Past life readings, reading Akashic records, & past life regression readings to explore who you were in previous lifetimes and incarnations.

past life readings/Akashic record reading

Who were you in a past life? Do you have past life questions about karma or reincarnation that simply can’t wait for a text reply, online past life chat, or an email psychic reading? If you have the privacy, you can find out about your past lives and Akashic records with a psychic reading by phone instantly, 24/7.

Learn to heal past lives and discover your highest purpose in this life. Past life readings are a powerful tool to transform your life and relationships!

Our professional past life readers are standing by and ready to help you remember important past life information now. What are you waiting for?

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Don’t feel like talking? Try an amazing instant past life psychic reading by chat! Fast, easy, and private — chat online with a psychic now for answers to any past life question! If you prefer extra privacy when learning of your deepest past life experiences, and incarnations– email or chat may the best option for you!

Relax & enjoy a detailed past life reading from the comfort of your own home from your laptop, iphone, tablet or smart phone. Who were you in a past life?

Find out about your past lives & Akashic records now. Have a chat with a live psychic reader now! Chat live with your personal psychic anytime, anywhere.

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Prefer detailed answers in writing? Get a personal past life reading and access hidden memories of past-lives and karmic debt. An email psychic reading from dedicated past life psychics is just as accurate as in person readings.

Past life readings see previous lifetimes. Are your past life experiences affecting you for better, or worse? Get a past life reading by email now and find out!

We offer personal, private, and in-depth past life email readings and Akashic record readings to help you ‘remember’ key past life information. You will NEVER receive a fake, computer generated psychic reading by email.

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Past life psychic readings by text? YES! You can have a psychic text reading about your past lives – straight to your mobile phone! Our trusted and qualified resident Psychic Lilly provides answers for our psychic text readings.

A past life reading by text is a fast and convenient way to get a psychic reading on the go! — a live, on demand psychic text reading by a proven professional.  Turn your Android device into your personal past life psychic reading advisor 24/7!

This service covers the United States and Canada although coverage may vary according to the network provision of your mobile network provider.

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Our Professional Past Life Reading Advisors

Live past life psychic readings for in-depth past life reading and Akashic record readings

Below you can receive past life readings from past life regression therapy professionals. Get a past life psychic reading or a past life analysis about past lives you’ve had, help reading Akashic records, learn about past life partners, past life karma and your destiny in this lifetime. Empower yourself and find clarity! Talk to an expert past life psychic and learn to heal past lives so you can finally discover your highest purpose.


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