalted heights and tragic depths. In many of their masterpieces, we can sense an inner understanding of twin flames, their love for one another, and their encounters with karma and cosmic law.

Mrs. Prophet has interpreted several famous operas from this perspective. Although some of the arias and duets give us a glimpse of the majestic love of twin flames, these stories often end in sorrow, tragedy, or death because one or both of the lovers fail a test of personal mastery—having not yet sealed their own individual path in God.

Soulmates and Twin Flames – Madame Butterfly

Puccini’s Madame Butterfly tells the story of the American Lieutenant Pinkerton and his contract marriage to Butterfly, a trusting fifteen-year-old Japanese girl. These two souls symbolize twin flames. Their Eastern and Western cultures represent both the masculine and feminine polarities of twin flames as well as the gulf that separates souls who have not yet balanced their karma and must endure the pain of separation as a result.

Pinkerton, a man hardened by the world, has lost the sense of the purity of true love. Although he is attracted by the beauty and charm of Butterfly, he deliberately plans to desert her for an American wife. However, Pinkerton and his Japanese bride do share intense moments of love—their souls uniting as one flame commemorating their original wholeness in God. And the fruit of this union is the conception of a child—a symbol of their great love.

But the Lieutenant is ignorant of this development and blinded by his own selfish desires. He goes home to America leaving Butterfly trusting in his eventual return. Pinkerton does return, several years later—with an American wife. In her grief at this desertion by her twin flame, Butterfly takes her life.

Wagner’s opera Lohengrin illustrates the relationship of twin flames when the one who has ascended into Spirit endeavors to assist his beloved—still undergoing the tests and initiations on earth.

Elsa is falsely accused of murdering her brother, but she has absolute faith in the arrival of a knight in shining armor to save her. Lohengrin, Elsa’s ascended twin flame, answers her inner call and descends from higher planes to rescue her. He glides across a lake in a boat pulled by a swan, symbolizing a God-realized soul coming from another octave. They are married, but Lohengrin, Guru (teacher) to his twin flame, instructs Elsa that she may never ask his name.

This is her great test of love—the same test Cupid required of Psyche. Neither Psyche nor Elsa could resist the temptation—both succumb to the human frailty of curiosity and discover the true identity of their lovers. Because of this disobedience, cosmic law requires their separation once again. Lohengrin returns to the plane of Spirit—there to await his twin flame’s self-mastery and their ultimate reunion.

Literature abounds with famous lovers who may very well have been twin flames: Dante finally reaching the point where Beatrice could present him to Christ, Penelope faithfully tending the flame of love that draws Ulysses home from his wanderings, Evangeline tirelessly searching for her beloved, Shakespeare pouring forth his love to the lady of the sonnets, Romeo and Juliet, Lancelot and Guinevere, Tristan and Isolde, Hiawatha and Minnehaha, Robert and Elizabeth Barrett Browning. All shared a love typical of twin flames.

Even looking at the flow of history reveals the importance of twin flames. I was fascinated to learn from Mrs. Prophet that Pharaoh Ikhnaton and Queen Nefertiti were twin flames working together to bring the worship of the one God to a world floundering in the throes of polytheism. These same twin flames reembodied as King Clovis and Queen Clothilde to bring Christianity to France in the sixth century.

NOT Twin Flame Soulmates

Not all of the beautiful and soul-fulfilling loves are those of twin flames. There is also the love of very close, kindred souls called soulmates. “A soul mate is different from a twin flame. Soul mates share a common mission and comparable stage of spiritual development. They come together because they are working on the same type of karma and the same chakra simultaneously.

So soulmates have an attraction that is based on the sacred labor and on the path of self-mastery. A soul mate is like the echo of oneself in Matter working at the same task to fulfill a blueprint for God.”

Mary and Joseph, the parents of Jesus, were soul mates sharing the responsibility for nurturing the Christ within their son. Both of their twin flames were in the octaves of light holding the balance for their mission. Many people today who are still balancing karma but who are on the spiritual Path find themselves drawn to their soul mates for the fulfillment of a shared dharma or sacred labor.

Karmic Marriage

Besides twin flames and soul mates, a third kind of marriage relationship is frequently seen—the karmic marriage. Here, the two individuals are drawn together for the balancing of mutual karma. These marriages are often difficult but they are important in achieving mastery on the Path. The husband and wife also gain the good karma of sponsoring and nurturing their children.

Some of these marriages may give the opportunity for the balancing of severe crimes of murder, betrayal, or extreme hatred. Very often the only way that we can balance that hatred is by the intense love expressed through the husband-wife relationship.

Twin flame soulmates and the yearning for wholeness

The oncoming Aquarian age is an age for the understanding of God’s energy in polarity as the masculine and feminine principles of the universe. How we experience that energy as our true identity, how we understand it as the essence of twin flames, and how we use it as the integrative power of divine love for the betterment of mankind will determine whether or not we survive as individuals and, ultimately, as a human race.

You may be reading this because the only thing that stands between you and your twin flame is a layer of negative energy just waiting to be consumed by the joyous, bubbling action of the violet flame. Your mission, your twin flame, and your ultimate reunion in the heart of God await you!

These days, many lightworkers are reuniting with their twin flame or twin soul. Because so many of us at this time are “obsessed” with finding our spiritual counterpart, I’ve gathered some resources that will help us to understand what’s going on with this — why this subject has become a passionate and driving force that overwhelms the most well-intentioned lightworkers who feel we really should be getting on with something a bit more impersonal and universal.

This “crazy” feeling is typical of those who are on the verge of finding their twin soul. It’s been one of the common denominators of everything I’ve been reading involving this subject. And the best part is… just when you have thoughts of futility about ever finding “the other,” he or she is suddenly there! More often than not, it’s when you least expect it to happen, because there’s usually something else, another interest or goal sometimes equally (or almost) as passionate that has led you to that person!

From years of intensive and exhaustive past life hypnosis on clients, Dr. Michael Newton, in his book Destiny of Souls disputes the notion of twin souls. Not once did a client of his use the term “twin soul” during a past life regression. Also, when regressed to the time of a soul’s creation, clients stated that their soul was not split-off from another soul or flame, as the twin soul theory suggests, but was instead “spit out” from the source as a tiny white light with a group of other little lights, each one unique.

Clients do report that they have a “primary soulmate” rather than a twin soul. (This book is fascinating. It’s not just someone’s opinion but is based on actual research. You might end up changing much of your belief system.)


This is by no means conclusive. There’s still lots of information coming in from other sources. We’re going through information overload since mid 2000. Twin souls have become a hot topic and the insights are plentiful. Books are being written. Hypnotherapists, psychics, channelers, and intuitives are now being “permitted” access to soul mate information. We still don’t know that twin souls is just a concept rather than a reality.

There is no proof that the respondents from the survey who claim to be twin souls really are. Most probably are not. Some might have had a badly aspected Uranus or Neptune transit during the time of meeting their “twin.” That would give rise to possible delusions about the relationship. How many relationships have you been in that felt like “the one”?

This is some information about “twin souls” or “primary soul mates” that we’ve tentatively gathered so far. This info may be revised as more information comes to light:

It seems so far that many twin souls have their sun signs in the same element. For those who want a quick astrology lesson, the elements and signs are:

  • AIR: Gemini, Libra, Aquarius
  • FIRE: Aries, Leo, Sagittarius
  • WATER: Cancer, Scorpio, Pisces
  • EARTH: Taurus, Virgo, Capricorn

The big three (sun, moon, rising) are of the same element or in compatible (sextile) elements. If one person has two fire and one air, the other person does too. They are less likely to be twin souls if one person had one earth and the other one didn’t.

  • Rising signs (might be) the same with the rulers in the same element.
  • The moon of one is conjunct an angle of the other’s chart.
  • One of these seem to be a cardinal rule so far: Sun is conjunct the moon of the other; moons are in the same element, or moons are in the same sign.
  • Twin Souls meet when there’s a personal planet progressed to the sun/moon midpoint on each natal chart.
  • There may be a preponderance of aspects, especially by trine, from the personal planets of one’s natal chart to another’s Midheaven.
  • Many planets of one person’s chart fall into the angular houses of the other’s natal chart.
  • The numbers 6, 9, 15, 24, 27 seem to be part of the birthdays. Twin Souls often meet on one of those days, too.

Twin soul relationships CAN be short-lived. These are the reasons that we’ve seen so far: death, explosiveness from the intensity of being with your mirror, spiritual immaturity of one or both partners, and most often, obligation to an already committed relationship or marriage.

Revision: Physical appearance has little or nothing to do with twin soul pairing. Old: Twin souls do not necessarily look alike. Many seem to be complete opposites such as brunette with blond, blue eyes/brown eyes, thick hair/thin hair, large boned/small boned. But those twin souls who DO look alike resemble each other very closely. In all cases studied so far, there seems to be a common ancestry, even if it’s only from one side of each other’s family.