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What’s in the stars for your love life this year? Do you have questions that simply can’t wait for a text reply, astrology chat, or an email reading? If you have the privacy, you can get a professional astrology reading by phone instantly, 24/7.

We offer quick, comprehensive, personal astrology readings by phone, including online horoscopes, natal birth charts and compatibility reports.

Our professional astrologers are standing by and ready to offer accurate and authentic astrology readings on the phone today. What are you waiting for? Pick up the phone and call now!

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Don’t feel like talking? Try an amazing instant live astrology reading by chat! Fast, easy, and private — chat online with an astrologer now for answers to any question! If you prefer extra privacy when expressing your innermost private questions, feelings, and concerns– email or chat may the best option for you!

Relax & enjoy detailed astrology advice from the comfort of your own home from your laptop, iphone, tablet or smart phone. Love and relationship questions?

Life questions? Career questions? Have a chat with a professional astrologer now! Chat live with your astrologer anytime, anywhere.

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Prefer detailed answers in writing? Request a personal email astrology reading for sage live astrology advice, horoscope guidance, or compatibility.

An astrology reading by email is just as accurate as in person readings. Get an email astrology reading from dedicated professional astrologers who offer guidance for problems and direct answers to questions to help solve them!

We offer personal, private, and genuine email astrology readings on love, romance and relationships, money or career. You will NEVER receive a fake, computer generated astrology reading by email.

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Astrology readings by text? YES! You can have an astrology reading – straight to your mobile phone! Our trusted and qualified resident astrologer Lilly provides answers for our professional astrology text readings.

An astrology reading by text is a fast and convenient way to get an astrology reading on demand — a live, personal text reading by a proven professional.  Turn your Android device into your personal astrology advisor 24/7!

This service covers the United States and Canada although coverage may vary according to the network provision of your mobile network provider.

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Our Professional Astrology Reading Advisors

Live astrology reading advisors, expert astrologers, astrology readings, horoscopes, birth charts and compatibility reports

Below you will receive trusted astrology readings with some of the Internet’s top professional astrologers online. We offer astrology reading advisors online, and personal horoscopes by phone, chat or email. You can get astrology advice on love, compatibility, family issues, career or money. Here, you can get free daily horoscopes and online astrology readings in Chinese astrology, Vedic Astrology or Mayan Astrology. Call or chat today to get an astrology forecast to interpret your full accurate astrological birth chart (natal chart) or in depth astrology report for soulmates, relationships, money, career, or your yearly 2018 astrology forecast! Astrology readings, horoscopes, birth charts and compatibility reports. New visitors can browse our advisor profiles to find an advisor who offers 3 free minutes so you can try an Astrologer with no commitment!

Psychic Madame Scarlett

Accurate, straight forward, 3rd generation psychic medium Madame Scarlett is a professional tarot card reader, Astrologer, master dream interpreter, and communicates with your spirit guides and loved ones.

Astrologer Neil Ormsby

Astrologer Neil Ormsby

Neil is a clairvoyant English Astrologer, psychic, and tarot card reading professional living in the UK. He has been reading astrological birth charts and tarot cards to shed light on lives for over 29 years.

Psychic Lana Heart

Psychic Lana Heart

Psychic Lana Heart is a professional psychic empath, psychic medium, healer, intuitive life coach, and astrologer. Her life purpose is to help others grow, heal, and spiritually know themselves.

Rai the Lightworker - Clairsentient, Astrologer, Tarot Reader, Reiki Master

Email Readings

Rai the Lightworker

Rai the Lightworker is a Clairsentient, Shamballa Multidimensional Lightworker, Atlantean Reiki Master, Crystal Shaman, Astrologer, and Tarot Reader. He can help fix your energy, grid your home or business with crystals, or read your star chart.

Astrologer Lee Stillwaters

Astrologer Lee Stillwaters

Intuitive Astrologer Stillwaters has enjoyed the practice of Astrology and Tarot for more than 23 years. My reading style is a blend of both intuitive and practical techniques. I look forward to speaking with you!

Ask Psychic Lilly

Psychic Lilly

Powerful, life-affirming psychic readings delivered with honesty, integrity, and compassion. I am here to uplift, inspire and clarify. Guidance you can trust in love, romance, career, health, family and finances.

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