What are psychic vampires? Here you will find psychic vampire information to learn how to protect yourself from psychic vampires, emotional vampires and prevent attacks with protection from psychic vampires and energy stealers..

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What is a psychic vampire?

Psychic Vampires are ordinary people who will steal and drain your energy without you even noticing. Here you can learn about psychic vampires (energy vampires), psychic vampires’ abilities and weaknesses, intentional psychic vampires, unintentional psychic vampires, psychic vampire spirits, psychic vampirism, and what happens when YOU befriend a powerful psychic vampire.

What is a psychic vampire?Psychic vampire definition:

A psychic vampire or energy vampire is a living person who “drains” others emotionally either empathically (draining the auric life force) or metaphorically (someone who takes emotionally without giving anything back; a “user”).

A psychic vampire, simply put, is a habitual energy stealer. They steal YOURS!

Psychic vampires are people who prey on the vital, human life energies of others. They are not believed to be undead. They are mortal people whose need for energy metaphorically connects them to the life-stealing predators of vampire myth. Learn to become aware of what individuals deplete your energy and limit your contact with them. Learn to build walls of protection and create a bubble of light surrounding your auric field.

Psychic Vampires are not just imaginary creatures of fiction or legend-they really exist. They are the people who become experts at robbing others of their vital energy. We’ve all known them. Despite the havoc they wreak, most psychic vampires are not evil life suckers, but rather people caught in a debilitating cycle of energy addiction.

Anyone who preys upon others can be seen as a psychic vampire. A person who exploits or ruins a lover is a psychic vampire. On a global scale, ageism, sexism, racism, abuse of human rights, international terrorism, and so-called “ethnic cleansing” are among the many faces of psychic vampirism.

Fortunately, we now know enough about psychic vampirism to halt it in its track. Step-by-step strategies specifically designed to confront and overcome the threat of psychic vampirism are now available to everyone.

How can you protect yourself from energy vampires?

Protection from psychic vampires, energy predators and parasites (found below) details scores of totally new strategies and psychic tools, each laboratory tested, that can effectively empower the potential victim of psychic vampirism. We can prevent a one-on-one psychic vampire attack or promptly end it.

Groups can effectively inoculate themselves against the onslaught of psychic vampirism. We can effectively counteract parasitic vampirism and break its vicious cycle by unblocking corroded internal energy channels and opening up new ones.

We can act decisively to erase the effects global vampirism and protect the earth from future harm. Understanding psychic vampirism is critical in our quest to realize our growth potentials and achieve our highest level of personal and global actualization.

Psychic vampires are now known as a energy vampires or PV’s

Psi vampires is the preferable term for them. Psychic vampirism is alive and flourishing in the world today. It exacts a heavy toll-it demands life-force energy and in some instances, it literally destroys lives. At a personal level, it wastes our energies, dampens the immune system, and undermines the body’s natural defenses against illness.

At a global level, it can literally drain the earth of its survival resources and interrupt its harmony and balance. It follows that finding ways of preventing psychic vampirism, or successfully counteracting it, must be among our top priorities. There are several forms of psychic vampirism, each of which demands a host victim.

One-on-one psychic vampire attacks

Every psychic-vampire attack “consumes” its victim’s energy and over the long haul destroys the energy system itself. Victims of repeated vampire attacks may experience “chronic fatigue, difficulty concentrating, sleep disturbances, excessive anxiety, sexual indifference, and impaired memory. The best defense is a strong internal system. Boost your own personal energy.

In the one-on-one vampire encounter, the psychic vampire taps into the energy system of a selected host victim for the express purpose of extracting energy. Typical one-on-one psychic vampires are not agents of evil bent on the destruction of their victims. Furthermore, they possess none of the supernatural powers attributed to folklore vampires. They function instead from a position of profound weakness. Deficient in energy, and with their own energy system usually impaired, they seek other energy options-the energy system of a host victim.

Almost everyone has experienced the common vampire interaction that left them both mentally and physically fatigued. Unfortunately, the psychic vampire’s energy system is only temporarily replenished, thus requiring repeated attacks. For the host victim of recurring attacks, the consequences can be extremely harmful. In the group setting, psychic vampirism can involve multiple vampires and victims.

It can occur within groups and between groups, with power, wealth, and control being among its major goals. Highly competitive groups whose goal is to subdue or defeat the opposition, along with heated political campaigns, seem particularly vulnerable to group psychic vampirism. In its most dangerous form, it can include the organized activities of predator gangs, criminal groups, and drug trafficking networks.

Psychic vampires, welcome to castle Enron

Even major corporations have been known to stoop to psychic vampirism. Any organization that exploits human beings has clear fingerprints of psychic vampirism. Big Tobacco with its long history of predatory marketing practices, some of which targeted children. Enron Corporation’s vampirization of its beleaguered employees are examples of corporate psychic vampirism on an alarming scale.

The globe itself is vulnerable to psychic vampirism that recklessly exhausts its natural resources, pollutes its environment, threatens its species, and erodes its potential for progress. Psychic vampirism’s consequences can span centuries. It can affect everyone and in some instances, it literally puts the future of the planet at risk.

An internal form of vampirism, parasitic vampires are twice the victim-they are both vampire and host. Examples are phobias, obsessions, compulsions, and an array of self-defeating stress reactions-each of which is like a blood-sucking vampire with a demonic appetite. The more they devour, the more they demand. By attacking from the inside, they drain their host of essential energy, and eventually grid down the energy system itself.

Psychic vampires (PV’s) are emotional vampires

READ OUR RECENT BLOG POST ABOUT THE EMOTIONAL VAMPIRE SURVIVAL GUIDE. They’re out there… masquerading as ordinary people. They may lurk in your office, your family, your circle of friends; perhaps they even share your bed. Chances are, you know all too many of them. Bright, talented, and charismatic, they win your trust, your confidence, and your affection, then drain you of your emotional energy. But take heart as you walk through the darkness, it doesn’t have to be that way — the more you know about vampires, the less power they have over you.

4 Types of emotional vampires and how to protect yourself from them

  • Emotional Vampire #1: The Narcissist – Their motto is “Me first.” Everything is all about them. They have a grandiose sense of self-importance and entitlement, hog attention, and crave admiration. They’re dangerous because they lack empathy and have a limited capacity for unconditional love. If you don’t do things their way, they become punishing, withholding, or cold. How to protect your emotions: Keep your expectations realistic. These are emotionally limited people. Try not to fall in love with one or expect them to be selfless or love without strings attached. Never make your self-worth dependent on them or confide your deepest feelings to someone who won’t cherish them.To successfully communicate, the hard truth is that you must show how something will be to their benefit. Though it’s better not to have to contend with this tedious ego stroking, if the relationship is unavoidable use the above strategies to achieved desired results.
  • Emotional Vampire #2: The Victim – These vampires grate on you with their “poor-me’ attitude and are allergic to taking responsibility for their actions. The world is always against them, the reason for their unhappiness. When you offer a solution to their problems they always say, “Yes, but.” You might end up screening your calls or purposely avoid them. As a friend, you may want to help but their tales of woe overwhelm you. How to Protect Your Emotions:Set kind but firm limits. Listen briefly and tell a friend or relative, “I love you but I can only listen for a few minutes unless you want to discuss solutions. Then I’d be thrilled to brainstorm with you.”With a coworker, listen briefly, sympathize by saying, “I’ll keep good thought for things to work out. Then say, I hope you understand, but I’m on deadline and must go back to work. Then use “this isn’t a good time” body language such as crossing your arms and breaking eye contact to help set these healthy limits.
  • Emotional Vampire #3: The Controller – These people obsessively try to control you and dictate what you’re supposed to be and feel. They have an opinion about everything. They’ll control you by invalidating your emotions if they don’t fit into their rulebook. They often start sentences with “You know what you need?” and then proceed to tell you. You end up feeling dominated, demeaned, or put down. How to Protect Your Emotions: The secret to success is never try and control a controller. Be healthily assertive, but don’t tell them what to do. You can say, “I value your advice but really need to work through this myself.” Be confident but don’t play the victim or sweat the small stuff. Focus on high priority issues rather than on putting the cap on the toothpaste.
  • Psychic Vampire #4: The Splitter or Borderline Personality – Splitters see things as either good or bad and have love/hate relationships. One minute they idealize you, the next you’re the enemy if you upset them. They have a sixth sense for knowing how to pit people against each another and will retaliate if they feel you have wronged them.They are people who are fundamentally damaged—inwardly they feel as if they don’t exist and become alive when they get angry. They’ll keep you on an emotional rollercoaster and you may walk on eggshells to avoid their anger. How to Protect Your Emotions: Stay calm. Don’t react when your buttons get pushed. Splitters feed off of anger. They respond best to structure and limit setting. If one goes into a rage, tell the person, “I’m leaving until you get calmer. Then we can talk.”Refuse to take sides when he or she tries to turn you against someone else. With family members, it’s best to show a united front and not let a splitter’s venomous opinions poison your relationships.

Learn more: Judith Orloff MD, an Assistant Clinical Professor of Psychiatry at UCLA and intuition expert, is author of the new book Emotional Freedom: Liberate Yourself From Negative Emotions and Transform Your Life (Harmony Books, 2009)

Psychic vampire attacks & energy vampire protection – What to look for and psychic vampire protection

Some warning signs that may make you aware that you are being preyed on in this way are: tiredness, fatigue, depression, headaches, nausea, dizziness, feeling drained, anxiety, panic attacks and nightmares. If the attacks continue, then the victim can become very ill, both physically and psychologically. Some people believe that the practice of psychic vampirism can make you live for ever.

A psychic vampire could be someone at work, or a member of your family, or people in caring jobs are often exposed to psychic vampires. Anyone who is damaging to you is a psychic vampire. People who try to exploit you or betray you are psychic vampires. It doesn’t have to be a single person either.

Organizations or groups of people can attack their victim psychically in the form of organizations that run on prejudice and hate, and exploit their employees.

Phobias, compulsions and obsessions are examples of when a person turns inwards on themselves and starts being their own psychic vampire, so they become both the vampire and the victim. This can be down to unresolved insecurities from childhood.

It takes a few days to recover from a psychic attack. There are many ways of protecting yourself from psychic attack or psychic vampirism: see psychic protection. A psychic vampire is generally a person who has learned, or who has a genetic inclination to using a talent for taking psychic energy from other people and using it to augment their own personal energy level.

Psychic vampires usually prefer energy with a strong emotional charge, and get a “high” from taking it. Understand, psychic vampires are typically not mean, cruel people. Oftentimes, they are totally unaware of their impact on others. Initially, they are quite charming and attractive. They draw others in with their cunning and guile. Like vampires displayed on Hollywood’s silver screen, psychic vampires avoid looking at themselves in the mirror.

This avoidance of mirrors signifies a psychological tendency to avoid the self. The psychic vampire avoids, at all costs, self-examination. As you know, vampires literally live in the dark. Similarly, psychic vampires refuse to become enlightened by the light of knowledge. They lurk in darkness, under cover and unaware of how they negatively influence and drain other peoples’ emotional energy.

Having avoided self-reflection, these individuals naturally deny responsibility for how they affect others and how they attempt to live off the energy of others. For instance, a typical interaction with a psychic vampire might appear like this:

The Psychic Vampire usually begins a conversation with a complaint of some sort. If the person they’re talking with chooses to respond with a solution, optimistic comment or some other positive response, the PV will literally live off that person’s positive energy.

Rather than do this for him/herself, the PV relies on other people to provide him/her with this type of energy. As the word “vampire” conveys, the PV saps the energy of others, which is why the other person ends up feeling emotionally drained.

It is not unusual for a person who is ill or feeling inadequate emotionally to draw upon or deplete energized individuals of their life force. These “suckers” are not bad people, most of them are not aware on a conscious level that they are doing what they are doing. Still, their unknowing actions can play havoc with anyone who leaves an energetic opening for this type of thievery.

It is important for us to be aware that we may be susceptible to having our energies stolen from us and learn ways to protect ourselves. The harm in a psychic attack is that there is no fair exchange of energy and therefore one feels depleted while the other becomes energized.

I have had to deal with psychic vampires over the years, albeit infrequently, and although I was able to handle them fairly well. I’ve known psychic vampires and tried and tried to help them. It’s endless and pointless. For example, there’s someone I knew online. Constant negativity.

All she did was complain. God forbid something really bad ever happened to her, I’m not sure how she’d complain. Eventually, it got to the point where I would get physically sick talking to her. I had to end the relationship. The hard part in dealing with these type people is that initially they do implant themselves into your lives as friends.

Then through a slow process the friendship is replaced by a constant draining on you. Being that we know that some people take longer than others to get through their issues we continue to try to help. What I have discovered in them is that they do not really want the help to improve their lives. They want to release the energy to someone else so they can continue on their way. They are in essence vampires of your energy and need to be removed from your life.

My own experience with one in particular was it was always the same issues always dealing with the same person that she was trying to force to come into her life. Then there were the late night calls after a drinking binge with the verbal abuse, etc… What finally clued me in after many exhausting months was the statement from her “all your hard work is paying off”. I wasn’t the one that needed to be working on this I was giving the guidance she was the one that should have been working on it.

What it came down to was her refusal to take responsibility for her actions. Maybe after enough people will withdraw from her life she will take the action needed. She has been given the information and she refuses to listen or make the changes.

Do not let their issues become your issues. Refuse to accept or absorb their issues as your own. This is especially true if the person is considered a close personal friend as I considered this woman. I did finally stop taking her calls and it is amazing how much lighter things become. I am sure she is bashing me all over the place because of this but I know that the universe will balance things out.

Learn how psychic vampires originate, how we allow ourselves to be caught in their clutches, and how we can protect ourselves from the seductive influence of psychic vampires in the books I have suggested above. You’ll be glad you did!

Although I am best known for my clairvoyant work, my first love is spirituality and the transmutation of negative karma into spiritual gold. It is my sincere wish that the offerings presented here will help us all collectively create a better world and individually foster love, abundance and joy in our own lives.