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At the end of our lives we will not remember how much money we made, how many ball games we watched, or how many things we possessed. What will come back to us in a brilliant and blinding light will be; the quality of the relationships we formed with those we loved; our family, our partners, our children and our friends.

Just when you think you have her/him all figured out, out of left-field comes a bolt of lightning that sends you reeling and questioning everything you ever thought you knew about your significant other. In partnership, each partner shines the light on the road when the road is dark as well as holds the mirror for the other to see the reflection of truth.

Free Relationship Advice Online... is your best resource for free relationship advice on love and dating. Advice topics on relationship advice include: loving, relationship issues, dating, personal ads, online romance, passion, sex, intimacy, sensuality, divorce, family matters, body and soul, awareness, fear resolution, and priorities.

Our free relationship advice is offered to all. Whether you are married, living together, in a same-sex relationship, separated, divorced or single, our free relationship information, resources, or confidential service can help you to deal with your relationship difficulties. Get free relationship advice on breaking up or get help with breaking up, cheating,dating, divorce, friends and family, marriage, men, women, online dating, relationship problems, commitment, communication, domestic abuse, Gay issues, infidelity, jealousy, long distance relationships, sex and intimacy problems, single life, or weddings.


Free Relationship Advice & Counseling With Lilly

Lilly provides relationship counseling for singles and couples, whether you are heterosexual, gay, lesbian, or bisexual--love is for everyone! It can change your life forever. Learn the skills you need to create love, intimacy and commitment in your life.

Are you looking for relationship advice on love, romance, understanding men or understanding women? Get expert relationship advice today from our House relationship coach, Lilly. Trying to avoid divorce? Get relationship advice for your relationship problems and help avoiding divorce by calling today.

We offer relationship advice, relationship quizzes, relationship coaching, relationship classes and a weekly relationship newsletter. Free relationship advice available to anyone searching for relationship advice or marriage guidance. Topics covered include:

Recognizing your soulmate:

When a man and woman meet, go on date, or are in a relationship, there are two unique, very distinctive feelings and spiritual signals they communicate to one another that can help them determine whether they are soulmates. Our manual tells you what these feelings and spiritual signals are and how to recognize them when you meet someone new, are on a date, or in your current relationship.

Bouncing Back and Recovering from a Break Up

Being dumped can be one of the most painful experiences in someone's life. This article will walk you through things you can do to get back in the game with the least down time.

Breaking Up

Is continuing your relationship becoming more trouble then its worth? Go over the questions you need to ask yourself, and if necessary, tips on informing your new Ex.

Cheating "Aftermath"

You cheated. You did the unthinkable. What do you do now? Do you tell or not? Either course of action has its own drawbacks as well as its benefits. Before you decide, you should take time to figure out why you cheated, and whether or not you want to remain in the committed relationship.

Cheating "Why Not"

Thinking about cheating, but not sure if you can? Go over some of the more common reasons not to cheat.


There is something so exhilarating about flirting. Flirting does not necessarily mean you like a person but it does say you are playful and you like the "thrill of the hunt". The easiest step to take in being a good flirt is to be friendly. Never let a past rejection cloud your judgment or make you wary.

Long Distance Relationship Advice

Having a long distance between you and your loved one can be a difficult experience, even if your relationship makes it through. Walk through the steps to helping your relationship survive your time apart.

Meeting People

Learn where to go to meet people, as well as tips on starting conversation, and getting a phone number for later.

Passion In Relationships

Have you ever noticed your relationships becoming old and stale? Discus the passion that was there at the start.


Nervous about approaching girls? Learn dating tricks that every guy needs to know!

Staying Together

Having a successful long term relationship doesn't just happen. Talk through important things to remember to make sure your relationship lasts for a long time.

Surviving Valentines Day

For couples, Valentine’s Day can be a pleasurable light-hearted occasion or a deeply romantic event. Unfortunately, the day can also create high expectations that result in disappointment. For single people, Valentine’s Day can be a painful reminder of the relationship they long for or the loneliness they feel in their lives. Learn how you can survive the occasion relatively intact.

Win Her Back - Win Him Back

In the dog house? Need to find a way to get her back? Learn what you can do to get her back in no time.


Free Relationship Advice - FREE 3 Minutes, 5 minutes or 10 minutes with an affordable paid consultation!

Relationship consultations cover Soulmates & Twin Flames, present relationship issues, past incarnations experienced together, the spiritual opportunities and challenges of those incarnations and the appropriate path to walk in your present life to clear karmic influences.

Karmic relationships usually last from five to seven years. At the end of that cycle relationships often end but the love for one another is still present. Breaking out of a relationship when two people are still in love can be traumatic. By understanding your past history together a deeper insight into the governing forces of your present relationship is acquired.

This insight can give you the transformational tools needed to create a loving expression of support towards one another as you walk forward in this life together or individually.

Free Relationship Advice Articles For Women

  • How To Communicate With Emotionally Distant Men - Why do men get distant? Emotionally distant men don't communicate. Why do men hide their feelings? Learn about men who hide their feelings, why men get distant, how to communicate with emotionally distant men, and what to do when men become emotionally distant and hide there feelings. Free help communicating with an emotionally distant man..
  • Why Men Withdraw And What To Do About It - Men who withdraw and why men withdraw. Learn why men withdraw in a relationship, how men withdraw themselves from a relationship, men who are afraid of love, and what to do about it when they close up.
  • Why Men Leave Women - Reasons men leave women. Learn why men leave women when the honeymoon is over, and what to do about it. There are many reasons why men leave relationships or cannot settle down with the woman they're with. Learn what they are and how to stop him from leaving you.
  • Creating A Natural Lasting Attraction With A Man - How to attract men. Learn how to create a natural and lasting attraction with a man. Free tips on how to attract a guy, how to attract men, and what qualities men find attractive in a woman.
  • How To Get His Attention And Keep It - More about attracting a man. Namely, one from your past that you just have to have back. Learn how attract that man and create an intense attraction with a him all over again.
  • Learn What Causes Distance In Relationships - What causes distance in relationships? Learn the secret cause of distance in relationships and how to fix the relationship distance. There is a secret cause of distance in relationships!
  • Ten Most Dangerous Dating Mistakes Women Make With Men - Learn what dating mistakes women make with men, and what to do about them. Ten most dangerous dating mistakes women make with men and common dating mistakes women make when dating men that turn men off.
  • How To Successful Rekindle A Past Relationship (Get Him Back!) - How do you get him back? Learn what to do to get him back and how to get him back now. Bring your ex boyfriend, ex lover, or ex husband, back into your life today.
  • Why Men Are Afraid of Relationships And Commitment & What To Do If He's Afraid - What if he's afraid of a relationship commitment? Learn about men's fear of commitment and why men are afraid of investing in a serious relationship. What to do about men avoiding commitment, men afraid of intimacy, scared of marriage, and afraid of falling love.
  • Nice Guys or Bad Boys - Who Do You Love? - Why good girls love bad boys? Tips on attracting a nice guy. Don't pass up a perfectly nice guy and go for the bad boy instead