Find the bogus psychics and their psychic scams, before they find you! Here you will learn how to spot psychic scams, psychic frauds, gypsy cons and other fraudulent psychic schemes and practices. The world is full of all kinds of people. If we just examine the family and friends we are close to, we’ll see a wide range of values and behaviors and different levels of integrity.

If you think you’ve been–or are about to be–the victim of a Psychic Scam, email Lilly right away at liveadvice @ for psychic scam help.

How to avoid psychic scams

How to avoid psychic scams - Psychic frauds

While it’s unfortunate, every profession has its bad seeds. When it’s a directly spiritual type of work, however, I’m particularly outraged by unethical practices or unprofessional behavior. I am speaking about psychic scams.

Additionally, the world of psychics is a much unregulated one. Therefore, there is no real way to check a psychic’s qualifications, or experience (everybody seems to have 20+ years of experience), or morals. Consequently, anybody can get up one morning and declare themselves psychic without any problem.

It is important to be able to make the distinction between serious practitioners and the charlatans. While the following advice cannot guarantee that the psychic you will choose is a good one, it nonetheless will help you avoid a good bunch of scammers

Also, there are a few of my clients that have been scammed by very ingenious, shameless and heartless con artists who have no trouble using personal faith and Christianity itself as a vehicle to gain a victim’s trust and scam them out of substantial money.

Help Avoiding Psychic Scams

Trust that all that you need and want will come to you easily when you learn love yourself and live fearlessly again. That will take some time.

Be assured, a psychic can neither hurt nor benefit you by asking for large sums of cash to help you with a curse … you’d be better off taking the money and going on a holiday.

Learn the TRUTH about Internet and fake phone psychic Scams. Below you will find Info about psychic scam warnings, psychic/Gypsy scams and stories of psychic frauds, fortune teller scams and astrology scams.

Learn how to spot a psychic scam, gypsy/psychic fraud, scheme or con. There are MANY good psychics, but there are MANY psychic scam artists too.

Below are links to psychic scam stories & amazing examples of Psychic Scams & psychic Scam Emails

An example Psychic Scam websites and people to avoid to avoid is – more info about this psychic fraud & astrology scam

– 15 May 2019 – Las Vegas lawyer is swindled out of $1.5 million after three people posing as psychics ‘told her she needed to hand over cash and jewelry and buy them two BMWs to clear her bad karma’

– Sat. March 23, 2013 – Three ‘psychics’ admit fraud; alleged ringleader still going to trial:

“Just one member of a Fort Lauderdale family of fortune tellers accused of operating a $25 million fraud is still planning to go to trial. Rose Marks, 61, the alleged ringleader of the fraud, is scheduled to go to trial April 1 on charges she defrauded bestselling novelist Jude Deveraux. The trial date may be delayed if federal prosecutors add income tax fraud charges against her, as they have suggested they may do….”

Learn how to spot psychic scams, psychic frauds, gypsy cons & other fraudulent psychics

If you have been a victim of a psychic scam, no one can appreciate the horrible feelings you’re going through more than myself and the people who have been in this same situation. You probably have tried other ways to get yourself out of the ‘mess’ you feel you’re in. You may have tried self help books, counseling, talking to others, and nothing has worked.

You feel lousy about life, you feel hopeless and you’re tired and scared about the future. I can’t offer you a perfect solution right here and now. But if you have been scammed, I will work with you at no cost, until you balance your life again 🙂 however long that takes. PLEASE DO NOT let yourself get horribly scammed by these con artists like so many of my existing clients have been.

Some “psychics” use this type of technique so that the clients becomes dependent on them in their time of weakness. This is called Psychic Dependency. Psychic dependency is just as detrimental as any other form of addiction/co-dependence. I have had countless people tell me stories of spending thousands of dollars on psychics, to the point of financial ruin. Not to mention the stories of people that have hung on to outcomes from readings that in end never happened.

All because they had a need and the psychics had the greed. Also, as a psychic in practice for more than 25 years now, and working with others of equal experience, I can assure you, that only under extremely rare circumstances would any psychic work, cost more than a few hundred dollars, IF that. These readers have no basis for their suggestions to you, regarding “curses”.

Not all psychics are created equal

As with any field of endeavor, some psychics are more suited by nature and temperament to being psychic than others. Some have gone into the field for money, others for glory, and a rather small number because they are truly called and want to share the information they are receiving.

However, there are many charlatans, hucksters, and snake-oil sellers among the New Age field, in part because it is so easy to fool people when you can’t produce hard physical evidence of the truth of your assertions. These folks prey on those who are fearful; feeling a bit victimized by life, folks who may have had a run of bad luck.

People are sometimes very lost and needy. I mean, most people don’t seek out a reading unless they are uncertain, confused or desperate. In this state of being though, you are also very vulnerable to becoming dependent on the readings to ease this discomfort or pain. Combine that with crossing paths with psychics that can pick up on this and use it to their advantage and as Emeril says “Bam”.

This can be an explosive and harmful combination if the psychic is not trained and experienced enough to separate themselves from their seekers. It can also be harmful to the seeker if the psychic they choose is less than ethical. You are on your way to, more often than not, the poorhouse!

Sad to say, clients have quoted prices ranging from $300 to $10,000 for removing curses. A high price, no matter what the cost, for being afraid…. of words… and usually of nothing. TRUTH is always what you need to seek and getting anything less is not fair to your mind or your Spirit and very harmful in the end. You may not always get the answers you want to hear from me but I hope you will understand that it is only your best interests at heart.

By the same token, there can be times when you will get the answers you want to hear 🙂 I am just so saddened by all the claims psychics make in regards to their abilities that make people believe in them too much! This is a huge reason why people can become dependent. They want to believe so desperately that all those huge hyped up claims are true. Still, this is such a common way of preying of people’s fears. Especially when death is involved.

When you are down, vulnerable and ‘out of control’ of your own life and you are so wanting to hear a particular answer, it can be so easy to become dependent on the psychic that gives it to you … even if it is the WRONG answer. Even if it goes against your own intuition and logic.

The trick is to find someone who knows what their abilities are, someone who has honesty and integrity. So how can you tell the honest ones from the dishonest ones? How can you separate the wheat from the chaff? How can you separate the snake-oil, candle, and statue sellers from the genuine article? It is possible.

How to spot fake psychics and fraudulent psychics schemes

Here are more things to consider…. First, and perhaps most pragmatically, consider the source. What are they selling? What is their ultimate goal? Are they trying to help people or just make a lot of money?

Making lots of money is fine, but if you want a good psychic, even if this is their goal, they should also have service to others as a high priority. One thing to watch out for is anyone, genuine psychic or no, who tries to use fear, intimidation, disempowerment, uncertainty, doubt, or any of a range of similar tactics to get you to (a) fork over your power and (b) fork over your money, usually, but not necessarily, in that order.

Avoid these people. One of the oldest schemes is for some “fortune-teller” to tell you that you are under a curse of some sort, or that “evil spirits” are causing whatever it is that has brought you to this person, or that someone you love who crossed over isn’t in heaven yet.

This usually leads up to you being asked to bring in money–lots of it–for him/her to either hold for you or to exorcise for you or to pay for some kind of exorcism or curse removal, or to help a deceased loved one get “unstuck” . Don’t do it. Whether you are promised your money back or not, you are highly unlikely to ever see it again.

An ethical psychic has no hidden costs, no mumbo-jumbo, no surprises. Unlike the psychic who advertises $5 tarot readings, but to get out of there, you’ve got to buy $100 candles! Most ethical psychics practice charity, give some time for free, or give some of their fee to a worthy cause. Many also run prayer or meditations groups, or have students in spiritual study with them.

Generally speaking a gifted psychic should not NEED cards, objects other than what you normally carry with you, or special, unusual behavior from you, including unreasonable trust.

Gifted psychics, given permission by the client, will always receive at least some of their information simply by sitting still and listening for insight from their own and/or the client’s spiritual guide, higher self, or angel.

Reputable psychics are concerned with the best possible way to serve their clients. It means a great deal to me that I am not just doing a job: I am serving humanity in a meaningful, if unusual, way.

Reputable psychics know that their gift comes from God, and that they are not in charge of it. Therefore they avoid using their gift to spy on others for a client, to aggravate conflicts in a client’s life, or to create pain, fear, or suffering.

A reputable psychic’s desire is to guide clients to understanding which will help them learn to transform the negatives in their own lives. A reputable psychic will never exploit you. Above all, ethical psychics do not indulge in showmanship. To them, their gift is natural; they do not encourage clients to think of them as fantastical, god-like, or bizarre.

A reputable psychic works with truth, not superstition. A reputable psychic is interested in spiritual education rather than in personal power. Decent and respectable psychics will also limit the number of times a client can visit, as to guard against creating unhealthy dependency.

Please don’t misunderstand me … there has been a tremendous increase in the number of psychics, astrologers, new age, and other ‘metaphysicians’ offering a wide variety of services to the general public. Most of these practitioners ARE honestly concerned for their clients and sincere about their work.

Sincere practitioners of the divining arts want you to return because you gained valuable information and insights from your reading. Not because they feel the MUST. Real psychics would be appalled at the thought that they might have frightened you… or put your physical health, mental health, or financial well-being at risk.

There are heartless crooks out there, and I sincerely hope I can help prevent you from becoming their next victim. This is not the solution to your problems, no matter what they tell you and what kind of hope they fill you with. The truth will speak for itself in time. Don’t ignore your intuition just because you have no where else to turn.

I am here. I know how bad things must seem right now and how desperate you feel, and I feel terrible that you have to go through all of this. I can’t make that go away, but I can warn you that what someone wants to sell you as the “cure” is only going to make things horribly, horribly worse, but you may not see that right now.

A good reader will put your best interests above his or her pocket book. While a client who can’t make a move without consulting you is great for business, it’s not a healthy or positive dynamic to establish. Watch out for readers who ask you to come back at a certain time or within a certain interval. As the client, you’re the one who decides when to come back.

Are you a victim of a fraudulent psychic scam, psychic scheme, psychic fraud, or psychic con?
Here are some things to consider BEFORE deciding on a psychic reading from anyone:

  • First of all, physical appearance does matter. When you meet your psychic, check out the way they are dressed, as well as their whole physical make over, and the set up of the place. Giving a good reading does not require anybody to pull out their Carnival suit. Unless you feel comfortable with it, run away from anybody disguised or dressed up in a way that is out of context, or that makes you feel that you just entered the 6th dimension. This includes the 12th Century monk, the guy in the galactic suit, the non-gypsy gypsy, anybody dressed with an exceptionally weird amount of feathers or makeup on.
  • Beware of people claiming supernatural powers, and of those that try to impress you with pompous titles and appellations. People that got their first visions 2 years before they were born, those that got initiated into a thousand different traditions at 3 months, and those whose years of experience all added up overpass their age. Remember that diplomas, accreditations and certifications do not guarantee anything: for a few bucks, anybody can buy a university degree on the Internet.
  • Beware of high prices. They absolutely do not guarantee anything. Moreover, if you end up paying more than $200 for a good and complete reading, you might as well start asking yourself questions. While some readers feel they have to charge high fees to compensate for their expertise, years of study and of experience, remember that scammers can also (and in fact do) charge exorbitant prices.
  • Do not accept to receive psycho-bla-bla as your reading. Of course, your psychic is not God, and therefore cannot see, sense and feel everything, but they should be able to use plain, normal, down-to-earth expressions and vocabulary, as well as being specific in their words and predictions. The reading should be done in a language that you understand. Refuse things such as: “Your soul will travel from the realm of love to the ashes of mortification”, or “Your energy is not being empowered; you need to reroot”. Rather, favor simpler styles: “You are tired; you should try to slow down activities to allow some rest, otherwise you may burnout”. “Your are experiencing nostalgia linked to a past but unsolved love affair”.
  • Maximize the return on your investment: if it is a face-to-face or telephone consultation, bring a tape recorder, take notes and ask questions. If it is a distance reading, do not hesitate in re-contacting the person if certain areas were left unclear, or if certain explanations were too shady. You don’t need to harass the psychic, nor to be aggressive, but remember that you are paying.
  • Do not swallow everything you are told. Some healthy dose of skepticism doesn’t hurt. In particular, you must run away when you start hearing things such as: “You are being cursed, someone hates you; give me $3000 and I’ll remove it”, or “if you don’t let me do this or that $2500 ritual for you, you’ll get killed in the next 6 months”.
  • Rely on the word of mouth. This is by far the best way of avoiding deceptions. This way, you can get details on the style of the reader, the accuracy of the predictions, as well as the general impressions the person had of the reader.
  • Beware of cold reading. Cold reading is a set of techniques used by professional scammers to get their clients to believe that they have special powers when they actually don’t. This consists in smart-guessing based on indicators from your own person: your BMW keys in hand (he’s got money), the ring at your finger (he is married), the big scar in the middle of your face(had some trauma in the past), your southern accent (she must be conversationalist), the bags under your eyes down to your chin (she must be stressed and anguished). These people are fine psychologists and they can assess a whole personality based on the way you speak, the way you are dressed, the way you behave.

They know that people have the tendency to have unrealistic views of themselves, meaning that we like to think of ourselves in terms of what we wish we were instead of what we actually are. They also know that people will unconsciously try to make sense out of anything they are told, even if it is pure nonsense.

Finally, they know that people have selective memory; they only remember what they liked and forget the rest. Again, some healthy dose of skepticism is required! The ideal would be to get an e-mail reading beforehand.

In general, once you’ve cleared any reader of the above, ask your intuition! Your intuition must work in harmony with your intellect; we have both for good reason. If you feel drawn to a certain reader, then by all means, pursue that desire. Our inner beings lead us to what is best for us through our desires.

Spirit is always working for us, and we are led to those who have dedicated their lives to doing the work of Spirit in the world when we can’t clearly hear the guidance coming through for ourselves. I encourage you to read “How to Get a Good Psychic Reading,” which leaves behind issues or elements to avoid, and is more positively focused.

The very fact that many readers have told you the same info is some clue that improvement of your outcome is a latent possibility in your life (but not by removing curses), but since its not actually happening (things aren’t getting better), you need to put some intensive action into play and bring it out from its dormant ‘possible’ stage into its active ‘reality’ stage.

Avoiding psychic scams requires manifesting positivity in your life

The suggestions I have for you in regards to manifesting positivity in your life rather than negativity are:

#1) lots and lots of regular prayer/meditation as you see fit. although this may seem pointless, you should schedule a time in which you can focus and pray at THE SAME TIME every single day!….the power behind this can be explained in an aphorism- if you have a rock and you dump a bucket of water on it, it will get wet. if you poke a hole in the bottom of the bucket and let the water drip, the stone will actually form a hole or dent…so the most effective power comes from constant and steady empowerment and prayer.

#2) attach yourself to a talisman, icon, charm, etc which represents everything you want. use this tool as a medium between you & Spirit.

#3) listen to YOU more than you listen to anyone else!

This is so important…and although any good reader can give you info, only you own the whole story and truth. follow your heart and only the best things will happen. Things don’t work out when we follow our FEAR, mind, ego, friends, etc over what we actually believe deep within our hearts! I hope this helps. You deserve the best info and the best help in manifesting your dreams. They are very real, and they are here for the taking.