Different types of dreams

What different kinds of dreams are there?

The conscious mind is reluctant to accept an alternate plain of existence, which the subconscious mind can comprehend quite easily. To enlighten the conscious mind, without overloading it, we dream. Often in riddle form. To benefit from these insights we first need to learn how to remember, analyze and interpret our different types of dreams.

You control your future, your destiny. What you think about comes about. By recording your dreams and goals on paper, you set in motion the process of becoming the person you most want to be. Put your future in good hands – your own. Learn to interpret your own different types of dreams and their meanings

types of dreams


This is a dream where you are alert and conscious, but you don’t realize you are dreaming until you wake up. Typical examples are of waking up, going to the washroom or a normal everyday pattern you follow when you wake up. Only to wake up again to realize that all that was just a dream. This is where lucid dreaming and semi-conscious dreaming are sharing your waking-consciousness. If you have these dreams, it’s a small step over to lucid dreaming.


When we are awake, we associate this with being who we are. It is the part of us in charge of all the decision making we do in the day. It is who think we are as an awake human. But in a dream state, our waking consciousness is normally turned off, so all the important faculties such as analytical abilities, logic and questioning tend to be dormant.

But in a lucid dream, you literally walk a door from physical reality into one of pure mental existence. Your thoughts effortlessly paint the dreamscape and you have full mental faculties as you would if you were awake. Lucid dreaming is probably one of the best forms of dreaming that I can think of.

You extend your conscious existence into a realm where you are the creator. Your abilities to imagine are increased to quantum levels where the very thought of a building can create architecture unlike anything imagined in our physical world.

This is a place where you discover just how real and unlimited your imagination can be. The level or quality of the dream is yours to command. The rules of conduct are yours to decide. Anything imaginable can be expressed in fluid graceful motion in this dreamscape.

These types of dreams also opens up a great avenue for your curiosity. Learning can be conducted, you can experiment with your thoughts and beliefs. Create music, art, cities, worlds, universes all in the instant of your own thoughts? Unimaginable? Only if you cannot conceive the possibility. After all, you’re the one now holding the pen.


This is where time and space no longer seem to fit any rational logical meaning. These dreams will put the twist on any logical thinker. Precognition is an ability to know and experience a future event before it ever occurs. Not everybody has had a precognitive dream that they remember, but many do.

And déjà vu is the shadow of such colossal events in human consciousness. A part of you just skipped the time/space continuum to check out what it will be doing in some later date. Seldom controlled, these dreams are spontaneous, faint and ghost like.

You may wake up having full memory of them, but that quickly fades. And in the thoughts that a dream might be precognitive, such clear memory tends not to hold any precognitive value. These ones from my opinion are the hardest, and most stealthy of the dreams for our consciousness to behold.

And for probably a good reason as we probably aren’t ready for that knowledge until something in us decides that we are. If you have ever observed your waking state, you’ll notice that your body with all of it’s senses records your reality and stores this recording into memory as time progresses.


What is a lucid precognitive dream? If you study dream research, I think I am the only person that I know who is talking about this layer of dreaming. It’s going to shock you, thrill you, mystify you and scare you. The moment you have one of these dreams, it will change you forever.

Not in any physical way, but in a conscious way. But I only speak from how they have changed me. They have given me hope that I thought forgotten of myself. And open a door so large for human growth and potential that I am very excited about teaching this kind of dreaming.

Take everything you know about life, thought, reality and yourself. Subtract all the science, belief and knowledge you think you have. Then just start fresh. You are awake, alert and you KNOW you are dreaming. This to you is clear. It is a lucid dream. However, this one for all you avid lucid dreamer’s out there who may not have had one yet takes you to a new boundary.

I call the precognitive layer the forge of creation. And you now stand at it. Don’t worry, you’ve stood here many times, probably too many to count. This occurs in very deep levels of our sleeping consciousness. And when you are here, you are not alone. These dreams are moderated by an intelligence far superior to normal waking human intelligence. More advanced than some space faring alien.

You are a part of that intelligence. And the reality is, you are creating it along side of countless other intelligence’s just like you. Different only they are the man in the park, the bird in the tree, the car driving on the road, the cells in your hands, the molecules in the cell, the fabric of intelligence and consciousness in the universe. And if you get here, and knowingly stand here consciously it’s because something has allowed it.


When your dreaming, it’s nice to have company. Old school thought was when we dreamed, we dreamed alone in some subjective mixture of random chaotic thought spawned by some wild out-of-control subconscious part of us.

But then old school anything tends to not look much deeper than the surface of physical reality. Dreams are much more complex and much more profound. A shared dream is where you, and one of your friends or family, perhaps even a stranger meet in a dream, share the same dream content and setting an wake up with enough clear, undistorted memory to verify it with the other party involved.

When I first shared a dream, I had no clue that I could. Actually, until I experienced any of these things, I had no idea. It was all just another stone that somehow I turned over and the benefits were spectacular. For the first time in my life, I could look face to face with a friend in the crazy realm of my dreams, and fully know that they were there with me.

I have a close friend to whom we have shared many dreams. And it is no different that going for coffee here in physical reality with your friend. You both have your usual objective points, and both have full memory of who you are, where you are, and what you are doing. Just this time your dreaming.


Actually, I like them, you may not. Nightmares can scare the *you know what* out of any of us. These dreams hold the paralyzing fears we have stored layer after layer in our jumbled consciousness. To me, they are nothing more than some crazy horror show gone haywire. It’s the realm of demons, monsters, goblins, aliens, freak shows, murder, insanity, darkness. It’s the realm of our deepest human fears struggling with our moral mind as to why we think what we think.

Nightmares force us to do two things, fight or flee. They are patterned after our survival instinct, and contain a warped Hollywood style to them when our hellish imagination gets the better of us. When I have a nightmare, I just change them to something more desirable.

And if they get the better of me, I usually laugh right in them because I know that it’s just a silly dream and I can change it at will. But for my personal investigation into myself, my nightmares reflected just only what I truly feared.

And when I realized that I could exit in such a state as myself untouched by it all, the nightmare was harmless. Like a painter who got scared of the picture he painted. We still have control.

I like nightmares for one basic fundamental. They let us know we dream in a very loud and clear way. We may not like them, and it may detour the timid from expanding forward with conscious exploration of the dream state.

But if your not easily frightened or intimidated, you can have some real fun with nightmares. I tend to mimic some of my more earlier role models such as Bug’s Bunny’s ability to stylishly deal with his vile villains. And like a villain, a nightmare can be turned into some really funny solution for problem solving.

Nothing can hurt you if you don’t let it. Self-control and discipline in dreaming is like achieving a black belt in karate. You will now have effective tools to deal with anything you don’t want to dream about should you willfully desire to control it.

Spiritually Speaking:

Prophetic and Recurring Dreams

There are two distinctly different types of psychic dreams: prophetic and recurring. Prophetic dreams are those that give us a glimpse into the future. These dreams you will want to keep record of and attempt to interpret.

My friend Mona had a dream that I was in Italy and being followed by a handsome, young Italian man. She told me she dreamed of me going into a store while this man was watching me. She didn’t feel good about this guy, and described him as creepy. Her details were pretty vivid: I was all alone, it was during the day, and I was definitely in Italy.

Weeks later, my friend Julie asked me to go to Italy with her on a business trip. I was very excited and had completely forgotten about Mona’s dream. While Julie was busy with her meetings all day in Milan, I was sightseeing by myself. I went into a huge department store to shop and that’s where I noticed this older Italian man staring at me. I felt uncomfortable and went into another department.

He followed. I casually walked into another department to see if I could lose him. He was right behind me. Then I got on the escalator and went downstairs. He made his way to the escalator, too. Off I went into another department. He was there! I made a bee-line for the front door of the store, pushed my way through a crowd of people, got on the subway and lost him. My friend’s dream was pretty accurate. But her description of this “stalker” was off. He wasn’t handsome at all!

Recurring dreams

are ones you have repeatedly. The same theme or series of events is always played out in this type of dream. If you experience a recurring dream, there’s probably a psychological or emotional reason for it. Your subconscious mind is telling you that there is an issue, fear, or worry you need to examine within yourself.

Warning dreams

These dreams alert us to possible danger or problems ahead. These dreams help us by giving us prior knowledge so we can be prepared or a crisis our even stop it from happening.

My friend Char had a warning dream that scared her. She dreamed of a school that had yellow police tape all around it — the kind you see at crime scenes. She said it worried her because it was very real, and she was shaken when she awoke from the dream. She described small children running out of the building and dozens of police cars circling the school.

She was frustrated because she didn’t know exactly where the school was. She felt helpless without more information. She wanted to be able to warn someone, but didn’t know who. About two days later and twenty miles from where Char lives, a first grader shot another classmate.

The little girl died. The tragedy made national news headlines. The events that occurred later had been revealed first in Char’s warning dream. It could be considered a prophetic dream, too.

Factual dreams

We have lots of these! They don’t last long, and we’re more apt to get bits and pieces of information than tangible knowledge. However, they can be very helpful. For example, you could dream of being interviewed for a new position or of talking with a friend about something that is actually happening in your life.

Inspiration dreams

If you are going through a personal crisis, perhaps having a difficult time at work or worrying about something, an inspiration dream offers a solution. It can give you insight to handle a situation. These dreams leave you with good feelings when you wake up.

Visitation dreams

Sometimes, deceased loved ones want to visit us, and the best way for them to connect with us is through our dreams. When we’re asleep, our subconscious is open to receiving messages from the other side. But how do you know if you are just dreaming of a departed family member or experiencing an actual visitation?

A dream is something you’ll remember when you first wake up. It fades over a few hours and eventually you’ll have little or no memory of it. A visitation is an actual visit from the soul or spirit of someone. It seems like a dream, but you will remember it vividly. It stays with you all day, or sometimes for weeks and months afterwards…maybe even forever.

During holidays and around anniversaries and birthdays, loved ones seem to make more visitations. It’s as if they want to share these special days with you. If you have lost someone dear, know that you can still connect with them. Ask them to come to you in a dream. Many times, deceased family and friends come to us when we’re involved in a major crisis to offer support and guidance.